see-saw pattern

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. (See-Saw Pattern)

Robert Downey

The see-saw astrology pattern in the natal chart can be very tricky, hinting to a personality that has contradictions, that sways from one extreme to another and of a person capable of making extraordinary achievements or completely wasting and misusing the pattern energies.

A solution for this would be the person to find balance and integrate the two parts of the chart, as a means to channel the opposing energies constructively and live the chart’s potential with more completeness.

Find out how Robert Downey Junior, an excellent actor and a very clever guy, worked the contradictions in his natal chart, and matured through his Jovian excesses. His rise to stardom, substance abuse, and his marvellous comeback, became a living example of what it means to have a see-saw chart and how we can integrate our conflicting sides and constructively embrace our contradictions.

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The 6th house relates to health and work and in Clint Eastwood’s chart this house is greatly emphasized. Having Mars, the planet of stamina and physicality in the 6th House, placed in its house of joy, and being in Aries, the sign of Mars rulership, the placement is very strong and the planet becomes fully expressed.

In Aries, a sign that is associated with energy and vitality, Mars becomes the driving force behind his work, is expressed with athletic and healthy conscious actions, and is recharged with energizing vigor. Clint Eastwood, having an Aries in the 6th house that wants to be in charge of health matters, is a fitness aficionado since a teenager, and practices healthful eating and daily Transcendental Meditation.

He has played numerous demanding physical roles, climbing in «The Eiger Sanction», running upon rooftops in «Dirty Harry» or jogging alongside the president’s limo in «In the Line of Fire». His physical stamina at 76 is still extraordinary, as it was in 1951, when forced to swim 3 miles to safety after a plane he was boarding crashed into the sea.

Active and prolific in his work, he is a director famous for disliking to take many takes of the same shot when filming, and stays with the first one or two.  A sign of his 6th house Sign’s impatience and decisiveness.

In this iconic photo from the movie "Where Eagles Dare", Clint Eastwood plays a commando who has parachute dropped high in the Alps, to secretly raid a castle and save a General. This high octane role is so characteristic of his highly dignified Mars, a planet that really cries out from his chart:

"Whatever the problem is, Clint Eastwood is gonna fix it". 


Saturn square Jupiter

Saturn square Jupiter is an aspect that tests our faith.

The Whitman brothers in the movie "The Darjeeling Limited" start on a journey to find themselves and seek spiritual guidance. On their quest they travel through Kashmir and pay homage from one temple to the other, religious relic after relic. It is as if a higher power like an invisible hand pushes them towards a higher purpose, but they are too focused in the reality around that they miss any possibility of attaining spirituality.

Ironically, their enlightenment comes in a small village in the middle of nowhere when they share humane, personal, everyday moments with the villagers.

Yes, our faith in something higher, in ourselves, in our dreams, in the future, this period may actually be tested. But we can find faith where it gushes. Not in the high places, but where we serve ethically our purpose, in the humble and daily.

We only need to know that FAITH is within us. It starts from us and leads to us.