LEO NEW MOON 23 July 2017

Invigorating and active the New Moon in Leo invites us to express our creativity, passion and enthusiasm.

The Sun that has just entered the sign of Leo wants us to shine and bring ourselves to the front and the Moon on his side in the same sign, at the beginning of her cycle, brings generosity and warmth to our emotions. Mars in conjunction with the lights fills us with excitement, vitality and mood for action.

Nervousness, dynamism, rush or tension may exist from the square that Uranus makes with the triplet of Mars, Sun, Moon, but this is precisely the “air” that we need to dare to get out. There’s no reason for hesitation. The square with Uranus is a separating one and its vibrations are slowly ending.

The Sun is the final dispositor of both Mars and Uranus and it is he that has the final word on both planets. The angles of the horoscope in the cardinal signs once again emphasize the “do it” character of the chart.

Jupiter on the Ascendant and in a trine with Venus (ruler of the chart), favors our social abilities and balances whatever pressure Venus is receiving from her opposition with Saturn. Mercury trines both Uranus and Saturn and makes our thinking innovative and strategic and as it conjuncts the North Node, calls us to communicate our message because it is a message that will have its impact and will be heard.

With this New Moon upon the powerful 0° degree we must dare to express ourselves, and as a New Moon is a new beginning this is the right time for a bold and confident step.

A verse comes to my mind…

“Now it’s your chance to Shine!”


© Andrew Ifandis-Cosmos of Astrology


Venus Retrograde

VENUS RETROGRADE (March 4th – April 15th)

Venus Retrograde


Venus, the planet of Love is going to turn retrograde within the next hours. During her retrograde course Venus will move backwards through Aries and will gradually retreat into the sign of Pisces on April the 3rd, where she will continue her retrogration until April the 16th.

Andy Warhol, in his painting “Details of Renaissance Paintings, Botticelli, Birth of Venus”, is re-visiting Botticelli’s Venus and re-paints her with a pop aesthetics in order to comment on the commercialisation of the ideal of Love, the superficiality of being vain and to make the viewer stop and ponder on the notions of “relating” and “beauty”.

That is exactly what Venus is callings us to do while she will be retrograde. A re-evaluation of our own self-worth, our own internal beauty. We are called to re-assess the expectations we have from others and at the same time to see how it is that we ourselves relate.

During the retrograde movement we turn inwards and we wonder:

  • What is that we want from a relationship and from our partner?
  • Which are the motivations and our deepest desires?
  • Do we want to be in a relationship just only for the sake of not being alone?
  • Is our relationship superficial, pop and “appearances-only”, lacking meaningful sharing?
  • Are we appreciated as much as we deserve? Do we return appreciation and value our partner?

The very nature of these questions, whether we are in a relationship or not, concerns first and most to ourselves and while it mainly relates to love relations it also touches, one to one partnerships, business relations and our socialising in general.

The retrograde movement brings Venus backwards and this may mean that a person from the past re-appears. If this is the case, it only happens for a reason. We must “remember” the relationship we have had with this person in the past, what it meant then and what it means now, for our present and for any existing relations or commitments. We are called to redefine this relation with the past person in a clear and karmic – free way.

From April the 3rd when Venus exalted in Pisces will be attired with romanticism, self -sacrifice and utmost idealism, our need to belong will be great and will feel like nostalgia to return to the very ideal of love that has been lost.

All this is a necessary part in a process of introspection that will clear out situations, will make us feel better with ourselves and will prepare us to be more sociable and will revitalise our relationships when Venus will turn direct again.


© Andrew Ifandis-Cosmos of Astrology



David Bowie as a case study for Declination Aspects

1. Declination aspects that emphasize the same two planets in Ptolemaic aspect by longitude

The Moon – Pluto conjunction in Leo and in
the public 7th house is reinforced by the Moon Pluto parallel in north declination giving a strong emphasis on the fact that David Bowie’s has had a powerful need to express his emotional self in a theatrical and performing manner and that the whole process was indeed deeply transformative for him, changing moods and personas reinventing himself again and again.

The Sun – Mars conjunction in Capricorn and in the 12th house is reinforced by the parallel in south declination between Sun and Mars. This emphasizes his ambition that fuelled his ceaseless work and more than this his fighting spirit, so very obvious in the last year of his life when he found the courage to record his last album from within the hospitalized 12th house knowing that he was dying of cancer.

2. Important declination aspects

Mercury is out of bounds at -24°23’ and Pluto is out of bounds at 23°35’ being also contra-parallel to each other. Bowie surely had unconventional and reformative ideas.

