FULL MOON IN LIBRA 19 APRIL 2019: The Last Hard Mile

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The Full Moon takes place at 29°and 06’ of the Libra Sign. It strongly affects Aries and Libra Signs and also Cancer and Capricorn Signs which are born at the last days, as well as those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 27° – 29° degrees of the Cardinal Cross.

The proximity of the Full Moon to the first degrees of the Fixed Cross affects also Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius persons that are born in the first 2 days of their Sign, or those hose having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 00° – 02° degrees of the Fixed Cross.


For those of you that feel that these last two weeks was like walking on a muddy terrain, with each step sinking deeper, this Full Moon marks the hard last mile. The last period of trudging through, towards breaking free again, able to spur into limitless action.

But in order to feel free again, one has to find the courage to make the necessary breaks. Freedom costs, and freedom is in its essence an internal psychological state.

That is the difficulty and the crisis that this full moon in Libra presents.

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Have you noticed? We are having a Full Moon in Libra, again!

The last Full Moon took place on 21st of March 2019 and it was at 00°09’ of the Sign, with this one now happening at 29°06’. The previous one marked a pivotal period that now comes to completion with this full moon.

The previous, with its timing and emphasis on the critical 0° marked the urge for something new that had to emerge out of the crisis, while this one, is the ending of the beginning.


This Full Moon in Libra is the last labor pains before the birth of our individual expression breaks free. A breaking free that is astrologically symbolized by the participation of planet Uranus into the Full Moon.

Uranus is in a tight conjunction with the Sun in Aries. Our very self, our will, has to be expressed with dynamism and zeal. We want to renew ourselves and to make changes that are the result of our unique and original expression. This Moon calls for self-realization, (Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries.)

We have to attain this, because this is the last step (29° anaretic degree) prior to regaining our inner value, our tranquility and our peace of mind, (symbolized by Taurus the next Sign after the 29° Aries).

But this is not easy because with the Sun in the last degree of Aries we find ourselves in a difficult situation. If we assert ourselves too much and we have a reactive behavior, it is quite possible to unbalance our relationships in an irrevocable way.

The Moon in Libra seeks balance, diplomacy and compromise. It wants harmony, aesthetics and sharing of feelings with others. But if the important others do not agree with our choices, feelings tend to erupt (Uranus opposition Moon). Tactfulness, patience and thoughtfulness towards others says the heart but how to do it and being ourselves at the same time?

This hesitancy (Libra) to acτ (Aries), is about to end.

The muddling started with Mercury retrograde in Pisces. Α retrogradation that started from 29° Pisces, another anaretic degree, that marked both a slowness in progress and a guilty retrospection. Thoughts were not clear, over idealized and daydream prevailed over practicality.

This is about to end.

Mercury moved direct again on March 28th , but still moving within its shadow and within the Sign of Pisces for the past weeks, gave lack of clarity and a lack of determination, while at the same time we were expending ourselves with too much of a Piscean compassion and understanding of others.

This is about to end.



The chart is difficult.

The two Lights are still in a wide separating T-Square with Pluto. The psychological pressure must have been great. The sentimental manipulation from others must have been exhausting.

This too, is about to end.


Mercury will enter Aries on the 17th of April, two days before the Full Moon. At last our thinking will be cleared. Entering Aries, Mercury will come into mutual reception with Mars in Gemini.

At last! Thinking and action will become one. Decisiveness will come, and most important we shall find the courage to speak our mind.

This is the tricky part of this Full Moon in Libra and where cautiousness is needed. We have to be us, speak us, and move on from the sentimental wallow and into clear words. But under Uranus rebellious energy we have to be cautious. Do not give in. Do not compromise but also do not erupt in anger or arguments.

One more astrological reason that says that we have to be cautious, is the fact that two days after the full moon Mars will enter into out of bounds declination, contra- parallel to Jupiter. Unbridled, uncontrolled, excessive and in a high-energy state.


Picture the movement of the planets.

Two days before this Full Moon that wants us not to compromise and brings a crisis in the balance of relationships, we will feel the need to speak our mind and to move on, while two days after the full moon, our energy will be so high that it will be difficult to control.

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There’s a saying, “to make an omelette you have to crack a few eggs”.

That is what this Full Moon wants from us.

To have the courage to confront oppositions in relationships, and to express our individuality even if we have to argue. We have to slowly and cautiously move on, with clear head and free of unnecessary sentimentalism. We have to be prepared for sudden eruptions and arguments, but at the same time to use all confrontation in the most constructive way. To rebuild and renew our relationships through them.

We just have to break some eggs… without spilling everything onto others faces.

Be prepared, be firm.

We need just a small push to get out of the muddy terrain and after the small crisis that this Full Moon brings, all will be renewed under the Sun.


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