NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS 4 FEBRUARY 2019: The Building of the Cathedral

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The New Moon takes place at 15°45’ of the Sign of Aquarius. It has a positive effect for Aquarius, Pisces, and Capricorn persons, and also for Gemini and Libra persons, which are born in the second decan, as well as for those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 13° – 17° degrees of the Signs mentioned.

A new moon in Aquarius takes place on February the 4th.

It is a New Moon that works like a dynamo that is propelling advancement, by setting now, the foundations for growth that is to come.


A new Moon in the Sign of Aquarius

Every New Moon presents an ideal time for initiation, the best time to start something. Especially when the New Moon falls in the Sign of Aquarius, it favors originality, ingenuity and planning for our future.

The Sign of Aquarius becomes creative through the expression of its need to serve humanity. It is creative, not in the way that the individual artist is creative, by making works that relate to his life and which are the images and symbols of his personal experiences.

It is creative in the way that a collaborative and joint effort is creative. A gathering of ideas and shared labor towards a common goal.

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This New Moon is like the building of a Cathedral.

In the detached and highly intellectual Sign of Aquarius creation comes from the labour of many, and it is like the building of a Cathedral. It is the communion that has joined together in an effort, wanting to pay homage to a greater idea, and driven by a higher cause. It is common logic and common sense, envisioning a shared future.

The Cathedral may be the concept of one person, the architect that has made the plans, but it encompasses the works of many artists. Painters, sculptors, wood-workers, organ builders, all of them contribute their piece and thus when the Cathedral is complete it then becomes a monument of collective work and co-operation.



The net of aspects and opportunities

The Sun and the Moon, as they are conjunct on the 4th of February, they do not receive any hard aspects and they make a conjunction to Mercury and some harmonious aspects to Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.

The New Moon on Aquarius is conjunct to Mercury: Mercury in Aquarius accumulates ideas and can be especially creative by giving birth to an original idea or a concept. This aspect has growth potential as long as we are not fixed in our beliefs, we are not opinionated, and instead remain open and flexible to our partner’s views.

The other aspects are those of a sextile, and four semi-sextiles.

Sextiles bring opportunities that can manifest after some required effort on our side.

Semi-sextiles are the beginning of the awareness that such opportunities exist. They work as small hunches that shift our attention to something with which we may not feel familiar with, but which may be of use. They may initially feel like a small irritation that we ignore, but which eventually is proved that has pointed to something that was important.

The semi-sextiles of this New Moon in Aquarius are the arches of our Cathedral that support the magnificent dome.

  • Sun in Aquarius semi-sextile Saturn in Capricorn indicates awareness towards common goals that can lead to status and respect, as long as we can accept the constructive criticism of others on our own ideas.
  • Sun in Aquarius semi-sextile Neptune in Pisces is attunement of the self towards higher vibrations that can inspire. This inspiration will be very productive if used for serving the collaborative efforts.
  • Moon in Aquarius semi-sextile Saturn in Capricorn is sensing of the need to reserve our emotions. Potential exists from displaying a matured attitude for the sake of the common ground.
  • Moon in Aquarius semi-sextile Neptune in Pisces is feeling the vibes of the collective and collaborating with an intuitive approach. Potential exists from building a sense of communion within the team.


All these small and very important semi-sextiles are tied upon the sextile aspect of Saturn and Neptune.

This is an important aspect because it joins together two planets that are in their domicile Signs.

Saturn is in Capricorn and Neptune is in Pisces, which means both planets are expressing at their best, emphasizing a motif of the construction (Saturn) of an ideal (Neptune). It is an aspect of truly inspired goals, that presents tangible opportunities for our dreams to be brought into reality.

The fact that these two planets are simultaneously in semi-sextiles with the New Moon aids, so as any new ideas conceived now, may materialize.

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Venus trine Uranus is originality in what we like and the easiness with which we like new concepts.

Mars trine Jupiter spurs us into action with fervent zeal.

Mars square Pluto is the powerful drive that fuels our intentions, is our persistence and focus to drive through and complete our work. It is the power behind the building of the new, but we have to be careful to use the unstoppable force that this square represents, constructively and completely stripped of egotistical desires.



The aspects around this New Moon are like a supportive framework that allows us to share our dream with others.

It helps us understand that there is common ground and opportunities if we work and collaborate towards the same cause.

It brings awareness of potential partnerships and relationships that though they will serve our common interests, they shall shall allow for the expression of our own originality, at the same time.


So enjoy this New Moon in Aquarius and embrace its potential in the best possible way!




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