Full Moon in Pisces


Full Moon Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces on September the 6th brings mixed emotions.

Every Full Moon in Pisces asks us to assess whether our need for inspiration, dream, and contact with the unconscious are in tune with the practical and earthly issues that we face in our everyday life, but this Full Moon in particular will confuse more our emotional landscape.

The Moon is in Pisces and our feelings are already attired with the romantic idealism and the hypersensitivity of the sign. Neptune in conjunction with the Moon increases our empathy, our desire for the imaginary, makes us abstract and is opposes the Sun in Virgo. This Virgo Sun seeks purity, analysis and practical thinking, and expresses what we want in our everyday life. All of these, with the Sun-Neptune opposition become inconspicuous and flicker like a mirage in a desert of the real.

What is it that we want and what we ask from our relationships and from others? What exactly do we feel? Is this real true or it is just our idea? Are we really disappointed or do we feel uncomfortably frustrated because of our emotional charge? Is our attitude towards others clear or does it misguide?

Such are the questions brought forth by this Full Moon, but unfortunately the answers do not come.

Full Moon Pisces

Venus on the chart of the lunation cannot express love, relate and feel valuable, but on the contrary remains attached to obsessions that causes her quincunx with Pluto, to the illusions that maintains the quincunx with Neptune and engages in sweet introversion quincunx with the Moon.

Rational thoughts and logic could have helped the situation somehow, but Mercury has just stopped on his retrograde course and is ready to direct without yet being able to put thoughts to speech or to untie mingled emotions.

Mercury’s conjunction with Mars, upon the same degree of the eclipse of  the 21st of August, requires from us more caution in not saying anything hurriedly, not getting aggressive or taking a position that is not easily reversible, misunderstood or can hurt, rather than to act bold and straightforwardly.

The scenery will become clearer in the next few days and the trines that Mars and Mercury make with Uranus and the sextiles with Jupiter will be helpful. Tension will find its release, and we will gradually feel free from people or situations that restrict us, either by re-establishing the structure of our relationships or through completely new opportunities and acquaintances.

In everything that we have described above, any resolutions that we have made while Saturn was retrograde, until his direct motion on August the 25th, will now begin to be gradually applied and be of help.

The final exit of Mercury from its shadow, which happens on September the 19th, will also help us be more decisive and clear in what we communicate.

Until then, let us experience the tension of this full moon with patience, knowing that it is part of a creative process which while confusing initially, it will eventually renew us at a practical level and uplift us with inspiration and spiritual strength.


© Andrew Ifandis-Cosmos of Astrology


VENUS SQUARE SATURNVenus is in Virgo. Practical, demanding, fussy, always changing, wanting so much. Saturn is traveling in Sagittarius, testing the vistas of our faith, but bestowing faith in the end through this process of maturity.

These days are the right time to realize that the hardships and shortcomings that you may have in love exist because you over analyze and over think on how love should be. You demand too much from love and at the same time you project the trivial of everyday upon the very ideal of love.

Perfectionism may be right, but not if it makes it harsh for yourself or the one who’s there by your side. If you are alone, and this other one whom you seek has to be so perfect… then sorry but your quest ends before it even begins.

Think of it.

The perfect is not the ideal. The ideal is whatever makes You perfect!

So while this transit lasts remember not to strip love from its transcendental garments. Be patience and attire love with faith and trust.

Most of all have faith in yourself, whether being alone or hand in hand with someone.

Trust and Love on a prayer for the next five days…

«We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got
It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not
We’ve got each other and that’s a lot for love
We’ll give it a shot» – Bon Jovi

…and have faith from then on!


© Andrew Ifandis-Cosmos of Astrology


Saturn Sagittarius Jupiter VirgoThe Saturn square Jupiter is an aspect that tests our faith.

The Whitman brothers in the movie “The Darjeeling Limited” start on a journey to find themselves and seek spiritual guidance. On their quest they travel through Kashmir and pay homage from one temple to the other, religious relic after relic. It is as if a higher power like an invisible hand pushes them towards a higher purpose, but they are too focused in the reality around that they miss any possibility of attaining spirituality.

Ironically, their enlightenment comes in a small village in the middle of nowhere when they share humane, personal, everyday moments with the villagers.

Yes, our faith in something higher, in ourselves, in our dreams, in the future, this period may actually be tested. But we can find faith where it gushes. Not in the high places, but where we serve ethically our purpose, in the humble and daily.

We only need to know that FAITH is within us. It starts from us and leads to us.


© Andrew Ifandis-Cosmos of Astrology