Sun parallel Mars and near the maximum south declination is an aspect indicative of his defiant spirit, the one seen in the film “Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence”

Moon parallel Pluto parallel Uranus is a triple stellium that shows deep constant emotional changes that could be argued to be reflective of his various personas.

Please note that it is of extreme interest that the above declinations are:

  • near the North and South Maximum Declination and that
  • they are 2 sets of parallels that are contra-parallel in between them.

It seems that Mr Bowie has found a perfect way to balance these two different aspects of his personality.


3. Interesting declination aspects

Sun parallel south node and contra parallel the north node is a strong indication for his destined status but the aspect is not found in the natal chart. It is nevertheless interesting that it is found in declinations.

Jupiter parallel Venus in south declinations could be indicative of his charismatic appeal but the two planets are not in aspect in longitude.

Read my astrological analysis on David Bowie here.


© Andrew Ifandis-Cosmos of Astrology

David Bowie Astrology Bi Sexual




Mars square Neptune is the Ziggy Stardust aspect. Neptune is associated with illusions and addictions, everything that has a deceptive and ephemeral quality. It is the transcendental glow of glam-rock while it lasts. Mars is masculinity and sexuality, action and urge. Mars is exalted but it is also placed within the “secret” 12th house, something that could hint to Bowie’s bi-sexual orientation.

This becomes all the more interesting since Ziggy, the glam androgynous alter-ego that Bowie had adopted in his early career, obviously a statement of his own bi-sexuality, had supposedly came from planet Mars. Ziggy was attired in glam clothes and with his Stardust surname alluded to drug taking and illusions (Neptune).

“Ziggy Stardust represents the definitive rock star: sexually promiscuous and wild in drug intake, but with a message of peace and love. He thinks he is a messiah in the end he is destroyed both by his own consumptions, and by the fans he inspires”.

This is a description of messianic self-deception wrapped in ephemeral glitter, clearly a Neptune motif. Ziggy’s end in fan adored martyrdom and in a state of drug induced illusory haze is reflective of both the taboo 8th house and the self-destruct and self-sacrificial 12th house themes, that the square of the two planets brings together.

The Mars – Neptune square in Bowie’s natal chart, channels the energies of all of his creative (Neptune) urges (Mars). It expresses Bowie’s glam art, his ambiguous sexuality and is utterly embodied in his famous alter-ego.

Read the full article here.


© Andrew Ifandis-Cosmos of Astrology


VENUS SQUARE SATURNVenus is in Virgo. Practical, demanding, fussy, always changing, wanting so much. Saturn is traveling in Sagittarius, testing the vistas of our faith, but bestowing faith in the end through this process of maturity.

These days are the right time to realize that the hardships and shortcomings that you may have in love exist because you over analyze and over think on how love should be. You demand too much from love and at the same time you project the trivial of everyday upon the very ideal of love.

Perfectionism may be right, but not if it makes it harsh for yourself or the one who’s there by your side. If you are alone, and this other one whom you seek has to be so perfect… then sorry but your quest ends before it even begins.

Think of it.

The perfect is not the ideal. The ideal is whatever makes You perfect!

So while this transit lasts remember not to strip love from its transcendental garments. Be patience and attire love with faith and trust.

Most of all have faith in yourself, whether being alone or hand in hand with someone.

Trust and Love on a prayer for the next five days…

«We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got
It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not
We’ve got each other and that’s a lot for love
We’ll give it a shot» – Bon Jovi

…and have faith from then on!


© Andrew Ifandis-Cosmos of Astrology


Saturn Sagittarius Jupiter VirgoThe Saturn square Jupiter is an aspect that tests our faith.

The Whitman brothers in the movie “The Darjeeling Limited” start on a journey to find themselves and seek spiritual guidance. On their quest they travel through Kashmir and pay homage from one temple to the other, religious relic after relic. It is as if a higher power like an invisible hand pushes them towards a higher purpose, but they are too focused in the reality around that they miss any possibility of attaining spirituality.

Ironically, their enlightenment comes in a small village in the middle of nowhere when they share humane, personal, everyday moments with the villagers.

Yes, our faith in something higher, in ourselves, in our dreams, in the future, this period may actually be tested. But we can find faith where it gushes. Not in the high places, but where we serve ethically our purpose, in the humble and daily.

We only need to know that FAITH is within us. It starts from us and leads to us.


© Andrew Ifandis-Cosmos of Astrology