NEW MOON IN VIRGO 30 AUGUST 2019: A Love Play In Three Acts – Act Three

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The New Moon takes place at 06°46’ of the Sign of Virgo. It is very positive for Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, and Scorpio persons, who are born in the first decan of their Sign, as well as for those of you that are having personal planets, points or your Ascendant, near the 04° – 08° degrees of the Signs mentioned.

The stage has been set with the two previous lunations, where the planet Venus played a key role in each one. At the beginning of the month with the New Moon in Leo, Venus was close to the two Lights and in a square with planet Uranus, bringing excitement and challenges in our love life and personal relations.

Two weeks later with the Full Moon in Aquarius, Venus was in it superior conjunction to the Sun, highlighting issues of relating, helping us to reshape our values and the very sense of who or what really worths we deem valuable.

Now, an amorous, erotic, creative but also cathartic and enterprising New Moon in Virgo is taking place on August the 30th.

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Each New Moon is a beginning, a reset, a new awareness.

When the New Moon is in the Sign of Virgo then it is a time to start again paying attention to the practical and that which best serves us. Virgo is a Sign that can build a completely new world out of the most ordinary things.

It can create meaning just by the mere repetition of a habit or a ritual.

Whether it is the repeated moves that weave cloth, the sewing of haute couture, our daily nutrition program followed with reverence, or the repetition of a Yoga posture, it is the small and the finest that defines us.

Now in this specific New Moon, which as all New Moons in Virgo is perfect for beginning a daily routine, health practice, attend to any details, planet Venus once more plays a major role.

Venus that in its participation to the two previous lunations challenged our love life and questioned what it is that is valuable.

Now, in this New Moon, Venus is conjunct the Two Lights and is also conjunct to Mars and asks the complete question:

Who and what, really worths for us to deem as

valuable (Venus conjunct Sun and Moon),

desirable (Venus conjunct Mars)

and useful (Virgo)… all at the same time.

And through this question, it is that this practical and earthy New Moon comes to relate to our love life and to important others.


Venus Conjunct Mars

On the 24th of August, planet Venus made its conjunction to Mars at 04°07’ Virgo. A meeting of two lovers that happens every two years or twice a year when Venus is retrograde.

Just a few days prior to this New Moon, the fusion was made. The Woman and the Man merged in one. Desire mingled with Sensuality. Love met Passion. Beauty, Boldness, Libido, and Charm sparked, as the two lovers came together on the clean white sheets of the Virgo love bed.

This is the energy that infuses this New Moon. Erotic and cathartic at the same time as this New Moon marks the beginning of New Loves, New Loves that come as a result of previous experiences and most importantly out of an understanding of what is in our best interest.


Let us see the interaction between all the actors on this final act…



Mars is conjunct the New Moon (The tightest aspect in the chart)

This is an aspect that favors action, gives courage, makes us bold, make us act towards the realizations of the New Moon. This is a New Moon that favors new starts and enterprises. It only requires that we do it by following a plan, as Mars is in the meticulous Virgo, and to be a little cautious not to act in a hasty or impulsive way, (Mars conjunct Moon and Sun).


Mercury conjunct the New Moon and Mars.

The ruler of the New Moon, planet Mercury in its exaltation, analytical and attentive to finest detail can make miracles in all practical matters, and in its conjunction with Mars, makes this New Moon ideal for setting plans and goals.

In personal matters, the sexual impulse of Mars does not blind our judgment as Mercury analyses the why and how of the erotic desire and demands healthy relationships and clean words.


Saturn Trines the Virgo Stellium

Saturn from the Sign of Capricorn at 14°11’ is making trine aspects to all actors (Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon), bringing ambition, stability to any new endeavors that start now, and careful planning to projects.

In personal matters, it brings respect and commitment to relationships, dedication, and loyalty.


Uranus Trines the Virgo Stellium

Uranus from the Sign of Taurus at 06°28’ is making a trine aspect to Mercury, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus. This is the necessary ingenuity in artistic creation or the excitement in the new love affair, it is the freedom of expression in new relations or partnerships, it is boldness and uniqueness in new startups.

Planet Uranus lifts high up, the well thought out us getting into a relationship, or a meticulously organized business plan and transforms them into a new and exciting adventure.

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This New Moon combines realizations, careful thought, and planning. It combines erotic desire with practical feelings of love. Creativity with a willingness for work. It is charming, practical, cathartic and original, and therefore it:

  • brings completely new love affairs that have long term potential,
  • allows us to enter, after the necessary thought, into ones that first appeared the previous weeks,
  • brings feelings of catharsis since we, after mature analysis, now understand where we stand in relations,
  • is ideal for starting up new business projects, and for professional advancement,
  • can be the perfect time to announce planned decisions (like marriage vows or wedding dates),
  • or to make decisions that relate to health nutrition and our everyday routine,
  • is very good for creative events that relate to Vogue, Fashion, Photography – Neptune is opposite the Venus-Mars conjunction,
  • is the perfect time to express our love interest to someone we care for, and he \ she does not know it.


I wish all of you to enjoy this really good New Moon and to allow its energy to invigorate you.


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