SOLAR ECLIPSE IN CANCER – JULY 2018: Long Hot Summer – Part One

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This summer is marked by three eclipses and many planets being retrograde during the eclipse season. The combination of these astrological factors is something that is relatively rare and it shapes an unpredictable, dynamic and hot landscape.

This particular eclipse is especially important for those who belong to the Signs of the Cardinal Cross (Cancer and Capricorn mainly, as well as Aries, and Libra) and who are born between April 8 – 12, July 11 – 15, October 11 – 15 and January 8 – 12.  Also to those having personal planets or their Ascendant near the 18° – 22° degrees of these Signs.



Long Hot Summer – Part One

The Solar Eclipse of July 13th is the first of the three eclipses of this summer’s eclipse season. It occurs in the Sign of Cancer, and is followed by a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and yet one Solar Eclipse in Leo.

In a sense, it is a first taste of events that will manifest. Events whose impact we will intensely experience, and surely, events that will concern us for the whole duration of the summer, if not for much longer.

An example that easily demonstrates the secular influence that this Solar Eclipse in Cancer might have, not alone, but combined and operating as a triad with the other two that follow it, is:


Issues that relate to homeland (Cancer), cause reactions and peaked collective and political expression (Aquarius), that in its turn, triggers rapid developments regarding leadership figures (Leo).


Does this sound familiar? Is it relating to where you live?


This eclipse is also the first of a series of eclipses that will continue to occur in the Cancer – Capricorn axis, following on for the next two years, up until the summer of 2020 when their cycle will be completed.

The Solar Eclipse of 13th of July takes place in Cancer and so it has to do with family, maternity, home. It has to do with the feeling of warmth and security.

It happens just one day after Jupiter has turned again direct, at a point when we have just concluded an introspective cycle regarding issues of faith and morality.

The events of this eclipse may exactly unsettle this newly formed moral attitude.


A difficult landscape gradually shapes 

This Solar Eclipse is unfortunately characterized by a very difficult aspect, since the two Lights are forming an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. A sharp opposition aspect that is only 40’ minutes away from being exact and so it has strength.

Pluto is already retrograde and the excavation of our soul has already begun. Pluto’s retrograde period is usually felt as a psychological process that seeks regeneration, purification and survival.

Taboo issues, embarrassing or repressed urges, oppressed sexual desires, may have come to the surface as a result of this process.

As a result, Pluto in opposition to the eclipse, may cause violent emotional outbursts, behaviors that have a strong element of manipulation, oppression which we are receiving from others or that we, because of our strong will and our mental strength, are causing to others.

Some examples of how this important eclipse aspect could affect us, always depending on the areas of our personal horoscope where it falls, are:

  • Passions and egoism that we cannot avoid, affect relationships and partnerships in a negative way.
  • Strong emotional stress from issues that relate to our mother (health or other).
  • Strong envy and effort for control of the relationship from the person we are with, or the complete contrary, jealousy and effort to enforce ourselves is expressed by us towards the other person.
  • Conflicts with persons in power and unexpected developments in the workplace prevent our much desired advancement and as a consequence create pressure within the family.
  • Consuming passion causes emotional and existential pressure on our family life.
  • Power games appear in our relationship as a result of our need for recognition.
  • Loss of a loved one.



In addition to the Pluto aspect, another element that causes increased tension, is the planet Mars that is retrograde in Aquarius and towards a conjunction to the South Node.

The tension is internal and stems from the strong desire to defend our personal concept of independence. Anger or aggression boils within. It is a tension that can break out suddenly.

Here it is helpful to have in mind that Mars is conjunct the South Node in Aquarius. This conjunction means that if there is something that keeps us back, not allowing evolution, then this is a misunderstood concept about freedom and individuality.

If our actions aim only at an unnecessary rebellion just for the sake of it (South Node to Aquarius), then any outburst will be in vain.

Instead, what we are called to do, is our actions to be characterized by a mature understanding of what independence means. Although it is freedom of action, it has nevertheless to be accompanied by responsibility and creative leadership (North Node in Leo).


This is a difficult eclipse, like the subsequent ones within this long, hot summer.

The Eclipse booms, and occurs in an environment of four planets being retrograde (Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto).

What can help us in this dry landscape that we see shaping in front of us?

Where can we find shade as we trudge under the hot sun and where can we cool with some water?


In order of duration and importance, the astrological aspects that may help are:

The trine between Venus and Uranus (July 8 – July 16)

A beautiful trine, lasting almost for a week, from July 8th to July 16th, and which allows a degree of freedom in our relationships, especially in matters that concern practical issues and issues of material security.

We leave space to the other person, we enjoy opportunities for being more social and, above all, we are open to mind-sets different from our aesthetics and from what we usually like.


The trine between Venus and Saturn (July 10 – July 19)

This is an aspect that gives the necessary maturity and patience in relationships.

We have realistic goals for economic and emotional issues.

Collaborations and relationships are prestigious and serious, as we both set common goals (Capricorn), and we are predisposed to serve our common ground, sparing minor details and meaningless criticism. (Virgin)


The trine between Saturn and Uranus (It lasts all summer)

This is the most helpful of all the aspects, since it allows us to manage the changes and the sudden events that can result from the eclipse, in a responsible manner.

It gives a relative stability within the changing landscape, PROVIDED that we take good advantage of Saturn’s retrograde movement and we do the necessary self-criticism so as to understand:

  • If and where we are oppressive
  • Which are our limits, and
  • We begin to formulate an awareness of our responsibility.


So let’s arm ourselves with patience and endurance, because the summer is long and we have yet two difficult eclipses to go through.



Eclipse Type: Partial Solar Eclipse

Eclipse Saros: 117


Find out what does this eclipse mean for you



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