LUNAR ECLIPSE IN SAGITTARIUS – 5 JUNE 2020: Concealed Feelings – The Temporary Mask

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The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is especially important for those who belong to the Signs of the Mutable Cross (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces), and especially to those born between March 3 – 7, June 3 – 7, September 5 – 9, and December 4 – 8. This eclipse is also important to those having personal planets or their Ascendant near the 13° – 17° degrees of the above Signs.

We are now entering the era of eclipses …

The hands of the Cosmic clock continue to turn on their perpetual motion, and it is within this period, that begins with the Lunar Eclipse on June 5th, culminates with the Solar Eclipse on June 21st, and ends with the Lunar Eclipse on July 5th, where the clock will be heard striking loudly three times.

It has been a pivotal and pressing year 2020, for which I have talked to you about since the end of last year. It is a 2020 that is characterized by six (6) !! eclipses, and the period in which we are about to enter, is the culmination of the year, with three consecutive and significant eclipses and up to five (5) !! simultaneously planets being retrograde.

It is a period characterized by revisions and tension, during which, with each stroke of the cosmic clock, our course becomes either the more or the less difficult, depending on our reactions and the decisions we are called to make.


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The June the 5th Eclipse as part of the triad of eclipses

The Lunar Eclipse of June 5th is the first of three consecutive eclipses in this Summer. It takes place in the Sagittarius Sign, and is followed by a Solar Eclipse in Cancer and a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.

This first eclipse affects relationships and collaborations and if we see it in combination with the next two, it prepares us and sets the frame for what is to follow.

It is with this eclipse that the emotional tension is building up to the events that the Solar Eclipse that follows will bring, and in a continuation of those events further emotional responses will come out resulting in final decisions, with the third and final eclipse.

This eclipse is also the first of a series of eclipses on the Gemini – Sagittarius Axis. This series will continue to occur on this Axis after the Summer, from November 2020 and for the next year and a half until December 2021, when the eclipses on the Gemini – Sagittarius will be over.

An example of how this eclipse may work along with the two eclipses that follow on the Cancer – Capricorn Axis, is influences relating to:

How do we feel about where our expansion lies?

What is our personal truth?

and how can this truth be communicated? (Gemini-Sagittarius Axis).

It is a series of eclipses that potentially cause moral dilemmas and concerns, resulting in revisions and rethinking for issues relating to our professional aspirations and our family. (Cancer – Capricorn axis).

Under the combined energy of these eclipses, we wonder, whether our vision and our enthusiasm for a change towards a new truth of existence, is at the same time advocating that we will finally feel safe in this new destination that we yearn for.

In which house? In what job? Which person will be the one who will take care of us and we will take care of also? What are the responsibilities that we are willing to shoulder, before this is done, as well as afterwards?



The Eclipse takes place at 15°34′ of the Sagittarius Sign and is mainly characterized by the following astrological features:

  • The great planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are retrograde in the Capricorn Sign.
  • Venus is also retrograde in the Gemini Sign and is actively involved in the eclipse.
  • Mars is in a tight square aspect to the two Lights.


Let us feel for a while the eclipse chart…

The eclipse takes place with the Moon in Sagittarius, thus emphasizing issues related to education, travel, teaching, philosophy. It strongly brings forth issues of how we perceive things and what is our world-view, relating to our expansion, our development and our faith.

It is an eclipse, that after the last events and the days of Saturn-Pluto’s quarantine, awakens in all of us the need to travel and of sunsets on distant horizons.

Awakes our nostalgia for a lost carelessness…

It is our longing for self-expression with Truth.

However, this longing is overshadowed by the practical issues brought about as social distancing still applies.

Whom to relate with and whom to touch? (Venus Retrograde in Gemini).

“In a context of hyper-information and info-pandemic, and the prevailing logic of the media and the social media (Sun in Gemini), just after the Saturn-Pluto lock-down, we inevitably feel that we are not allowed to feel excitement, to travel and feel carefree (Moon in Sagittarius)….A latent fear is pervasive for what is to come, and we don’t know what to believe to be true.”

The above sentence best describes the combined influence of the retrogrades, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto on our psycho-synthesis, as it is shaped by the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

A longing for the true and for carelessness that does not take place as a series of revisions have inwardly begun.

Revisions of what is ultimately essential and what benefits us, revisions of where our boundaries are, and revisions of our deepest desires.

