SATURN IN PISCES 2023 - 2026

SATURN IN PISCES 2023 – 2026

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SATURN IN PISCES 2023 - 2026

SATURN IN PISCES 2023 – 2026

By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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Saturn enters Pisces on March 7, where it will remain until May 24, 2025. It will enter Aries for a few months and then will return to the Piscean seas for one final time from September 1, 2025 to February 13, 2026 when he will bid the the sign farewell for the next many decades.

As Saturn just made its entry into the sign of Pisces I would like to share with you some thoughts or if you wish a collage of ideas, principles, practices, helpers as well as possible manifestations of the Saturnian energy in the Piscean environment, along with some themes that I believe will surface during the approximately three years of Saturn’s stay in Pisces.


♓️ Creative Ideas that are still in their inception or infancy stage, will take shape and become reality.

♓️ What is truly spiritual will be put to the test and the difference between true spiritual teachers and all kinds of “gurus” who aim to deceive will become apparent.

♓️ Completely new Laws will be discovered in the field of Astrophysics and the Unified Theory.

♓️ A great masterpiece in the field of Fantasy Fiction will be published and will become an instant classic.

♓️ We will witness an event involving a Wako-style religious organization where its members will fall victim to the delusional imagination of the organization’s leader.


♓️ The conflict between true spirituality and organized religion will intensify. True piety will be rewarded and the miracle becomes accessible and attainable.

♓️ Correspondingly, “interference” and “rituals” of dark magic by those centers attempting to control the Human Soul will increase and intensify. Have Faith in the Light.

♓️ On a personal level attempts to avoid responsibility in the sector of the horoscope where Saturn will make its transit will be futile, as fleeing will not be the solution but will instead increase chaos.

♓️ Another conflict will be that between our dreams and reality. We will have to work persistently, hard, responsibly and with faith to see them coming true. But at the end of our toil, we will succeed!


♓️ In times when you will feel overwhelmed and overpowered by the circumstances it needs to have even more faith within you.

♓️ Avoid staying long in the dark waters of grief whenever and wherever it appears. Also do not remain passively inert to situations by waiting for them to pass on their own.

♓️ Have Faith in the Universe in whatever you undertake to accomplish. Organize the Chaos. Reduce Entropy!

♓️ The abstract and the transcendent are fields of inspiration for overcoming difficulties. Inspiration is the victory of the Divine Spark within us against the controlling Matrix. Be inspired as often as you can!


♓️ The symbols speak directly to the unconscious. The abstract is depicted with symbols so that it can be perceived. The perceived is real and the real is ultimately true. With Saturn in Pisces, every symbolic system of Knowledge becomes a Powerful tool of Envisioning.

♓️ Time will be and experienced as more fluid. Creative time, that is when we let ourselves loose in imagination and creative contemplation, will pay off.

♓️ Intuition will be heightened and the potential for Manifestation will be magnified. Be mindful though of what you wish for and also what you fear.


♓️ The more you believe in phobias and have a negative disposition the more you will self-fulfill them and to an even greater degree than usual, because with Saturn in Pisces contact with the unconscious requires even greater responsibility.

♓️ A tendency to exercise greater than the necessary control will increase ambiguity. On the contrary a mixture of control that goes along with encouragement and confidence in the abilities of others, increases the chances of successful achievements!

♓️ Setting and following procedures is the remedy to a tendency to remain passively inactive.

♓️ Accepting responsibility will be part of our Psychological and Spiritual maturation.


♓️ In every difficulty remember, There is a Light that Never Goes Out!


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