FULL MOON IN GEMINI NOVEMBER 2018: “Laissez faire, laissez passer”

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The Full Moon takes place at 00°and 52’ of the Gemini Sign. It strongly affects Gemini and Sagittarius Signs and also Pisces and Virgo Signs which are born in the first days, as well as those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 00° – 02° degrees of the Mutable Cross.

The proximity of the Full Moon to the last degrees of the Fixed Cross affects also Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius persons that are born in the last 2 days of their Sign, or those hose having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 28°-29° degrees of the Fixed Cross.

A Full Moon in Gemini is taking place on the night of the 22nd towards the early morning of November the 23rd.

When the Moon is in Gemini we are expressing of our needs. We feel, we remember, we think. Nostalgia and emotions turns into words. We intellectually tune with the emotional self and now it is the proper time for all this heightened emotional sensitivity to be expressed.

With the Sun in Sagittarius opposing the moon in Gemini these needs are highlighted, thoughts are rationalized and become aims and expectations. Expectations of a higher nature, desires of a self that is yearning to learn and be wise.

At least, this would be the ideal scenario for a Full Moon in Gemini, but unfortunately it is not the case with this Full Moon. A Full Moon that takes place within a grid of planetary energies and aspects that bring excesses and overreactions.

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First of all the ruler of the Full Moon, Mercury in the Sign of Sagittarius, is retrograde. This at its best makes our thoughts to turn introspective. We try to find our inner truth and contemplate on matters silently.

At its worst, Mercury’s placement in the Sign of Sagittarius makes us highly opinionated. Judgmental and sticking to doctrine. We think that our truth is the only truth and we tend to glibly express it.

As if this tendency for bluntness was not enough, Jupiter is also conjunct to Mercury retrograde. The mind reels in its inward thinking process, contemplating so many things, and as it strives to assimilate everything into an objective truth, it jumps to overstatements and exaggerations.

We therefore have to be very careful with WHAT we say and HOW we say it.


Mercury is also square to Neptune in Pisces.

Our judgment is clouded. A mist lingers on the tracks of the unceasing train of thoughts. We cannot think clearly, the mind detaches and loses its objective footholds, sliding to fantasy land, daydreaming.

Under this hazy landscape we may be the victims of misconceptions or be deceived. We have to be very careful in all matters that require precision of thought and clear judgment, and it is better to delay decisions till later.


Jupiter is also conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon.

Though the first aspect brings optimism, generosity, and enthusiasm, the opposition with the Moon, especially now that the moon is full in a polarity that highlights our emotional needs, brings overwhelming sentimentality.

Remember that under a full moon emotions are always tense.  The Jupiter conjunct Sun enthusiasm in its heart entails an overestimated confidence in ourselves and our abilities. A faith in us that may turn out to be just a result of cloudy judgment (Mercury Rx square Neptune) and that will make us not to know where we stop.

We have to be careful not to be deceived out of sheer faith in the good intentions of others.

We must remember not to over emphasize our needs and be intolerant to other’s views.




The above scenery becomes more dynamic by Mars’s involvement in the Full Moon as the planet of action and energy is making a T-Square with the Two Lights. In addition to this, Mars is also square to Mercury and square to Jupiter.

When planet Mars is in the Sign of Pisces, and does not make enough harmonious aspects so as to channel its energy with creativity or compassion, it usually expresses in a passive – aggressive way. It may even express with non-action, preferring to let things to take their own course. It is lack of will and indecisiveness towards specific action.

As the apex planet of this T-Square, Mars is gathering the energy of the planets involved in the following aspects and possible manifestations of its energy are:

  • Mars square to Moon: We may be oversensitive and easily hurt. adopting the role of the martyr. On its assertive way the aspect may bring anger and emotional frustration.
  • Sun square to Mars: We may act impulsively, assert our ego ten times more than necessary fueled by zeal and intolerance. On its passive expression, with this aspect we may adopt an impasse “Laissez faire, laissez passer” inertia.
  • Mercury square to Mars. Disagreements and verbal confrontations may rise out of us not taking action! Others may interpret our waiting inactivity or silence, as something negative. Misjudgments and cloudy thinking may make us angered and we project this to our relations with important others.
  • Mars square to Jupiter: Impulsive actions, carelessness or recklessness due to overconfidence. On its passive expression it is an aspect of blunders and waste of energy. It may also be spiritual and philosophical disagreements. Even awkward expression of sexuality that is infused with semi-romanticism and hesitance.

Mars from Pisces squaring the Full Moon is intense emotional charge without a clear outlet. It may bring passive anger that eventually manifests psychosomatically.

The only aspect that can somehow clear the ground and bring focus and determination is Mars sextile Saturn.


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The challenge of this Full Moon in Gemini is that it is a perplexed mix of wasted energy and exaggeration.

While it highlights our need to communicate, our very message is something that becomes really difficult to come through, within the above landscape where clarity of thought and direction of will is lacking. Boisterous, we may overestimate ourselves or say words that we’d better not.

As the song goes, “Words are very unnecessary…” and most probably our attempts to speak or act will only result in misinterpretation and misunderstandings.

It is thus important to remain focused.  We should better be cautious and avoid verbal conflicts and tensions within this boggy mutable energy.

What we need to do:

  • Every effort of communication is useful to be attempted with the objectivity that Gemini has, being an air Sign.
  • We should better first examine how realistic are the emotions that we want to express or the judgments that we make.
  • We should try to see the other’s side with the wisdom of Sagittarius.
  • Yes, we should express our wants and needs, but we are called upon to do this without emotional involvement, objectively and by avoiding preconceptions and doctrines, blind faith and dogmatism.
  • We should carefully decide on our course of action and be on the alert for misjudgments, being deceived, or being lied to by others.


This Full Moon in Gemini is calling us to accept that there is inner tension and that the better way to handle it is to try to ease our temper, act with moderation instead of exaggeration, rely on patience and self-control, and double-check our own, as well as others’ words, intentions and promises.



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