Astrology Houses

Astrology House Systems vary. Anyone who has studied astrology or has been seriously involved in chart interpretation has found that there are more that one way to divide the natal chart into the 12 houses.

A list of the most used Astrology House systems would includes the following:

  • Placidus
  • Whole Sign
  • Equal Houses
  • Koch
  • Regiomontanus
  • Morinus
  • Alcabitius
  • Campanus
  • Porphyry
  • Topocentric
  • Meridian
  • Vehlow

Astrology Houses

Why so many?

What are their differences?

How did this come to happen and which is the correct system to use?

Such are the questions that an astrologer student is having when is first presented with this variety.

The answer to the first question is that these systems are just different calculation methods on how to divide the space between the angles of the horoscope and mainly vary upon the mathematical formulas used. BUT NEARLY ALL OF THEM CALCULATE  THE SAME MC AND ASCENDANT and therefore the angles, the most sensitive points of the horoscope remain unchanged. Read this excellent article from where each house system is explained in details.

So how did this happen and is there a correct astrology house system?

Astrology is probably the most ancient system that tried to explain the cosmos and give meaning to the the human existence under the stars. The first astrological references are found upon Sumerian clay tablets referring to events from around 2300 BC, tablets which are themselves the very first samples of human writing. In the course of time Astrology evolved, mutated and adapted to each cultural setting. This is a process that all ideas and conceptual systems follow, whether scientific, religious or philosophical.

Houses and the way they are calculated changed and evolved through the years, with astrologers today using various different systems. The several house systems are in fact different methods on how to calculate the house divisions and distribute them equally or unequally upon the ecliptic. Some astrologers stick to one system while others may try to experiment. Human nature always tries to test and to perfect all applied methodology and astrology is scientific in this respect to say the least.

The various Astrologer House systems may vary on the calculations used but most of them are identical as to where the ASC and MC are placed, since these two important points are calculated from the birth place's longitude and latitude. Houses simply fall in-between these points, forming 12 divisions, areas, through which the zodiac constellations move gradually during the course of day and night.

Each of the different systems, tries to depict a more accurate or more astronomical correct depiction of the 12 constellations' movement through the day, and in different latitudes, and that's exactly where the differ,  on how each one splits the houses division in-between the angular points of the chart (ASC, MC, DESC, IC).

Some systems have had their time and fell out of use with the advance of newer ones. Schools of thought or attempts to adjust and fine tune calculations, appeared and were tested. Nothing is static in human expression and with a large body of astrological works from Hellenistic period being translated in our time, revival and testing of older systems has started to occur.


The houses symbolism may have changed through the years but in the same time they remain constant in their core semantics. Houses are not strict divisions, they are more like areas of the energy of the horoscope and practice and experience has shown that they work, each system revealing a different layer of the same chart.

I am moving house, yes but... regardless of the house system, Astrology works!

Astrology is a language and regardless of the house methodology used, the divine always finds a way to speak to us through the archetypal symbolism of our beloved art.

The question is... Can you read?



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