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The New Moon takes place in the 26th degree of the Sign of Sagittarius. It affects the Mutable Signs (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo) as well as Leo and Aries Signs that are born in the third decan or those having personal planets or their Ascendant near the 26th degree of these Signs.
Full Moon in Gemini 2017
Full Moon in Gemini takes place on December 3rd as the Moon, from within the Sign of Gemini, will shine bright in the night sky.  This Full Moon is intense and really difficult in regards to our emotions and relations. When the moon is in the Sign of Gemini it
Scorpio New Moon
Scorpio New Moon takes place on November 18th, just a few days after Venus made a conjunction with Jupiter within the same Sign. Every New Moon is a promise and a beginning and especially when it occurs in Scorpio, then it is a new cycle of discovery of our hidden
Full Moon in Taurus 2017 cosmos of astrology
A beautiful Full Moon in Taurus takes place on November 4th  and reminds us of a lesson that we may have forgotten. The question that surrounds every full moon in Taurus concerns a balance. The balance between the security we feel that we are getting from our relationships with important others
Libra New Moon
“Luna Lake. It is a lake, calm and serene. The picture is of you and of me. We stand on the lake shore. The wind blows gently. It makes ripples on the surface of the water and tangles our hair. It is I and You. Suddenly a strong wind stirs
New Moon in Aries 2017
A Full Moon, with a very intense energy, takes place in the autumn sky on the evening of October 5th with the Moon at 12°42′ degrees of Aries opposing the Sun at Libra. Like every Full Moon, this one also, brings emotional charge and intense feelings. The Moon is in Aries
New Moon Astrology
New Moon is the first phase of the Moon in its orbit around the Earth. It’s a phase that marks the beginning of a new synodic cycle between the Sun and the Moon. What happens when we have a New Moon is that as the Moon rotates it comes full