Let’s not forget that Fear begins where the boundaries we set against others and situations dissolve.

Think about it…

and think also, that during the past days none of us has been able to set our own limits, but instead has humbly followed state, and social responsibility directives (Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn), but at the expense of his own self-expression, resulting now… in deeper desires and psychological processes to be stirred.

Am I worth? and how much?

Should I be socially active and how much?

Even finding yourself wondering how beautiful you look with the protective mask over your mouth is a new and unprecedented aesthetic issue (Venus retrograde to Gemini).

This Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius invites us externally to want to make a long journey but ultimately causes an inner journey through which the perceptions we’re having about ourselves, the value we give and receive, and what is that our soul really longs, are redefined.

The intensity of the eclipse and the revisions caused by the retrograde planets are activated even more by the exact square that Mars makes to the Sun and Moon.

Mars in Pisces square to the Sun in Gemini: We want to act on the basis of an ideal. We want to confirm our ego ten times more than necessary, resulting in an outburst of energy and aggression with verbal expressions.

Mars in Pisces square to the Moon in Sagittarius: Emotions boil. Victimization that results from repressed but also hidden emotions. Inaction and lack of enthusiasm.

Both, Mars’ position in Pisces engaged with the Lights, and its applying conjunction to Neptune, that is at 20° Pisces, speak only of psychological tension that arises as a result of the unattainable of our desires

The Mars-Neptune meeting in Pisces is the charm of the dreamer who deceitfully ignites the emotions and demands action here and now, pushed by the T-Square that Mars makes to the two lights.

But to act is not favored, since the landscape is deceptive, and any step forward is passive, helpless, and weak.

No. We must not make decisions now because our information is partial, and our emotions are tense and affected. We need to take advantage of the time and psychological stirring that this eclipse creates, and to react as and when, is appropriate.

The only positive outcome for the intensity of this Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is the sextile aspect formed by Mercury at 09°05‘of Cancer to Uranus at 08°47′ of Taurus.

Shortly before turning retrograde, Mercury with this aspect aids as long as we think outside the norm and outside the social new norm. It calls us to use our intuition but also to turn again to the experiences of the past and that which made us feel safe. The Past which we will soon visit mentally, with the retrogradation of Mercury in Cancer, can be used as a guide on how to shape our choices in the days to come.

The Mercury – Uranus sextile is an aspect that will make things easier for Water Signs (Cancers, Pisces and Scorpios), as well as Taurus and Virgo, born at the end of the first decan.


Summary of the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

For Mutable Signs, those born in the middle of the second decan, but also for Signs born in the middle of the second decan and which belong to the element of Fire or Air, this eclipse needs special attention, since they will feel it even more intensely.

Those of you who belong to the above Signs are likely to experience:

  • Emotional Instability
  • Fluctuating Emotions
  • Frustrations – Deceits in emotional and financial matters
  • Anger and conflict in relationships or collaborations
  • Feelings of boredom
  • Revelations of secrets that will lead to conflicts in your important relationships

Especially for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius Signs, or those of you who have planets or points in your Horoscope close to the 12° of Gemini or Sagittarius, this eclipse can bring back love stories from the past that will upset you.

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The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius causes feeling of nostalgia and the need for carelessness. It is an eclipse that simply seeks to reveal to us our personal truth after a difficult period of pressure, fear and confinement. However, it requires special attention because of idealizations and delusions still lingering, and does not favor immediate action.

As the first stroke of the cosmic clock sounds for all of us, what we need to keep in mind is:

  • We are developing a new understanding of what we are looking for, from existing relationships and partnerships.
  • We remain intuitively inactive, as self-delusion & idealizations do not favor immediate action.
  • We pay special attention to verbal confrontations and attacks that may provoke quarrels or separations.
  • We do not blindly invest in a new relationship, but we listen to our intuition
  • Relationships that begin now can have a bitter end
  • We take care of our finances.

It is an eclipse that, like the mask we wore or continue to wear on our face for protection, invites us to stay hidden for a while longer, without immediately expressing our feelings, tense as they are, because there is risk of conflict or misjudgment.

The mask is necessary, but it is temporary.

Pay special attention to the Astrological Houses that the eclipse activates in your personal horoscope, because in the days just before and shortly after the eclipse occurs, issues related to these Houses will come to the fore along with information that will help you and reveal to you higher truths.

About yourself and others.



Eclipse Type: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Eclipse Saros: 111

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