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The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer is especially important for those who belong to the Signs of the Cardinal Cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), and especially those who are born between January 8 – 12, April 8 – 12, July 10 – 14, and October 11 – 15. This eclipse is also important to those having personal planets or their Ascendant near the 18° – 22° degrees of the above Signs.


The first eclipse of the new year 2020 and the first eclipse of the decade, takes place on January the 10th.

It may be a soft-shaded penumbral Lunar Eclipse, but unfortunately, it is an eclipse that casts a heavy shadow, completely darkening our moods and psychology.

For some of you, that are having personal planets or points of your horoscope at 20° of the Cardinal Signs, this eclipse has already been activated, when Saturn was passing from the 20° degree of Capricorn. This happened around December the 20th 2019, and together with the Total Solar Eclipse on December the 26th has already brought events.

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The Eclipse takes place in the Sign of Cancer and its effect relates to issues of family, warmth, maternity, emotion, and security.

It sets, our responsibilities and obligations as defined socially, against our need to give and receive nurture and protective love.

It is an eclipse that brings on, an intense emotional charge that stems from a profound conflict.

It is a contrast between our nostalgia to return to the timelessness of childhood and into carefreeness, against the strict, conservative landscape of everyday life.

It is a psychological burden, as, on the one hand, we feel an urgent need for emotional transformation and regeneration, and on the other hand, we fear the intensity of the impending change.

This Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, described in less literary terms, is the pressure felt between our deepest needs, and the imperatives, the responsibilities and the maturity of our adult life. 

A life that is usually defined and evaluated in terms of success and status. Success, that as is often the case, has been built with emotional cost and is maintained with conventions.

A veil of oppressive emotionality will overshadow relations and partnerships, for those of you who happen to have personal planets or points of your horoscope, between 19° to 22° degrees of the Cardinal Signs.



This Eclipse combines and coincides with three major astrological events:

  • It takes place two days after the conjunction of planet Jupiter to the South Node at 8 ° 26 ‘Capricorn.
  • One day after the Eclipse planet Uranus returns to direct, on January 11th.
  • And of course, two days later, on January the 12th, we have the Saturn – Pluto conjunction, a much-debated meeting, the results of which we will see throughout the year 2020.

This meeting is a focal point of restructuring at all levels. It is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new and perhaps painful birth/rebirth, both on a personal and on a global level.

A cycle that has already brought, within the last 18 months, and which will continue to bring for most of 2020, significant changes and events in the lives of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, and Aries Signs, born at the beginning of the third decan, at the beginning of the first decan, as well as in the middle of the second decan, as the effect of the eclipses combined with the conjunctions of the two planets, is for them strongest.

All of the above work combined.


Saturn, and Pluto, and Mercury, are all conjunct the Sun and at the same time in opposition to the Moon.

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.

Moral checks and imperatives, ethical, professional, and in the family.

Emotion or logic, instinct or responsibility, osmosis or setting of our boundaries, and our sense of security is receiving the pressure from the heavy Saturn-Pluto artillery, that stirs within the need for a responsible and at the same time difficult transformation.

This pressure and these increased demands are felt while at the same time a new cycle begins, a cycle in which we want to realize put our ideas for change, freedom, and independence into practice.

It is the planet Uranus, that after a long period of examining what it is that we need to feel free, is now turning direct, and clearly shows us where our sense of security lies, and how it combines with our longing for self-expression.

And here is where the clash lies.

Amidst a suffocating frame of pressure from the Sun-Saturn conjunction, the existential restructuring of the Sun-Pluto conjunction, and the not compulsive, neither phobic, but certainly heavy and persistent thoughts that Mercury creates in his meeting with the two planets …

… our liberation, we can surely understand, is a difficult affair.


Multiple pressures, but please think, if you are one of those who strongly accept the energy of this eclipse, that you are a diamond that is still in the making.

A diamond that forms as suffocating pressures transform (Pluto), the structure (Saturn), of your core (the Sun), squeeze sensitivity and tenderness (Cancer Moon), on and on, until the desired rebirth, and the creation of your new crystal form.

Here are some examples of how this eclipse may turn out:

  • Pressure and hard work which combined with responsibility and ethics will lay firm foundations, for Capricorns, Taurus, Virgo Signs near 20° – 22°
  • Demands and control exerted by authority figures create conditions of pressure, lack of confidence in ourselves, and difficult business opportunities. Difficulties also in the emotional life and in financial matters for Cancer, Libra, and Aries Signs with personal planets or points between degrees 18° – 22°
  • Beware of manipulative behaviors from your partner, as those of you with Venus at 22° of the Cardinal Cross may find yourself in dilemmas and pressures in your relationships. – Also pay attention to unexpected pregnancies, as the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in a hard aspect to your Venus, may result in your relationship becoming “official” due to a pregnancy, which was not entirely ‘accidental’ but … premeditated manipulation!

As we said in the beginning, this eclipse occurs two days after the Jupiter South Node conjunction.

This means that under the pressing energy of the eclipse, and in order to withstand the pressure without breaking, but instead to become the diamond that we talked about, we need to:

  • Develop a new moral attitude, without repeating the mistakes of the past
  • Release karmic load through forgiveness
  • Reject worldviews and philosophies that no longer serve and must be left behind.
  • Beware of exaggeration, immodesty, and avoid the repetition of bad habits.

It is a pivotal point, it is a pivotal year 2020, both socially and personally for everyone.

This eclipse begins or continues the circles of pressure, but for some of you, it is the final curtain for situations that have lingered on.

It takes place exactly opposite the Solar Eclipse of July 13th 2018, that was at 20° 41′ Cancer.

Therefore, this eclipse now comes to definitive close cycles that opened or began in the summer of 2018, and especially for those of you that are having your ascendant or mid-heaven near the 20° degrees of the Cardinal Signs.

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The Lunar Eclipse on Cancer of January the 10th is a pressing eclipse that brings difficult awareness.

It asks for forgiveness, removal from the karmic weight, and life-changing revisions, but it simultaneously opens the way towards new evolutionary paths, albeit difficult ones.

Those of you who are most affected, remember the… diamond!

Because the way we respond to stress and the changes that happen in our lives determines how things will continue.

It requires patience, responsibility, morals and restrain.

Be pressurized… responsibly.



Eclipse Type: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Eclipse Saros: 144

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