CHIRON IN ARIES 2019-2027 – The Centaur And The Selfish Gene

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Chiron in Aries

CHIRON IN ARIES 2019-2027 

The Centaur And The Selfish Gene

Chiron, the minor planet and comet, an astronomical body with a dual nature just like the mythological Centaur Chiron, enters the zodiac of Aries.

Chiron will transit the Aries sign from February 18, 2019 until June 19, 2026 when he will enter the Sign of Taurus. There he will remain for a while, and will return back to Aries from September 17, 2026 up until April 14, 2027 when he will again enter Taurus for good.

Chiron astrologically, depending on the sign in which he is, represents the area where the person experiences an intense trauma or feelings of inadequacy. At the same time Chiron shows us the area in which a person can cure the self, by facing the trauma and thus overcoming failure.

When Chiron is placed in the Sign of Aries it is associated with an identity trauma, a wound regarding healthy egoism or a trauma of self-expression.

Chiron in Aries is an inability to express our deep inner voice, that shouts “be yourself”. A voice which we do not hear. It is the inability to defend our ego or the inability to accept our identity and our uniqueness.

Depending on the level of maturity and awareness, we have the ability to either put a balm on the wound and heal it or use its pus and keep it open. BUT Chiron eventually will bring us face to face with our most deep inward pain.

Chiron reminds us that part of being successful is knowing how to manage failure. It reminds us that a prerequisite for healing others is that we have first achieved self-healing, and we can be the example because we have experienced the solution and have found the way out of the pain.

From within the Sign of Aries, and especially for those who have a Chiron return during the time that the Centaur will remain there, Chiron calls us to avoid the negative expression of his astrological position and to follow the positive.

Negative Expression

  1. We want to be better than the rest and it hurt us when this is not the case.
  2. We are conceited and all our actions aim solely at self-confirmation.
  3. We do not believe in ourselves and we feel inadequate in regards to expressing our sexuality and healthy egoism.

Positive Expression

  1. We feel and know that we do not have to compare ourselves with others.
  2. We forgive ourselves if in the past we did not believe so much in us and we move forward having love for ourselves and awareness of our value.
  3. Loving ourselves in the right way, does not make us conceited, but instead allows us to be well within in moments of still and solitude. It gives us the power to heal our own wounds and to be an example and an inspiration for others.

It is not that difficult. In the end, Chiron as he transits the sign of Aries, only wants us to accept ourselves. To accept every negative, every weakness, every inadequacy, every failure.

This very acceptance is what will give us the power to heal our own wounds and to be an example and inspiration for others.

Chiron in Aries 2019 - 2027


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