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New Moon Cosmos of Astrology

New Moon is the first phase of the Moon in its orbit around the Earth. It’s a phase that marks the beginning of a new synodic cycle between the Sun and the Moon.

What happens when we have a New Moon is that as the Moon rotates it comes full circle, once again, to the same degree that the Sun is on the ecliptic, and as it passes between the Earth and the Sun, it becomes invisible.

The Sun in astrology symbolizes our very existence, our cognition, our self – expression. The Moon is symbolic of our feelings, our psyche, our intuition and the subconscious. While this first phase lasts the Moon is united with the Sun and has stopped for a while to reflect its light.

It is now dark and unseen in the night sky.

It is at this moment that we also stop for a while to start listening to our inner world. We consciously and psychologically turn within, and as our self-expression tunes with our intuition, this becomes the perfect alignment. It is now the proper time when we can set new goals, renew aspirations, chase dreams and decide on how to act or react.

This may also be a time when we feel renewed, full of energy and vitality.

It is now when the processes that have started with the previous New Moon, which occurred about 29 days ago, have reached their final stage and are now either completed or transforming, giving their place to new ones that are beginning now.

It is the same cycle starting again and again, but as T.S. Eliot have said, we may again find ourselves where we started, but now we are seeing with “new” eyes because we carry within us the experience of the previous cycle.

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. T. S. Eliot – “Little Gidding”

Right in the middle of the previous cycle, at the time of the Full Moon about 14 days ago, our actions reached a climax, we evaluated and assessed where we stood and we then gradually assimilated the results, as the Moon waxing, approached again towards the Sun and led up to this New Moon.

New Moon-Cosmos of Astrology

The perpetual cycle starts again.

But every new conjunction between the Sun and the Moon, occurs in a different degree and within a different zodiac sign throughout the year.

The aspects that the other planets are making with the two Lights at the time of the New Moon are also different.

This makes each New Moon a unique event for each one of us as it falls on our natal chart and makes aspects with our natal planets.

Even if you do not have planets in the sign of the New Moon for a given month, the New Moon’s energy emphasizes certain areas of your lives which the astrologer can analyse especially for You.

Find out where the New Moon falls in your chart

and embrace its promise for renewal.



Mercury in Pisces


Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces becomes a planet that expresses with the Sign’s intuition, empathy and sensitivity. Thinking and reasoning is less analytical and detached and becomes more subjective (feminine polarity) and abstract (less rational – water element)

Perception modified by Pisces can easily understand something in its wholeness (water element) and in its essence (water element) and not as a sum of its parts. Mercury in Pisces can easily understand concepts but may fail to understand the simplest of things. Absent mindedness due to travelling of the mind is also a trait. (water element).

The mind has the ability to see both sides of a situation –this duality is in the symbol of the two Pisces, being receptive (feminine polarity and water) and easily tuned with the ambient environment or the other’s viewpoint (symbol and mutable water). Views may be easily adopted (water element) without critical process due to the impressionable nature of the Sign. On the other hand this “walking in other’s shoes” ability (mutable quality) gives emotional Intelligence to the Piscean mode of thought and makes the individual easily trusted by (Jupiter tone) and inspiring to others (Neptune tone).

Imagination (Neptune and water) flourishes when Mercury is in Pisces. The mind converts emotions to ideals, words to pictures, feelings to words and synthesizes artistically (Mercury operating in a mutable environment). There isn’t a logical conversion process. Pisces just knows without necessarily knowing how it knows.

A proneness to excessive day-dreaming (Neptune and water) or deceiving others through elaborate lies (Unskilled Mercury and Neptune) or oneself with delusions (Neptune) may also exist if the planet is unskillfully expressed.

Ideals, spiritual notions, higher knowledge, philosophy or belief systems (Jupiter), fertile ideas and creativity may be easily comprehended, adopted (water and feminine polarity) or communicated from Mercury in Pisces, inspired by Jupiter, the Sign’s ruler.


All these are the expressions of Mercury when the planet resides in the Sign of Pisces.

  • ability for Synthesis (mutable quality)
  • an understanding of the abstract (less rational – water element),
  • a mind tuned to psychic vibes and energy (water element),
  • harboring of romantic ideals (water element),
  • romanticism and escapism (water element),
  • exchange of emotions through words (Mercury in water element),
  • realization and rationalization of the afterlife (Mercury in Mutable water),
  • metaphysical and philosophical teaching, (Mercury with Jupiter and Neptune color from the Sign’s rulers).

Mercury may be in its fall in Pisces but this fall is not necessarily a bad thing.Mercury in Pisces is in a place where the “Mind” becomes “Nous” and is connected with the Universal Mind. Cognition and logical functions operate in a different level.  Mercury is not exchanging information it just absorbs the information vibes without categorizing.

All of the information exists within the smallest tiny part of the Universe. Instead of finding it we simply need to FEEL IT.

With Mercury in Pisces your mind is a fractal of the Universe.



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Jupiter Pisces Sagittarius


Jupiter Pisces Sagittarius

Jupiter when placed in its Signs of rulership, Pisces & Sagittarius, is operating in the same mutable mode but being in a different element expresses differently.


