WUHAN VIRUS ASTROLOGY - The astrological factors behind the epidemic

CORONAVIRUS ASTROLOGY – The astrological factors behind the epidemic

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CORONAVIRUS ASTROLOGY - The astrological factors behind the epidemic

The History of the City and the first days of the Virus Outbreak

We are in China in the midst of a civil war.

It is mid-December 1926, where most of the central executive commissioners of the Nationalist Government of China and the national government commissioners arrive in the present-day Wuhan region. There they convene the interim conference of the central executive commissioners and national government commissioners.

The conference decides that from 1 January 1927 the cities of Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang are to be combined into a new single city, today’s Wuhan.

We are back in the present day.

In this East China city, a new fatal virus, 2019-nCoV, or “Wuhan virus”, is being reported for the first time in the last days of 2019, with the first occurrence being recorded on December 8, 2019, and the official update to the World Health Organization for the virus to happen on 31st December 2019.

The continuing increase in casualties and the severity of the virus make the authorities decide to put the city in quarantine on January 23, 2020.


The Astrology of the Wuhan City in the days of the Virus Outbreak

The city’s natal chart, the transits of the past months, and the Wuhan City’s Solar Return are quite revealing in their astrological symbolism.

CORONAVIRUS ASTROLOGY - The astrological factors behind the epidemic

If we take a look at the city’s natal chart, the following factors are dominant:

1. The Jupiter-Neptune opposition at 26° on the Leo-Aquarius axis. Two planets ruling the first traditionally and the second modernly, the 6th house of the city, a house that is related to Health.

2. The Trine and Sextile aspect that the Lunar Nodes on the Cancer-Capricorn axis make to planet Mars at 8 ° and in the 8th house, that is associated with death.

3. At the same time, the Sun of the city is conjunct to the South Node and within the 4th house, the core of its existence, the foundations and the tradition of the city.

It is obvious to anyone who knows Astrology that when the Nodes and Mars wedge pattern -remember that Mars is a planet associated with epidemics in mundane astrology, and the Jupiter-Neptune opposition, are properly activated, then we may expect fatal events or bad fortune to befell the city. 


The first recorded incident of the virus – 8 December 2019

That is the case exactly, the transits of December 8th 2019, the day that the first case of Virus has been recorded, is revealing.

CORONAVIRUS ASTROLOGY - The astrological factors behind the epidemic


On that day we are having the transiting Nodes to be exact!! on the Nadir – Midheaven axis, and to also form a square with the Ascendant – Descendant axis of the city’s natal chart, heralding a fateful event that shakes the city.

The Nodes also make a trine-sextile aspect with natal Mars, reminiscing the same natal wedge pattern, and as we have stated Mars is related to epidemics and is in the 8th house. 

As if not enough that the natal and fated promise is triggered from the Nodes, transiting Saturn is in the 4th house of the city conjunct on natal Venus, a planet that is related to food and consumption, (the epidemic starts in the city seafood market), and also the ruler of the whole chart!


The Wuhan Virus is officially announced – 31 December 2019

The picture becomes gradually complete as the days pass, and on December 31, 2019, that is the same day with the Solar Return of the city for 2020(!!), the official announcement to the World Health Organisation on the epidemic takes place.

CORONAVIRUS ASTROLOGY - The astrological factors behind the epidemic


On this day, transiting Mars is at 27° 48′ Scorpio triggering with a square the natal, Jupiter – Neptune opposition.

The Mars square to natal Neptune is the virus infection and the relationship with the Sea (Neptune), but also Market and Food (since Mars is transiting through the 2nd house of the city).

The Mars square to natal Jupiter is the spread of the epidemic, and Mars in an inconjunct aspect (medical issue/health event) with the natal Chiron in the 7th house, is the heavy blow the city receives and which hurts its public image. At the same time, Mars is conjunct to the Moon, the population of Wuhan!

Three simultaneous Aspects of Mars from the 27° 48′ degrees Scorpio at the same time period when the Transiting Nodes are returning to their birth position and the city is having its Solar Return.


Of course, all these are combined with the December the 26th eclipse passing over China and the January the 10th eclipse occurring just over 1° degree from the city’s natal Venus.

I am afraid that the Mars-Neptune square on January 28th, and even worse, the upcoming Mars conjunction to the city’s natal Mercury on February 7, 2020, with Mercury being the planet that rules the 12th house of the city (hospitals, confinement), will contribute worse to a story that we all pray will have a good ending as soon as possible.

– Historical Source for the founding of the city of Wuhan by unifying three cities, Wikipedia.


Right on the day that transiting Mars is on 27° of Sagittarius, making a trine – sextile to the city’s natal Jupiter – Neptune opposition, a change in the diagnostic criteria, skyrockets the number of cases.  The following headline is from New York Times.

On Thursday, health officials in China reported more than 14,000 new cases in Hubei Province alone. A change in diagnostic criteria may be the reason.” – New York Times

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