Scorpio New Moon

SCORPIO NEW MOON – 18 NOVEMBER 2017: Empowerment & Belief

Scorpio New Moon

Scorpio New Moon takes place on November 18th, just a few days after Venus made a conjunction with Jupiter within the same Sign.

Every New Moon is a promise and a beginning and especially when it occurs in Scorpio, then it is a new cycle of discovery of our hidden power.

This New Moon comes after the concerns that were raised by the Full Moon in Taurus on November 4th two weeks ago. These were concerns relating to our sense of inner value and the degree of the trust we can inspire to others. With the New Moon in Scorpio, this cycle of insecurities is complete, and we begin to realize the power and the depth of our inner emotional power.

This happens because this New Moon gets its color from the zodiac’s most powerful psychological Sign, and with Jupiter being also in Scorpio, this awareness comes as a result of a substantial introspection that gradually reveals our reserves in power.

The favorable aspects monopolize in the chart of the New Moon, with the trine between Jupiter and Neptune closing and with Venus, having made its conjunction with Jupiter, now approaching the two Lights.

Inspiration, optimism, hope, self-confidence, increased popularity, harmonic relationships, even new relationships and luck, are among the energies that color the landscape in which the New Moon takes place.

Within such a spectrum of positive energy, even the square formed by Mars and Pluto, which is the only tense aspect of the chart, is expressed in a milder manner.  It manifests more as incentive, increased self-confidence and sustained stamina and much less than explosive nerve or sexual tension.



The male (Sun) and the female (Moon) are united in a tight embrace within the Sign of passion. However, in this New Moon, any dark Scorpio elements – which encapsulate emotions of ceaseless intensity that “drown” more romantic expression, are completely softened within the energetic landscape I have described above.

The scene is not one of two lovers in a dark room experiencing ultimate intensity. It is more like a room not totally dark, but selectively lit by the glow-in-the dark reflections of the favorable astrological aspects. The red beams are the Mars – Pluto square that is power and desire. Reflections within the silence of the night and the lovers are near sharing secrets.

That is exactly how this New Moon in Scorpio feels.

Yes, because besides belief in ourselves through the awareness of our strength and the value that we can inspire to others, this New Moon also brings about the essential communication in our relationships. Precisely what it has been lacking, the previous weeks and in doing so, it help us to renew the trust between us and the important others.

So remember, when you will start to feel the energy of this lunation, be sure that it will result in empowerment and belief in yourself.

Find out where the new Moon falls in your chart and embrace its promise for renewal.


Libra New Moon

LIBRA NEW MOON – 19 OCTOBER 2017: A wind stirs up the Lake

Libra New Moon 2017


Luna Lake. It is a lake, calm and serene. The picture is of you and of me. We stand on the lake shore. The wind blows gently. It makes ripples on the surface of the water and tangles our hair.

It is I and You.

Suddenly a strong wind stirs up the lake. Lightning. A sudden rain, cool and refreshing.  We run for shelter. Our hearts beat loud, with joy. Under the big tree top we stop. We are waiting for the rain to stop. We sit and talk. We get along. The rain stops. We look at each other. We may be wet, but for some reason we now know that everything is possible, everything is old and is new. We get up and go. But now, we are walking together.

It is We.”


I have chosen a poetic manner suitable to the harmonious sign of Libra, to describe with an imagery the energy of the New Moon that takes place on October the 19th.

It is a New Moon that is stirring up the waters, and for some of us, we could even say that it is stirring up waters that have been stagnant and still.

This New Moon occurs at Libra, the sign of relationships and harmony. Exactly opposite the New Moon, Uranus in Aries actively energises us. It brings the sudden and the unexpected when we least anticipate it. This might initially cause us excitement, agitation, or even annoy us. But this awakening is exactly what we really need, so as to better realise where we stand with ourselves and others.

This New Moon totally refreshes existing relationships and partnerships while at the same time brings many opportunities for new ones to be born.

But the New Moon does not only affect relationships and partnerships,  because through our renewed relations it also allows us to find and reach a new balance, inward and outward, and thus benefit other areas of our lives, as well.

Which areas these may be, it has to do with where the New Moon operates in your personal horoscope.

Although initially the energy of the New Moon is electrifying, it will eventually have positive results since it is in conjunction with Jupiter.

This process of reset and renewal may come suddenly but it will be smooth. This is because Saturn assists Uranus in its opposition to the New Moon, controls any excessive impulses, makes us adjust to the new, and gives us the necessary calmness with which to face the changes.

So now is the best time to let ourselves open to new possibilities and to be excited about the new.

Most importantly, from the time of the New Moon and for the next 14 days we will be able to greatly capitalise on the potential of our existing relationships and many opportunities are going to present themselves through cooperation, conciliation and mutual understanding.


Find out where the new Moon falls in your chart and embrace its promise for renewal.




© Andrew Ifandis-Cosmos of Astrology

New Moon Astrology


New Moon Cosmos of Astrology


New Moon is the first phase of the Moon in its orbit around the Earth. It’s a phase that marks the beginning of a new synodic cycle between the Sun and the Moon.

What happens when we have a New Moon is that as the Moon rotates it comes full circle, once again, to the same degree that the Sun is on the ecliptic, and as it passes between the Earth and the Sun, it becomes invisible.

