David Bowie as a case study for Declination Aspects

1. Declination aspects that emphasize the same two planets in Ptolemaic aspect by longitude

The Moon – Pluto conjunction in Leo and in
the public 7th house is reinforced by the Moon Pluto parallel in north declination giving a strong emphasis on the fact that David Bowie’s has had a powerful need to express his emotional self in a theatrical and performing manner and that the whole process was indeed deeply transformative for him, changing moods and personas reinventing himself again and again.

The Sun – Mars conjunction in Capricorn and in the 12th house is reinforced by the parallel in south declination between Sun and Mars. This emphasizes his ambition that fuelled his ceaseless work and more than this his fighting spirit, so very obvious in the last year of his life when he found the courage to record his last album from within the hospitalized 12th house knowing that he was dying of cancer.

2. Important declination aspects

Mercury is out of bounds at -24°23’ and Pluto is out of bounds at 23°35’ being also contra-parallel to each other. Bowie surely had unconventional and reformative ideas.

Sun parallel Mars and near the maximum south declination is an aspect indicative of his defiant spirit, the one seen in the film “Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence”

Moon parallel Pluto parallel Uranus is a triple stellium that shows deep constant emotional changes that could be argued to be reflective of his various personas.

Please note that it is of extreme interest that the above declinations are:

  • near the North and South Maximum Declination and that
  • they are 2 sets of parallels that are contra-parallel in between them.

It seems that Mr Bowie has found a perfect way to balance these two different aspects of his personality.


3. Interesting declination aspects

Sun parallel south node and contra parallel the north node is a strong indication for his destined status but the aspect is not found in the natal chart. It is nevertheless interesting that it is found in declinations.

Jupiter parallel Venus in south declinations could be indicative of his charismatic appeal but the two planets are not in aspect in longitude.

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David Bowie Astrology Bi Sexual




Mars square Neptune is the Ziggy Stardust aspect. Neptune is associated with illusions and addictions, everything that has a deceptive and ephemeral quality. It is the transcendental glow of glam-rock while it lasts. Mars is masculinity and sexuality, action and urge. Mars is exalted but it is also placed within the “secret” 12th house, something that could hint to Bowie’s bi-sexual orientation.

This becomes all the more interesting since Ziggy, the glam androgynous alter-ego that Bowie had adopted in his early career, obviously a statement of his own bi-sexuality, had supposedly came from planet Mars. Ziggy was attired in glam clothes and with his Stardust surname alluded to drug taking and illusions (Neptune).

“Ziggy Stardust represents the definitive rock star: sexually promiscuous and wild in drug intake, but with a message of peace and love. He thinks he is a messiah in the end he is destroyed both by his own consumptions, and by the fans he inspires”.

This is a description of messianic self-deception wrapped in ephemeral glitter, clearly a Neptune motif. Ziggy’s end in fan adored martyrdom and in a state of drug induced illusory haze is reflective of both the taboo 8th house and the self-destruct and self-sacrificial 12th house themes, that the square of the two planets brings together.

The Mars – Neptune square in Bowie’s natal chart, channels the energies of all of his creative (Neptune) urges (Mars). It expresses Bowie’s glam art, his ambiguous sexuality and is utterly embodied in his famous alter-ego.

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see-saw pattern

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. (See-Saw Pattern)

Robert Downey

The see-saw astrology pattern in the natal chart can be very tricky, hinting to a personality that has contradictions, sways from one extreme to another and of a person capable of making extraordinary achievements or completely wasting and misusing the pattern energies. A solution for this would be the person to find balance and integrate the two parts of the chart, as a means to channel the opposing energies constructively and live the chart’s potential with more completeness.

Find out how Robert Downey Junior, an excellent actor and a very clever guy, worked the contradictions in his natal chart, and matured through his Jovian excesses. His rise to stardom, substance abuse, and his marvellous comeback, became a living example of what it means to have a see-saw chart and how we can integrate our conflicting sides and constructively embrace our contradictions.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger Capricorn Moon


Arnold’s charming personality, his winning attitude, his workaholicism, are all traits that can be found in his natal chart and explained in Astrological terms through a natal analysis. 

Look at the man’s moon!   Arnold Schwarzcenegger Moon Works Out

Pumping and sweating in the 6th house of fitness and daily toil, placed in Capricorn, is speaking volumes of his inner need to be somebody important, his persistence and aspiration to gradual climb to the top.

This moon is the ruler of his charming Cancer ascendant, expressing outward his need for achievement and status. A moon that’s in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so it means business.

“When you’re out there partying, horsing around, someone out there at the same time is working hard. Someone is getting smarter and someone is winning.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

No fun and relax. Work and win. No pain, No Gain if you want to be Numero Uno Capricorn style!

This hard-working Moon in Capricorn is also a Gibbous Moon. Let’s get out of the gym for a moment, look at the sky and explain a little Lunar Astrology. In Astrology a moon’s phase in the time of birth is extremely important because it shows us the way we interact with the world.

Our motivation, modes of thought, our energy, all is in tune with the moon’s light. If it is waxing we are outward and expanding, having aims, goals, we grow as the light reflected form the moon surface grows. If we are born in waning phase the process is more inward, maturation occurs, conclusions endings and re-assessments, clearing for the new takes place.

