Andrew Ifandis Astrologer

Andrew Ifandis is an astrologer based in Athens and travelling the cosmos. 

Andrew Ifandis approaches the horoscope as a portrait of a person’s inherent potential. His readings reveal the natal chart’s vibrant dynamics and can constructively help towards awareness, self-realization and externalization of the creative within yourself. When forecasting, he uses a mix of astrological prediction techniques and creates a meaningful narrative on the emphasis that the planetary cycles have in different areas of your life.

Andrew's acclaimed horoscope analysis on the nativity of the celebrated Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman, has been published by the Astrological Journal and has been re-published by He contributes his articles in renowned astrological publications and web sites. You can find his articles here.

Andrew Ifandis has two Certificates in Astrology (With Distinction), from the esteemed Kepler College of Astrological Studies in Washington, where he continues to furthering his skills, focusing on the comparison of astrological traditions and the application of various astrological methodologies.