see-saw pattern

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. (See-Saw Pattern)

Robert Downey

The see-saw astrology pattern in the natal chart can be very tricky, hinting to a personality that has contradictions, that sways from one extreme to another and of a person capable of making extraordinary achievements or completely wasting and misusing the pattern energies.

A solution for this would be the person to find balance and integrate the two parts of the chart, as a means to channel the opposing energies constructively and live the chart’s potential with more completeness.

Find out how Robert Downey Junior, an excellent actor and a very clever guy, worked the contradictions in his natal chart, and matured through his Jovian excesses. His rise to stardom, substance abuse, and his marvellous comeback, became a living example of what it means to have a see-saw chart and how we can integrate our conflicting sides and constructively embrace our contradictions.

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