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mercury pisces

When Mercury is in Pisces the planet expresses himself with the Sign’s intuition, empathy and sensitivity. Thinking and reasoning is less analytical and detached and becomes more subjective (feminine polarity) and abstract (less rational – water element).

Perception modified by Pisces can easily understand something in its wholeness (water element) and in its essence (water element) and not as a sum of its parts. Mercury in Pisces can easily understand concepts but may fail to understand the simplest of things. Absent mindedness due to travelling of the mind is also a trait. (water element).

The mind has the ability to see both sides of a situation –this duality is in the symbol of the two Pisces, being receptive (feminine polarity and water) and easily tuned with the ambient environment or the other’s viewpoint (symbol and mutable water). Views may be easily adopted (water element) without critical process due to the impressionable nature of the Sign. On the other hand this “walking in other’s shoes” ability (mutable quality) gives emotional Intelligence to the Piscean mode of thought and makes the individual easily trusted by (Jupiter tone) and inspiring to others (Neptune tone).

Imagination (Neptune and water) flourishes when Mercury is in Pisces. The mind converts emotions to ideals, words to pictures, feelings to words and synthesizes artistically (Mercury operating in a mutable environment). There isn’t a logical conversion process. Pisces just knows without necessarily knowing how it knows.

A proneness to excessive day-dreaming (Neptune and water) or deceiving others through elaborate lies (Unskilled Mercury and Neptune) or oneself with delusions (Neptune) may also exist if the planet is unskillfully expressed.

Ideals, spiritual notions, higher knowledge, philosophy or belief systems (Jupiter), fertile ideas and creativity may be easily comprehended, adopted (water and feminine polarity) or communicated from Mercury in Pisces, inspired by Jupiter, the Sign’s ruler.


All these are the expressions of Mercury when the planet resides in the Sign of Pisces.

  • ability for Synthesis (mutable quality)
  • an understanding of the abstract (less rational – water element),
  • a mind tuned to psychic vibes and energy (water element),
  • harboring of romantic ideals (water element),
  • romanticism and escapism (water element),
  • exchange of emotions through words (Mercury in water element),
  • realization and rationalization of the afterlife (Mercury in Mutable water),
  • metaphysical and philosophical teaching, (Mercury with Jupiter and Neptune color from the Sign’s rulers).

Mercury may be in its fall in Pisces but this fall is not necessarily a bad thing.Mercury in Pisces is in a place where the “Mind” becomes “Nous” and is connected with the Universal Mind. Cognition and logical functions operate in a different level.  Mercury is not exchanging information it just absorbs the information vibes without categorizing.

All of the information exists within the smallest tiny part of the Universe. Instead of finding it we simply need to FEEL IT.

With Mercury in Pisces your mind is a fractal of the Universe.


© Andrew Ifandis-Cosmos of Astrology

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