Let’s get back to the gym now. There’s Arnold’s moon in the corner lifting, a waxing one and in Gibbous phase. This phase denotes Growth, Development and Establishment the building of new structures and systems of thought. So fitting to this man’s life that has built a structured body and a whole new school in bodybuilding and more importantly established and re-established himself and his career three times.

Waxing Gibbous: a phase that denotes self-development and production, perfection and overcoming of obstacles. Exactly what Arnold’s philosophy and life show.

So this moon in Capricorn works out and works out well helping him towards success. But more help comes from the man’s Nodes. Arnold’s uplift through the social ladder is also there in the chart.  The South Node is in the 5th house and in Sagittarius, the North Node in the 11th house in Gemini. Both at 0 degrees. Discover more in “Arnold nods and follows his nodes”.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man who skyrocketed from his small village in Austria to world fame. He started being a bodybuilding aficionado as a teenager and soon found himself an immigrant to California, building his body in Gold’s Gym and building brick walls also in Venice beach to sustain a living. He went on, to winning five times the Mr. Universe title and seven Mr. Olympia titles before retiring to dedicate himself to acting. He became an action hero, Terminator, a renowned Hollywood star and the 38th governor of the very town where he previously built walls with his brick sized biceps.

Arnold is an extremely active person, a member in numerous athletic and political organizations, supporter and founder of different charitable initiatives, he has been the honored guest in athletic and bodybuilding events throughout the world, was a spokesperson for Special Olympics where he still serves as a coach and International Torch-bearer.

Mr. Terminator supports promotion of physical education through various after school programs, he is a great environmental activist and founder of “R20 Regions of Climate Action” organization that aims to promote sustainable low carbon economy. He is an entrepreneur and maybe his most difficult achievement is that he managed to be married with Maria Shriver into the Kennedy’s family.

Arnold Schwarzcenegger Chart

What do the Νodes say about this man’s uplift through the social ladder?

Arnold has his South Node in the 5th house in Sagittarius and his North Node in the 11th house in Gemini.

Arnold has marvelously succeeded to advance from his South Node in Sagittarius, where he had a larger than life optimistic personality, in the mirror-looking and triumphing ego creative 5th house, where his pleasure, chosen hobby and profession of bodybuilding is, and matured gradually as a person into the North Node in the 11th house, where he cultivated an enormous network of friends  groups and supporters, until finally he became a global communicator, member to numerous organizations and groups, politician and activist, spokesman and charity person all 11th house and Gemini activities.

He seems to have perfectly integrated and balanced his nodal axis energies. He has fulfilled his soul purpose from the initial serving of the more egotistical South Node, where his talent was undoubtedly was, to a more fulfilling serving that relates to other people and the collective, by communicating and spreading ideas, working out his North Node.

This is the perfect integration along the path from the 5th house to the 11th house nodal axis. The 5th house expresses one’s ego and creates with reward the approval of others and the 11th house expresses all others and creates with individual effort that is a reward in itself.

To simply put it in his own words: “In the beginning I was selfish. It was all about, “How do I build Arnold? How can I win the most Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympic contests? How can I get into the movies and get into business?” I was thinking about myself . . . As I’ve grown up, got older, maybe wiser, I think your life is judged not by how much you have taken but by how much you give back.”

That nodal lift that Arnold has achieved so masterfully is the reason why he is not only famous, not only admired but more importantly he was and still remains an inspiration to many people.

If we ourselves, understand our own unique path along our nodal axis and then work upon it, and let me assure you that proper Astrological Consultation and natal analysis is surely a great tool that can help us to realizing this path, we can also achieve our potential.

Be inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, be inspired by Astrology! Lift the barbell, let astrology coach you and start working out towards self-discovery and fulfillment.

He is a Man that said “I’LL BE BACK!”, but what he did is that he climbed upwards along the ever growing Nodal axis of his chart.


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The 6th house relates to health and work and in Clint Eastwood’s chart this house is greatly emphasized. Having Mars, the planet of stamina and physicality in the 6th House, placed in its house of joy, and being in Aries, the sign of Mars rulership, the placement is very strong and the planet becomes fully expressed.

In Aries, a sign that is associated with energy and vitality, Mars becomes the driving force behind his work, is expressed with athletic and healthy conscious actions, and is recharged with energizing vigor. Clint Eastwood, having an Aries in the 6th house that wants to be in charge of health matters, is a fitness aficionado since a teenager, and practices healthful eating and daily Transcendental Meditation.

He has played numerous demanding physical roles, climbing in «The Eiger Sanction», running upon rooftops in «Dirty Harry» or jogging alongside the president’s limo in «In the Line of Fire». His physical stamina at 76 is still extraordinary, as it was in 1951, when forced to swim 3 miles to safety after a plane he was boarding crashed into the sea.

Active and prolific in his work, he is a director famous for disliking to take many takes of the same shot when filming, and stays with the first one or two.  A sign of his 6th house Sign’s impatience and decisiveness.

In this iconic photo from the movie “Where Eagles Dare”, Clint Eastwood plays a commando who has parachute dropped high in the Alps, to secretly raid a castle and save a General. This high octane role is so characteristic of his highly dignified Mars, a planet that really cries out from his chart:

“Whatever the problem is, Clint Eastwood is gonna fix it”. 


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