GEMINI NEW MOON – 13 JUNE 2018: The Message is Crystal Clear

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New Moon in Gemini May 2018

The New Moon takes place in 22°and 44’ of the intellectual Sign of Gemini. It strongly affects Gemini and Sagittarius Signs and also Virgo and Pisces Signs which are born in the third decan, as well as those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 20° -24° degrees of the Mutable Cross.


A rather quiet and at the same time eloquent New Moon takes places on the night of the 13th of June. This ambivalent state of affairs that this New Moon is having, quite fitting to the Gemini Sign (!), is the result of two things.

Let me explain.

This New Moon in Gemini is happening as the Sun and the Moon are meeting at 22 degrees of the Sign and again start another synodic cycle. The Sun in astrology symbolizes our very existence, our consciousness, our self – expression. The Moon is symbolic of our feelings, our psyche, our intuition and the subconscious.

Gemini is a Sign that makes information known, it communicates. Rather fitting it does something more than communicating. Gemini exchanges.

Verbal, mental, written, digital or physical bits of information are given and others are received and Gemini through this process, as a mutual Sign, reaches out towards others and understands them and itself.

Within this mode of information processing, the Sun, our very existence, is aware of the facts and the pros and cons of the situation. Our need, with the Moon in Gemini, is to express ourselves and our feelings and this is the proper time to do it since we have realized both facts and needs.

Every New Moon is such a realization and when the New Moon happens in the Sign of Gemini this realization becomes a message.


This New Moon is the process of conceiving of an idea,

of thoughts formed, of opinions shared.

It is the start of a new cycle of communicating with important others.


Gemini New Moon


The very unique characteristic of this New Moon in Gemini is that, if we look at the chart, there are no major aspects formed with the New Moon (the Sun and the Moon).

One exception to this, might be the waxing square of the Sun to Neptune, an aspect that has reached precision one week before the New Moon, but which now is separating, while still having a lessened effect.

So we may have to be a little cautious so as to shape our message free of any misconceptions or idealizations. We have to ponder on any new ideas with our heart free of muddled feelings and with our sense of purpose firm and not swayed.

But apart from this separating aspect, this New Moon is clear of other interventions.

This lack of other aspects is very important, because the message that this New Moon is having for every one of us, is not colored by any other planet.

This New Moon becomes a crystal clear message. 


A message within, that we clearly hear, understand in an intuitive way and then clearly articulate.  

A message that is the solely result of the coming together of our intellect (Sun in Gemini) with our spoken heart (Moon in Gemini).


A message free of other interferences.

This intuitive character of the process of both forming the message and of communicating it, is the result of yet another astrological factor.

The ruler of the New Moon in Gemini is planet Mercury, placed at 2° of Cancer.

Through its place in this sensitive and intuitive water Sign, Mercury operates with emotional intelligence and with increased care in what and how something is conveyed.

Mercury in Cancer brings heightened emotional context to our message while at the same time infuses it with sensitivity.

Words are chosen carefully, the speech is soft,

we do care and we also take care what we are saying and how we express our opinions.

Mercury is also in a sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus, an aspect that bestows freshness and ingenuity to all intellectual processes and brings practical insights.

Mercury ruling the New Moon and its sextile with Uranus is the amplifying quality in the simplicity of this New Moon. The New Moon’s message is simple and clear, but at the same time is so filled with emotional awareness and has a caring quality, that speaks volumes.


That is why this New Moon in Gemini is a contradiction as all Geminis and is at the same time both eloquent in its simplicity and quiet in its clearness.

Because it is a New Moon that does not have to shout to make a point or to be heard.

Marshall McLuhan was a famous media theory professor who has coined an expression that is very descriptive of this New Moon.

“The medium is the message” – Marshall McLuhan


Under this New Moon every one of us becomes a medium transmitting one’s very essence and since the message is crystal clear, this New Moon in Gemini becomes

the key message of our own selves.





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