NEW MOON IN LEO 31 JULY 2019: A Love Play In Three Acts – Act One

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The New Moon takes place at 08°36’ of the Sign of Leo. It mainly has an effect for Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus persons, and also for Aries and Sagittarius persons, who are born in the first decan, as well as for those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 06° – 10° degrees of the Signs mentioned.


The New Moon in Leo takes place on the night of the 31st of July and it is a shining New Moon filled with the unexpected.

The curtain lifts. Spotlights on! This New Moon sets the stage and the introduction to the characters. This is the first act, of a three-act love play that will go on throughout August.

Until the end of the month three successive lunations,

with this New Moon being the first, will prompt action for us,

to be both the actors and the viewers, of the greatest story of all.


That, between  a Man and  a Woman.

Three moons, each one with its playfulness and drama, each one more erotic than the previous, as Venus, Mars and the Lights are coming closer and closer, and opposite, and closer once more.

The play begins…



Every time the Moon meets the Sun as it circles around the sky a seed is sown. Intuition, memory, needs and subconscious desires are symbolized by the moon. The conscious, the expressive self, the spirit, our cause and our very existence, are symbolized by the Sun.

The moment these two meet, a merge of the archetypal energies is taking place. In a sense the two become one. They become whole in a union of the male and female energy.

That is why the seed is sown.


All New Moons in Leo merge creativity with generosity, courtship with leadership, and the regal with the childlike. Yes we are confident and sure of ourselves, creativity spikes and it is our time to shine.

With this particular New Moon in Leo this merging takes place at 08°36’ of the Sign. Time for new beginnings, creation and self expression.

On the scene come two actors.

The first is Venus in Leo that closely conjuncts the two Lights. Brings on the themes of romantic love, flirting, socializing, and us feeling beautiful, not just beautiful but the most beautiful!  Expression is amorous with a flair for the dramatic. The need is that we are liked by others. The emotions are gentle and passionate at the same time. Venus is a starlet that wants to be the center of attention when it comes to love and relationship issues.

The second is Uranus. Upon entering the gong is heard. Abrupt and sudden is its entrance, breaking the viewer’s concentration. Uranus the game changer, the great awakener, is in a square aspect to Venus and to the Sun and the Moon.

Uranus energy is electric, its square to the Sun makes us impulsive, restless and tense.

Its square to the Moon stirs uncertainty, feelings of anxiety and emotional tension.

Uranus square Venus. The starlet wants constant attention but it will not be easy to have it yet… Our play starts with a love that comes unexpectedly out of the blue, or with a sudden break in existing relationships. Or with both, one after the other…

Under the uncertainty and the tension, new affairs that start may end abruptly. Summer love or just sex may come but will be short lived. Existing relationships may undergo separations that may be temporary. That is the nature of the planet Uranus, unpredictable.


Mercury is stationary ready to go direct in the Sign of Cancer. This may lead to second thoughts, whether our emotional security is worth to be protected and not shaken by the new.

Mercury is opposite Pluto an aspect that brings a nearly obsessive re-examination of the situation. If we are single we ponder on the depth of our and the other person’s feelings, or we may fixate on the object of desire. If we are in a relationship we examine its worth and weigh the possibility of the separation.

Mars is still in a trine to Jupiter, though the aspect is separating, and Jupiter is trine to the Sun and the Moon.

What that means is that however frivolous, or eccentric, or unconventional, any new affair may be, we can still have fun since the libido remains high. Even if it is stopped suddenly, its post- feeling will be that of joy.

In the second scenario, that of relationship tension, breaks and our need to break free, the Jupiter aspects means that there is always a way to “sort it all out”… through humor, and some good mood.

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This New Moon starts the month with a disruption of the normal and the element of surprise regarding our relationships and love life. It of course also affects partnerships, as well as financials bringing sudden expenses.

Beware, the Leo glamour and life style does not come cheap and everything the starlet wants costs money. Do not indulge yourselves with too much sun, fun and…. put the word you, yourselves here.

What is important to have in mind, is that this New Moon in Leo is a promise for something.

Something that the we the audience wait to happen, but we shall have to wait till the end of the month, when the New Moon in Virgo will take place, so as to see the last act of the play and how everything will come to a resolving finale.


Until then, I wish a joyful summer to all!


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