FULL MOON IN ARIES SEPTEMBER 2018: The Dark Night of the Soul

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This Full Moon in Aries will bring tension and tests to the relationships of Aries and Libra Signs and increased responsibility to home and career for Cancer and Capricorn Signs.

Planet Mars in conjunction to the South Node shall affect the Signs of the Fixed Cross (Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Taurus).

This Full Moon has a potent dynamic and depending on where it falls on our personal horoscope it affects all of us that are having personal planets, angles and points in the above Signs, and especially those that are born in the first decan of these Signs.


An autumnal Full Moon in Aries is taking place on September 24th 2018.

The characterization autumnal is twice appropriate for this full moon, since besides its seasonal character, in addition it describes the mood that this full moon creates.

But let’s take first things first.

This is a Full Moon in Aries. The moon when in the Sign of Aries, though bold it may be, is at the same time an ego-centered, impatient moon that rushes headlong into confrontation if provoked. A Moon placed here makes us to respond quick and immediate to external stimuli, something that now that the Moon is fully lit by the Sun opposite her, is accentuated.

Every full moon is the tension of something culminating or coming to fulfillment and when the Aries Moon is fully opposite the Sun in Libra, the tension is others and relationships.

  • Should we be Competitive or Compromising?
  • Can we two work together?
  • Should we boldly express our needs or should we find delicate ways to make others understand what is that we want of them?

These are some of the themes of this archetypal opposition and this particular Full Moon in Aries brings these issues to the fore and moreover adds a tone of melancholy, heated discussions and embitterment in the whole mix.

Words may hurt

The main players of the Full Moon are each one conjunct to another body. Sun in Libra is making a conjunction with Mercury and Moon a conjunction with Chiron in Aries.

Try to imagine now how the mix is changed. It is very difficult for a person to compromise one opposition, let alone the four ones formed in the Full Moon in Aries chart.

  • Chiron opposes Sun
  • Chiron opposes Mercury
  • Mercury opposes Moon
  • Mercury opposes Chiron

The tension feels like a disagreement between an already wounded and touchy female and an intellectual and diplomatic man that tries to find a way to compromise without succumbing to emotional blackmail.

Especially with this Full Moon where Mercury is conjunct the Sun in Libra, common sense and logic require discussions and a climate of co-operation in order to avoid conflicts.

We have to communicate but at the same time we must be careful of what we are saying and how we are saying it, because Mercury in opposition with the Moon brings difficulties in expression and can make us communicate what we feel in a totally erroneous manner.

The woman’s hurt feelings cannot be easily soothed by the man’s logical approach. Regardless of how balanced and compromising words he may use, the opposition of Chiron to Mercury drags up memories of emotional pain.

“You talk to me with words, I talk to you with feelings”, she says.



Respect, Truth and Warmth

On top of these already over-emotional and stressed oppositions, planet Saturn stands as a merciless judge, being in a square aspect to all participating bodies.

Saturn is once more direct in the Sign of Capricorn from September the 6th, and now demands truth, integrity and responsibility. Within the aspect patterns of this full moon, Saturn is the focal planet of two T-squares that involve the Moon – Chiron conjunction on one side, and the Sun-Mercury conjunction on the other.

So if we include Saturn, we are having four more aspects that cast their gloom and somber tone on the picture.

  • Saturn squares Sun
  • Saturn squares Mercury
  • Saturn squares Moon
  • Saturn squares Chiron

To continue with the illustration I gave before, the man has to balance between being overly strict, resulting in exerting much emotional pressure on one side, and not clearly defining where his limits are, on the other, something that will result in the problem of them being crossed again.

He has to think clearly and be fair, avoiding misunderstandings and his darker expression.

The woman has to find the courage to overcome her sadness and fears and to cope with the situation understanding that it is a natural process towards addressing the relationship issues successfully and result in overall healing and well-being.

She does not have to feel inadequate, on the contrary, the square of Saturn the great teacher with Chiron the wounded healer, is a challenge to treat herself and her partner with respect and genuine warmth. It is the necessary friction that she has to transcend in order to cross the barrier of suffering and communicate her feelings with truth and kindness.


A trigger for closure

That would be the ideal, all of us to be able to grasp the hard aspects and to use them constructively and at will, but as we know this is more easily said than done.

This Full Moon in Aries is a pivotal Full Moon with Mars conjunct the South Node at 4° of the Aquarius Sign, a degree that is triggering the Lunar Eclipse of the 27th of July. All the issues that have emerged from the difficult summer have now to be faced and dealt with, even if risking a possible split or final loss.

Fortunately Mars is direct this time, and it is making a sextile to the Moon in Aries (that it also rules), and a trine to the Sun in Libra. Both aspects easing the tension and aiding discussions and the means to finding a common ground.

But in order to do so Mars demands co-operative spirit, healthy ego and the rationalization of the pent-up emotions in true Aquarian spirit.

We have to be patient also…

This Full Moon in Aries is the Dark Night of the Soul, a night with a potential for transformation through healing both for us and for our relations.


As Joseph Campbell said:

“The Dark Night of the Soul comes just before revelation.

When everything is lost, and all seems darkness, then comes the new life, and all that is needed.”




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