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Leo New Moon Invigorating and active the New Moon in Leo invites us to express our creativity, passion and enthusiasm. The Sun that has just entered the sign of Leo wants us to shine and bring ourselves to the front and the Moon on his side in the same sign,Read More
Venus Retrograde
Venus, the planet of Love is going to turn retrograde within the next hours. During her retrograde course Venus will move backwards through Aries and will gradually retreat into the sign of Pisces on April the 3rd, where she will continue her retrogration until April the 16th. Andy Warhol, in hisRead More
  David Bowie as a case study for Declination Aspects 1. Declination aspects that emphasize the same two planets in Ptolemaic aspect by longitude The Moon – Pluto conjunction in Leo and in the public 7th house is reinforced by the Moon Pluto parallel in north declination giving a strongRead More
David Bowie Astrology Bi Sexual
Mars square Neptune is the Ziggy Stardust aspect. Neptune is associated with illusions and addictions, everything that has a deceptive and ephemeral quality. It is the transcendental glow of glam-rock while it lasts. Mars is masculinity and sexuality, action and urge. Mars is exalted but it is also placed withinRead More
see-saw pattern
See-saw pattern in the natal chart can be very tricky. Find out how Robert Downey Junior, an excellent actor and a very clever guy, worked the contradictions in his natal chart, and matured his Jovian excesses. His rise to stardom, substance abuse, and his marvelous comeback, became a living example ofRead More