NEW MOON IN LIBRA OCTOBER 2018: Karmic, Transformative, Erotic

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The New Moon takes place at 15°48’ of the Sign of Libra. It mainly affects Libra and Aries Signs and also Cancer and Capricorn Signs which are born in the second decan, as well as those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 13° -17° degrees of the Cardinal Cross.

Venus is moving retrograde in Scorpio and since it is the ruling planet of this New Moon, those of the Fixed Signs born in the first decan, will also intensely feel the energy of this lunation.



New Moon in Libra occurs on the night of October the 8th or later on, from the early hours towards the morning of October the 9th, depending on which part of the world you live in.

Each New Moon brings something new.

It is a time of blending of our intentions and our emotions, a union that creates a feeling of completeness that fills us with excitement. It is a fresh start or a re-start.


When the New Moon falls in the Sign of Libra, communication and socializing is sparked up, since this is an Air Sign ruled by Venus, and social or personal relationships are the focus of attention.

When the Sun is in Libra, it is according to Traditional Astrology in the Sign of its fall. With the Sun here our ego is lessened, and it is willing to make the necessary compromises for the sake of others, because its goal is to experience union in relationships and what peaceful co-existence means.

The Moon, when in Libra, stirs within us the need to belong or the longing to be needed. The utmost need of the Moon here is to find a balance between inner peace and sharing with important others.

Every New Moon in Libra is a time where perfect mutual resonance of emotions between us and our closest persons may be experienced.


The Three Astrological Factors

This specific New Moon in Libra comes two weeks after a Full Moon in the Sign of Aries. Then it was a time where we experienced a difficult culmination of pent up and wounded emotions. A Dark Night of the Soul that held a promise for healing.

Now there is a potential for starting again.

If we examine the astrological chart of this New Moon we find that there are three astrological characteristics that when combined give to this lunation a unique nature.

New Moon in Libra October 2018


The first is that at the very time that this New Moon takes place, Venus, its ruling planet, is retrograde in the Sign of Scorpio.

This is something that has only happened twice in the past fifty years.

The first time was the New Moon on October the 30th 1970, when Venus was retrograde at 23°23’ of Scorpio, and the second was the New Moon on October the 7th 2010, when Venus was at the time stationary retrograde at Scorpio 13°13’.

Now, once again, the promise of this New Moon has a strong karmic feeling and is simultaneously charged with passionate eroticism.

Jealousy, possessiveness and retrospective moods affects the way that the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) relate, especially those that which are born in the first decan.


The second is that the two Lights are in an applying square to Pluto in Capricorn.

Pluto is a planet that works in a deep psychological layer and this aspect brings desire for control and dominance that fuels up the obsessive way that Venus in Scorpio relates.

It is at the same time an aspect that holds the transformative potential of this New Moon. A transformation that is found in our ability to suppress manipulative behaviours, either they stem from ourselves or coming from others, and to instead share deep connection and deepen our emotional bond.


The third is that the New Moon in Libra vibes with erotic intensity.

Venus is playing an important role for this New Moon since it is its ruling planet.

Retrograde and within the Scorpio part of the Via Combusta, Venus expresses love in its most introverted, relates in a martyred way, and is intrigued by Mars male assertion.

Venus when in Scorpio is ruled by Mars, according to traditional astrology, and in this New Moon, Venus is at the same time in an applying aspect to Mars in Aquarius. This is a double astrological affinity that reinforces the connection of the two planets. It is an aspect that combines passive romance with unconventional desire.

It is pure animal magnetism, sexually charged.


All these factors combined together make this New Moon in Libra to have, an intense, karmic, erotic and transformative effect.

What may happen under this New Moon and depending on where it falls in your personal chart?

  • Past unrequited loves may re-kindle and what had not been in the past to be now.
  • Past lovers may re-appear and depending on our past experience we may choose to give them a second chance or to completely give up the whole idea. Yes… the past is a strange place.
  • The potential for a new transforming relationship is strong especially if Venus or the New Moon falls on the 5th, 7th or 8th house of your personal horoscope.
  • Interactions and conversations fraught with sexual tension are to be expected especially if Venus or the New Moon falls on the 5th or 8th house of your chart.
  • Existing relationships undergo a period of re-examination. Remember, a loving relationship should share the Libra ideals of balance and fairness and not to be jealous and possessive (Venus in Scorpio Rx).
  • Power plays and manipulation the Scorpio way are brought to the surface and they either stop and the relationship is refreshed, or the split occurs and we move on to the next one.


The Epilogue is the New Beginning

There is one more aspect that works very positively. Mars from Aquarius is making a trine to the Sun and the Moon in Libra.

This is an aspect that channels the prominence of the Air element of the chart, clears our mind and counter-balances the darker Venusian intensity

It gives energy and a more detached expression to our will and our feelings and moves us towards new beginnings.


This New Moon in Libra is our attempt to restart after the Dark Night of the Soul.

It may bring something new or refresh existing relationships as long as

  • we understand the past,
  • we rationalize our desires,
  • and are not afraid to burn what’s old, if that’s necessary.


I wish everyone an erotic New Moon!



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