The Sun in astrology symbolizes our very existence, our cognition, our self – expression. The Moon is symbolic of our feelings, our psyche, our intuition and the subconscious. While this first phase lasts the Moon is united with the Sun and has stopped for a while to reflect its light.

It is now dark and unseen in the night sky.

It is at this moment that we also stop for a while to start listening to our inner world. We consciously and psychologically turn within, and as our self-expression tunes with our intuition, this becomes the perfect alignment. It is now the proper time when we can set new goals, renew aspirations, chase dreams and decide on how to act or react.

This may also be a time when we feel renewed, full of energy and vitality.

It is now when the processes that have started with the previous New Moon, which occurred about 29 days ago, have reached their final stage and are now either completed or transforming, giving their place to new ones that are beginning now.

It is the same cycle starting again and again, but as T.S. Eliot have said, we may again find ourselves where we started, but now we are seeing with “new” eyes because we carry within us the experience of the previous cycle.

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. T. S. Eliot – “Little Gidding”

Right in the middle of the previous cycle, at the time of the Full Moon about 14 days ago, our actions reached a climax, we evaluated and assessed where we stood and we then gradually assimilated the results, as the Moon waxing, approached again towards the Sun and led up to this New Moon.

New Moon-Cosmos of Astrology

The perpetual cycle starts again.

But every new conjunction between the Sun and the Moon, occurs in a different degree and within a different zodiac sign throughout the year.

The aspects that the other planets are making with the two Lights at the time of the New Moon are also different.

This makes each New Moon a unique event for each one of us as it falls on our natal chart and makes aspects with our natal planets.

Even if you do not have planets in the sign of the New Moon for a given month, the New Moon’s energy emphasizes certain areas of your lives which the astrologer can analyse especially for You.

Find out where the new Moon falls in your chart and embrace its promise for renewal.




© Andrew Ifandis-Cosmos of Astrology

Virgo New Moon


Virgo New Moon


The Virgo New Moon takes place at 27°27′ of the sign on September the 20th 2017.

The lunation’s chart has a strong emphasis on the Earth element and vibrates intensely the energy of Virgo, since not only the Lights, but also Mercury, Venus and Mars are gathered within the first half of the maiden zodiac sign. It is now the most appropriate time to deal with any obligations and pending issues that require our attention and have been neglected, but it is also the right time for us to begin making improvements on how we live our everyday life.

Actions relating to our physical condition, our health, working conditions, new jobs and projects that require patience and dedication, seeking for employment , setting things straight and making practical moves are particularly favoured by this New Moon.

Yes all these are boring, especially after the vacation time, but now it is the time to organize and put things in order.

Mercury in the sign of his exaltation will function with detail and with perfectly logic, compensating fully for any tendencies of “flight” that Neptune that is in opposition brings. Mars conjunct Mercury will make us think with precision and will give skill in our actions. Our thoughts will easily discern what is it that needs to be done and more importantly how it will come to be realized.

At the sentimental level, with Venus having just entered Virgo, in the sign of its fall and quincunx with Chiron,  we are still experiencing as “wounds” the revisions and decisions we have made in the past weeks. The New Moon itself is in opposition to Chiron at 26 ° Pisces, reinforcing a pattern of wounding and subsequent healing,  that we have seen many times in the last years that Chiron is in Pisces.

But that is precisely the lesson we are supposed to get.

How it is that we experience our feelings and the way we relate has to be more practical and less of a daydreaming or illusion, so as that our relationships to become more balanced. It is through this process of cleansing that we may find the awaited renewal to our relationships, something that is aided by the trine that Venus makes with Uranus.

This New Moon may be boring, dull and plainly cathartic, not letting us to be carried away and holding us down to earth, but on the other hand its aim is to makes us more effective and to teach us to discern our priorities.

Until the next Full Moon in Aries that will wake us up for good and the next New Moon in Libra…       stay grounded but don’t be boring.


© Andrew Ifandis-Cosmos of Astrology

LEO NEW MOON 23 July 2017

Invigorating and active the New Moon in Leo invites us to express our creativity, passion and enthusiasm.

The Sun that has just entered the sign of Leo wants us to shine and bring ourselves to the front and the Moon on his side in the same sign, at the beginning of her cycle, brings generosity and warmth to our emotions. Mars in conjunction with the lights fills us with excitement, vitality and mood for action.

Nervousness, dynamism, rush or tension may exist from the square that Uranus makes with the triplet of Mars, Sun, Moon, but this is precisely the “air” that we need to dare to get out. There’s no reason for hesitation. The square with Uranus is a separating one and its vibrations are slowly ending.

The Sun is the final dispositor of both Mars and Uranus and it is he that has the final word on both planets. The angles of the horoscope in the cardinal signs once again emphasize the “do it” character of the chart.

Jupiter on the Ascendant and in a trine with Venus (ruler of the chart), favors our social abilities and balances whatever pressure Venus is receiving from her opposition with Saturn. Mercury trines both Uranus and Saturn and makes our thinking innovative and strategic and as it conjuncts the North Node, calls us to communicate our message because it is a message that will have its impact and will be heard.

With this New Moon upon the powerful 0° degree we must dare to express ourselves, and as a New Moon is a new beginning this is the right time for a bold and confident step.

A verse comes to my mind…

“Now it’s your chance to Shine!”


© Andrew Ifandis-Cosmos of Astrology