In Pisces Jupiter expands Belief, expands the sub-conscious and reaches out towards universal energy and acceptance of the transient nature of reality. Here Jupiter calls on a quest for self-discovery, a broadening of the faculty of empathy that bestows understanding, compassion for others and elevates the psyche to the spiritual dimensions. The process of expansion is internal, not visible, hidden or mystical. The person with Jupiter in Pisces may be a spiritual guru or a deeply religious person, a pious with his faith in man’s inherent ability to love truly devout.

Jupiter here may be William Blake, the mystical poet, saying:

“If the doors of perception were cleansed

everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”

“If a thing loves, it is infinite.”

On his unskilled side Jupiter here may give a tendency to the person to easily believe and be beguiled, to give an excess of daydreaming, escapism or to make a person over-react towards the need of others.On his unskilled side Jupiter here may give a tendency to the person to easily believe and be beguiled, to give an excess of daydreaming, escapism or to make a person over-react towards the need of others.


In Sagittarius Jupiter expands Gnosis, expands the mind to reach out towards wisdom and acceptance of the different forms of reality, in the material world. Here Jupiter calls on a quest for self-discovery, a broadening of the mind and one’s horizons, is an accumulation of real life experiences through travelling, studying or reading.

The process of expansion is external and is lived as an outlet for the fiery passion of the sign. Travel and enjoy life, embrace new cultures, explore new opportunities, learn more and more, adopt a philosophy or a religious system, all are possible ways to expand gnosis, knowledge and yourself. Jupiter here becomes passionate and acts in good faith. A faith in Life. The person with Jupiter here may have deep ethics, religious views and be a real cosmopolitan, a passionate warm nature and be optimistic generous and enthusiastic.

On his unskilled side Jupiter here may give a tendency to wander unceasingly without rooting somewhere and accumulate an excess of experiences for the sake of experiences without judging their moral or ethical aspect.

Jupiter here may be William Blake, the painter, saying:

 “The path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom”

P.S. Interestingly enough William Blake has Jupiter in Sagittarius!


Astrology Houses

Astrology House Systems vary. Anyone who has studied astrology or has been seriously involved in chart interpretation has found that there are more that one way to divide the natal chart into the 12 houses.

A list of the most used Astrology House systems would includes the following:

  • Placidus
  • Whole Sign
  • Equal Houses
  • Koch
  • Regiomontanus
  • Morinus
  • Alcabitius
  • Campanus
  • Porphyry
  • Topocentric
  • Meridian
  • Vehlow

Astrology Houses

Why so many?

What are their differences?

How did this come to happen and which is the correct system to use?

Such are the questions that an astrologer student is having when is first presented with this variety.

The answer to the first question is that these systems are just different calculation methods on how to divide the space between the angles of the horoscope and mainly vary upon the mathematical formulas used. BUT NEARLY ALL OF THEM CALCULATE  THE SAME MC AND ASCENDANT and therefore the angles, the most sensitive points of the horoscope remain unchanged. Read this excellent article from where each house system is explained in details.

So how did this happen and is there a correct astrology house system?

Astrology is probably the most ancient system that tried to explain the cosmos and give meaning to the the human existence under the stars. The first astrological references are found upon Sumerian clay tablets referring to events from around 2300 BC, tablets which are themselves the very first samples of human writing. In the course of time Astrology evolved, mutated and adapted to each cultural setting. This is a process that all ideas and conceptual systems follow, whether scientific, religious or philosophical.

Houses and the way they are calculated changed and evolved through the years, with astrologers today using various different systems. The several house systems are in fact different methods on how to calculate the house divisions and distribute them equally or unequally upon the ecliptic. Some astrologers stick to one system while others may try to experiment. Human nature always tries to test and to perfect all applied methodology and astrology is scientific in this respect to say the least.

The various Astrologer House systems may vary on the calculations used but most of them are identical as to where the ASC and MC are placed, since these two important points are calculated from the birth place's longitude and latitude. Houses simply fall in-between these points, forming 12 divisions, areas, through which the zodiac constellations move gradually during the course of day and night.

Each of the different systems, tries to depict a more accurate or more astronomical correct depiction of the 12 constellations' movement through the day, and in different latitudes, and that's exactly where the differ,  on how each one splits the houses division in-between the angular points of the chart (ASC, MC, DESC, IC).

Some systems have had their time and fell out of use with the advance of newer ones. Schools of thought or attempts to adjust and fine tune calculations, appeared and were tested. Nothing is static in human expression and with a large body of astrological works from Hellenistic period being translated in our time, revival and testing of older systems has started to occur.


The houses symbolism may have changed through the years but in the same time they remain constant in their core semantics. Houses are not strict divisions, they are more like areas of the energy of the horoscope and practice and experience has shown that they work, each system revealing a different layer of the same chart.

I am moving house, yes but... regardless of the house system, Astrology works!

Astrology is a language and regardless of the house methodology used, the divine always finds a way to speak to us through the archetypal symbolism of our beloved art.

The question is... Can you read?