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The Full Moon takes place at 00°and 49’ of the Cancer Sign. It strongly affects Cancer and Capricorn Signs and also Aries and Libra Signs which are born in the first days, as well as those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 00° – 02° degrees of the Cardinal Cross.

The proximity of the Full Moon to the last degrees of the Mutable Cross affects also Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces persons that are born in the last 2 days of their Sign, or those hose having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 28°-29° degrees of the Mutable Cross

Α watery and earthly Full Moon in Cancer takes places on the 22nd of December.

This is the last full moon of the year and quite appropriately it is a Full Moon that can be seen as a brief repose in front of the homely Christmas fireplace, prior to the coming New Year and the difficult New Moon Eclipse that will take place on January the 6th.

All full moons trigger emotions and is a time of culmination, and this is all the more true when the full moon is taking place in the Sign of Cancer. Here the Moon is in its domicile Sign and emotional sensitivity is heightened even more.

A Full Moon in Cancer contrasts emotion with ambition, home with work, caring with responsibility.

In order to be able to provide for others we must find the provisions and this may sometimes makes us so absorbed in the process of finding the means, that we forget our initial cause. A full moon in Cancer usually poses a dilemma between our need to feel secured and share love with our family, and our desire to be respected and successful.

Fortunately this Full Moon in Cancer seems to remind us that which is essential as it highlights our protectiveness and aids in its expression.

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A role model for success

The Moon in Cancer is our deepest need for security. We need to protect and to nurture and to feel in return nurtured and protected. The bliss is domestic and the nights are tender when spent with family and loved ones.

Our maternal feelings are brought to the fore under this Full Moon in Cancer that seems to fulfill perfectly our need to cater for those we love while simultaneously fills us with the confidence that we are competent achievers.

Our role model as the provider / supporter is acknowledged from those important in our life, family, lovers, or partners, and their recognition of our efforts, makes us shine. The more we care for (Moon in Cancer) the more respected we become (Sun in Capricorn).

This is not the case with most full moons in Cancer, where usually such a balance between professional life and family time is what is asked from us to find, but this specific Full Moon in Cancer comes with its promise of fulfillment as it directly aspects the midpoint of Jupiter / Pluto at 00°02’ of Capricorn.

The Jupiter / Pluto midpoint is potential for growth and wealth.

A growth that can be spiritual -the result of transformative processes that expand us, or material, wealth that comes as the result of patience and accomplishments in our chosen profession.

It is fortunate that the Sun of the lunation conjuncts this midpoint, an aspect that can bring success and ambitions met in professional matters.

The Moon, directly opposite this midpoint, channels this growth potential right into the family dynamics. Success comes as the result of putting our hearts in what we do not only by self-ambition but also out of a genuine affection for our beloved ones in a responsible and practical manner.

Excitement and change

The reason why this Full Moon can so constructively integrate the inherent polarity between Cancer and Capricorn, is that not only it is in aspect to the Jupiter / Pluto midpoint, but that the opposition between the two Lights is also greatly aided by Uranus.

The planet of heightened awareness is at 28°41’ Aries making a sextile and trine aspect to the Moon and the Sun respectively.

The Moon sextile to Uranus helps us to channel unconscious drives to home and family and to express them therein with truth and originality. Excitement becomes the prevailing mood that elevates the spirits of our loved ones.

The Sun trine to Uranus is ingenuity and willing for a change and moving to new territory. Support is found and opportunities arise as we intuitively let go with the flow and we remain open to new demands. We can easily make progress or try something new now.



How it all comes together.

Easily and going with the flow we can deal with any changes in professional and domestic life. Sudden or new circumstances have the potential for growth and feelings are an amalgam of mature and yet tender emotions.

The emotionality of this Full Moon, brought on by the water element that is strong in the chart, with three planets, Chiron and the North Node placed in Water Signs, is not a Cancer neediness.

Nor is it, with three planets in the Earth Sign of Capricorn, the emotional coldness that the Sign usually displays.

This full moon is the reliable and responsible expression of tenderness and caring, of placing the importance to the home, to the family and to our very own sense of where we belong, regardless of the changes that happen to the outside world and our public affairs.

This Full Moon in Cancer is in one sentence:


is where our true self is expressed, in loving what we do and in caring for what we love”.

Yes, this is a Full Moon that has growth potential and can bring opportunities, and depending on the astrological House that it activates in our personal horoscope, some of its possible manifestations may be:

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  • Relationships can be renewed, by us showing tenderness and responsibility
  • We are cared for and we are acknowledged for our efforts from those closest to us and our self-esteem is increased
  • Changes in professional and working environment are positive or surprising without disrupting our sense of familiar
  • Pending financial matters essential for our security are now coming to a good close
  • Opportunities for selling or buying property may suddenly appear
  • If we are searching for a new house to move into, we may find one that is both comfy and worth its money.
  • It is a great period to show to those we are romantically associated with, how much we care, and this will reflect back to us

However this Full Moon in Cancer will eventually play out, it surely marks the holiday season as an ideal time to enjoy with family and loved ones, and to relax in the comfort of the Christmas hearth, protected and secure.

I wish to all a most fulfilling Full Moon in Cancer, to enjoy the holiday season and a very Merry Christmas!


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