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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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Saturn is the planet of matter, reality, limits and difficulties. It is the planet of patience and the reward for our labors. It brings difficulties but also wisdom.

It karmically recycles time, bringing us back around again and again to people and circumstances till we learn our lesson and become matured.

From June the 4th, through to October the 23rd, Saturn will be moving retrograde in the sign of Aquarius.

During the retrograde period the Grand Master will be confronting us with a series of questions and reconsiderations that have to do with how we function collectively and with how authentic we are.

With where our freedom does lie and also with what our limitations are.

Some of the topics of the rigorous yet wise Master’s examinations include:

  • How do we set our boundaries towards others?
  • Do we not do it at all, resulting in burdening ourselves with the responsibilities of others just for the sake of the group, the team or the relationship?
  • Are there people who upset us with their behavior precisely because we haven’t let them know to what extent certain things are permitted?
  • On the other hand, is it us who are the ones restricting and repressing others because we are inflexible in some opinions?
  • Are we distancing ourselves too much from our emotions and appear cold and strict when we are really not?
  • Do we need to relax and let things flow instead of trying to organize and control everything?
  • Does our freedom ends where the other person’s freedom begins?
  • Are we being authentic or are we repressing our individuality and acting as others expect of us?


In addition to the various questions it raises, the Saturn retrograde period has also a very strong learning and developmental quality as it is a process of internalizing responsibilities as well as maturing.

It is also likely during this period that we get in touch with some of our fears.

Fear is sometimes experienced as a paralyzing emotion that invalidates all choice and imprisons us emotionally. In reality HOWEVER, our fears are nothing more than the mere psychological expression of limitations that we experience in our daily lives.

But if we think about it, these are limitations and difficulties that we ourselves have imposed on ourselves, precisely because in the past we did not dare to set our limits, and as a result, other people and situations imposed theirs on us, so that now we have little or no choice.

When we become aware of what these limitations or difficulties are, it is completely LIBERATING and this has the effect of redefining who we are in relation to others, in relation to situations, and most importantly, in relation to ourselves.

So throughout the period of Saturn’s retrograde it’ s the best time to set our boundaries, to face what is restricting us, to see what it is that scares us, and to overcome our hesitations.

See in which sector of your horoscope (house) the Saturn Retrograde transit is taking place, as well as the aspects that Saturn will make during its retrograde, as well as Saturn’s position in your natal chart to prepare yourself properly.

I wish everyone good luck on the exam!



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