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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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A beautiful New Moon takes place on November 24. It is at last(!) a positive and hopeful Moon that promises plenty.

The New Moon takes place at 1°37′ in the Sign of Sagittarius, a Sign ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is optimistic, friendly, cheerful, and brimming with the spark of endless exploration.

This Moon is a wandering into horizons that expand the mind and open our eyes. It is to wander down every alley and every alleyway into an undiscovered, cosmopolitan, bohemian, or exotic environment, full of people, colors, experiences, and anything new about to appear around the corner.

That spark of excitement as if we are travelers to new landscapes and geographies is what this New Moon brings. Geographies mental, intellectual, and realistic and we are making the first step on a path that leads to where we long for.

Sun and Moon conjunct and we are filled with excitement, positivity, optimism, and an appetite for the new prospects ahead. Now is the time to start something with appetite, optimism and even a little risk. Now is the time to enjoy renewal and freedom in the area where the New Moon falls in your horoscope!

After the difficult time that preceded it with the Eclipses and the gathering of Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, the joy and the fun are coming back. We laugh more and rejoice more with beloved ones.

The very positive thing about this New Moon is that Jupiter, which is the ruler of the two lights, is also in a trine aspect with them! This accentuates the Sagittarius characteristics that the lunation has, and also gives favor to the new seed that is planted with this Moon!

It is an aspect that brings good mood and wellness. It generates beautiful sentiments. It is beneficial to our professional and to our emotional security. It fills us with enthusiasm, self-confidence, and most of all it brings opportunities and luck!

It is also an ideal aspect for motherhood and for many of you if it falls in your 5th house and is conjunct a personal planet it is ideal for fertility and conception if you wish!

Anything to do with studies, scholarships, exams, judicial matters, publishing, books and corporate or business outward-looking is also favored.

Now in a more psychological and philosophical approach to how can this trine aspect between Jupiter and the New Moon can have a positive effect, let’s dwell a little on the fact that Jupiter turns direct the day after this aspect.

This means that after a long period of moral or philosophical pursuits, the necessary ferment within is now complete. With this New Moon a new beginning is made in our mindset, attitude, our worldview, and our outlook on life.

Psychologically this marks an Ascension, since throughout the previous period, from the beginning of August until now, we have been getting the teachings of Jupiter.

That is, we have come to understand where we are becoming excessive, have cultivated moral qualities in ourselves, and have aimed for what is useful for our souls. With this New Moon more hope and more spirituality come as a result.

There is another “coincidence” in the symbolism hidden by the New Moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a Zodiac sign mythologically associated with the Centaur Chiron who was a teacher and wise man who aimed to transcend the animal nature and to ascend to higher knowledge.

In this New Moon, Asteroid Chiron, which shares as an astrological archetype the same mythological symbolism and origin as the Sagittarius sign, is in a trine aspect to the conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius.

This double parallel symbolism hides a beautiful promise of Healing that comes with the New Moon. A mental and emotional healing that comes as a conclusion to the lessons Jupiter has taught us.

The aspect has wisdom with an understanding. It is a renewal of our perspective with a new outlook through the lessons and past experiences of pain that we have lived through and which now make us more sensitive to the pain of others and also more capable of leaning over our own traumas and healing them.

This New Moon is the completion of a healing cycle that began last December. Healing and Higher Understanding, coming now as a result of:

  • the experiences we have had since then – something that Sagittarius symbolizes,
  • the moral evaluation of those experiences – symbolized by Jupiter as it turns direct,
  • our choice to maintain a higher healed version of ourselves – symbolized by Chiron.


Truly amazing, this New Moon in Sagittarius is, lucky, auspicious, renewing, enthusiastic, but it is also the beginning of a spiritual journey that will bring greater meaning and purpose to our lives and renew our inner energy.

Take the first step on the path…to new vistas, outside and inside!


Wishing a wonderful New Moon to each and every one of you!

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