FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS 15 AUGUST 2019: A Love Play In Three Acts – Act Two

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The Full Moon takes place at 22°24’ of the Sign of Aquarius. It mainly has an effect for Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus persons, and also for Aries and Sagittarius persons, who are born in the first days of the third decan, as well as for those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 20° – 24° degrees.

This is a Full Moon that poses relationship dilemmas for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius Signs.

It sweetly lures Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Aries persons into relationships or more flirting.

It creates jerky feelings and indecisiveness to Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces Signs.

The New Moon in Leo two weeks ago has set the stage.

The actors, a man and a woman, played their roles. That of lovers or partners, in a script that was ingenuous. The lines carried excitement, freshness or the mere electrifying tension of planet Uranus.

It was a New Moon that stirred emotions and all of a sudden there were surprising events in relationships. For some who were single, new persons suddenly appeared and the sparks flew. An unexpected love, or deep admiration for someone special, or just flirting was in the air. Sure thing is, all that Leo energy has put some of us on the center of attention.

The stagnant waters of relationships were shaken, and for some others, thoughts of separation prevailed. Even sudden splits were actually made.

But the play isn’t over yet…

This August, three successive lunations,

with this Full Moon being the second, will prompt action for us,

to be both the actors and the viewers, of the greatest story of all.


That, between a Man and  a Woman.

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The Full Moon takes place at 22°24’ of the Sign of Aquarius on August the 15th. As the summer vacations peak, so does emotions peak, as this full moon highlights the themes and issues that begun at the start of the lunar cycle, with the New Moon in Leo on July the 31st.


The movement on the stage

The Sun

Since the first act of the play, summer moved on, and the Sun moved on, from the 8° of Leo to the 22° degree, bringing vitality, willfulness and confidence to Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius persons born in the second decan.

Sun in its move, made a wonderful trine with Jupiter in Sagittarius, boosting again their confidence and bringing luck to the Fire Signs. Combine this “Ego” boost with the attention and flirting that the New Moon promised for them, and you see that these Signs were the favored actors of the First Act.

During the same time, the Sun’s separating square with Planet Uranus and the Sun’s consecutive movement through the degrees mentioned, brought challenges and small crisis in confidence to Taurus, Scorpios and Aquarius Signs.

These were signs that felt the need to carefully plan their next steps professionally, to set goals, and that wondered, how to move on with partnerships and relations.

Planet Venus makes a superior conjunction with the Sun

Venus all this time, has been closely behind the Sun, and one day before the Full Moon, on August the 14th, Venus makes its superior conjunction to the Sun.

Venus, when in its superior conjunction phase, is furthest from the Earth, on the opposite side of the Sun. This phase is equivalent to the full moon phase, because the planet Venus and the Earth are in opposition with the Sun in between them.


What does this mean astrologically and in relation with the Full Moon in Aquarius?

It means that now begins a period, when our perception of ourselves, our charisma, our ideals and our very sense of value is shaped with meaning. Meaning that relates to, and is projected from, and towards, other persons.

It means that this is time when -if we are one of the favored Signs mentioned previously, we may feel at peace and harmony with ourselves, valued and loved, sociable and wanting to have fun. Good feelings coming from the attention we got.

If on the other hand, we are one of the non-favored signs, then we want to feel all these good feelings, despite our lack of confidence and any separating tendencies in relationships.

In any of the two cases, the point is that we now understand that feeling good and sharing is a two – way equation and involves relating.

The sudden love, the one night stand, the flirt, the need to split, any of the new circumstances that the New Moon in Leo has brought, is now examined and assessed internally, in a process that will shape a new sense of “We”.

Punch line: We are re-assessing what is that we like, as a result of the changes in our emotional and love life.



The Moon opposes Sun and Venus

The Moon is right opposite from the heart of the Sun – Venus conjunction. And here exactly, in this opposition, lies the culmination and the tense.

The Moon is in the Sign of Aquarius. The feelings here are intellectualized, the need is to be objective, detached. On the stage two different principles are played out.

The loving heart of the Leo Sun and the passion of the Leo Venus against the cool, calm and collected individualism of the Aquarian soul.

The Moon in opposition to Venus also means that there is a clash between our needs (Moon) and what other people (opposition) like (Venus). Or it may mean that we try to please (Venus) others (opposition) at the expense of our emotional needs (Moon).

This Full Moon is the contrast the sweetness of being close with the carefree of being solo.

This is the friction that now appears, in addition to the re-assessment of how we relate, caused by the Venus-Sun Superior Conjunction.

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The Moon in Aquarius, is thinking emotions. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts …

  • Is freedom paramount or freedom leads to loneliness?
  • Is love real? Can it be rationalized?
  • Should we follow our emotions or should we keep calm and examine what is happening?
  • Should we stay in a relationship that does not have passion just for the sake of the feeling of friendship it offers?
  • Is that sudden love affair worth to invest on?
  • Now that we split can we remain friends?
  • We feel warm emotions.Is it permissible?

We have to find where the truth lies.

Helping us in the search of truth, the skies vibe with two important energies that are emitted simultaneously.

Jupiter is direct as Uranus is retrograde.

Jupiter retrograde was a period where we have examined where is that we want to go. Where growth lies for us. What is good, what is ethic? What advances our long term prosperity?

Uranus retrograde is the next chapter in our inner evolution. During this time we shall examine what we want to change. We shall deal with past changes. Persons and relations will be categorized between those that makes us fell free and those from which we want to break free.

Lastly one more aspect. Subtle but important. Moon is semi-sextile Pluto.

This is an aspect that shows that a subtle unconscious process is already working. Some digging (Pluto) into our core safety (Moon), out of which a reconciliation between feeling responsible (Capricorn) and feeling free (Uranus) at the same time, may be the result.


Let’s wait for Act Three…


I wish to all to enjoy this August Full Moon, feeling good and happy under its radiant light.


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