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 The Astrological Journal, January/February 2017


An astro-portrait of one of the world’s most successful singer-songwriters whose birth chart resonates with musicality


In the January/February issue of The Astrological Journal, I explore the melody in the astrological horoscope of Adele.

"Is there music in the horoscope? Is there a melody that if listened to with caution can reveal the potential for tremendous success? Can we find talent within the astrological patterns? Does it exist there in the aspects, transits and progressions? Is it definable in astrological terms?

"Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all play a very important role in the manifestation of the natal chart’s “promise” contributing to Adele’s transformation, immense success and maturity as a person and a professional. The Saturn-Jupiter cycle is triggering her natal Jupiter opposition with Pluto, and the two planets movement is aligned with her fame, success and rewards."


David Bowie 

the astrological portrait of Ziggy Stardust

A very interesting aspect is the Mars-Neptune square. Neptune is associated with illusions and addictions, everything that has a deceptive and ephemeral quality, it is the transcendental glow of glam-rock while it lasts. Mars is exalted but it is also placed within the “secret” 12th house, something that could hint to Bowie’s bi-sexual orientation.

“Ziggy Stardust represents the definitive rock star: sexually promiscuous and wild in drug intake, but with a message of peace and love. He thinks he is a messiah and in the end he is destroyed both by his own consumptions, and by the fans he inspires". This is a description so reflective of the taboo 8th house and the self-destruct and self-sacrificial 12thhouse themes that the square of the two planets brings together.

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ROBERT DOWNEY JR - Lucky Iron Man or Clever Sherlock Holmes?

How to constructively integrate the see-saw pattern in your Chart

Robert Downey Junior is an excellent actor and a very clever guy who worked the contradictions in his natal chart, and matured his Jovian excesses. His rise to stardom, substance abuse, and his marvelous comeback, became a living example of what it means to have a see-saw chart and how we can integrate our conflicting sides and constructively embrace our contradictions.

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Ingmar Bergman: Portrait of the Ultimate Artist

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The celebrated Swedish film and stage director/writer was one of the most influential auteurs of our age whose artistic explorations of death, illness, faith, betrayal and insanity reflected his own preoccupations. Yet this hyper-sensitive and volatile man also led a tempestuous love life and fathered many children while seeking seclusion. How is all this reflected in his nativity?

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Astrological Analyses

 The Astrological Journal, July/August 2016

INGMAR BERGMAN - Portrait of the Ultimate Artist


In the July/August issue of The Astrological Journal, I shed light on the chart of the famous director and presents a comprehensive analysis of Ingmar Bergman’s natal chart.

"From an astrological point of view his chart is extremely interesting and showcases complex psychological themes and personality traits, which I support in my analysis with various bio or scholar references, having studied his life and career for many years.

In my delineation, I guide the reader to a gradual unfolding of his chart with astrological indications for his intuition, sensitivity, memory, attachment to childhood and other key personality characteristics."

The article concludes with a section of key transits, progressions and solar arcs for three key periods of Ingmar’s Bergman life (first script, first marriage and filming of Persona).