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Long Hot Summer

By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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This is a long, hot, and tumultuous summer for your romantic life, because in the middle of Summer Venus will turn retrograde in the sign of Leo and will transit the zodiac backwards before returning direct again in early September.

Before it goes retrograde, as early as mid-June and until July 10th, Venus will be racing behind Mars, approaching him at a distance of four to three degrees, and will be in conjunction to him, but without finally being able to reach him, as Mars will move into the sign of Virgo on the mentioned date, whereas Venus will be slowing down to eventually turn retrograde on July 22nd.

During her retrograde course Venus will make aspects to Neptune, Lilith, Uranus, Chiron and Jupiter, will join Mercury in a conjunction, and most IMPORTANTLY will also make her annual conjunction to the Sun, once again in the Sign of Leo after 8 long years!

She will also form aspects to major Asteroids relating to love, her home, and her reputation, while the Moon’s Nodes will move into the Aries – Libra Axis with Mars taking the lead in who now has the upper hand in love!

The transition from the Taurus – Scorpio axis to the Aries – Libra axis changes the polarity of male and female in terms of the ruling planet of the North Node and so makes the Masculine energy to now having the upper hand in romantic matters… at least for as long as Venus is retrograde, if not longer.

Erotic nostalgia, platonic and unrequited love, passion and attraction, dilemmas that will test relationships, messages, returns from the past, sudden encounters, temptations and infatuations, along with important revisions about whether we want to stay in existing relationships. and even a final verdict after the test of time, are some of the themes you will experience in your emotions, depending on whether you have planets and which of the degrees Venus’ path activates.

We also have… an ambiguous full moon full of love opportunities coming up on July 3. A karmic and pivotal New Moon on July 17. A full moon of exuberance in fun with tendencies towards freedom and independence on the first day of August. And lastly a romantic and erotic full moon with twists and turns and sudden encounters on August 16!

These Moons together with all that I mentioned earlier, make this a long, hot, and exciting summer.

The most favoured signs will of course be Leos and Aries, while significant developments are expected for Sagittarius, Capricorn, Taurus, and Aquarius Signs.

It will be an intense summer with situations that will prove to be very important or even which will mark a change of course and bring a big change in your emotional life, if you have personal planets at 12°, 20° or 28° degrees of Leo.

Find out how all of the above will affect you on a personal level by having a personal consultation with me, and in anticipation of major developments…

… I wish to everyone within this complicated summer planetary backdrop that lies ahead of us, to experience what you truly deserve for the very best, and to have such an experience that will be truly helpful for your evolution!


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