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Venus the planet of Love and Beauty will be retrograde, initially within the Sign of Scorpio and later on towards the end of its retrograde motion, within the Sign of Libra, affecting Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius Signs that are born in the first decan, as well as Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn Signs that are born in the last days of their Sign.



The Aesthetics of Retrograde

Andy Warhol, in his painting “Details of Renaissance Paintings, Botticelli, Birth of Venus”, is re-visiting Botticelli’s Venus and re-paints her with pop aesthetics in order to comment on the commercialization of the ideal of Love, the superficiality of being vain and to make the viewer stop and ponder on the notions of “relating” and “beauty”.

That is exactly what Planet Venus is callings us to do while in its retrograde period. It triggers a process of re-evaluation of our own self-worth, our own internal beauty. We are called to re-assess the expectations we have from others and at the same time to see how it is that we ourselves relate.


Venus retrograde October – November 2018

Venus, the planet of Love is going to turn retrograde on October the 5th from 10°50’ degrees of Scorpio.

During her retrograde course Venus will appear to move backwards in the night sky, and shall gradually retreat within the sign of Libra on November the 1st. There its retrograde motion will continue until November the 16th when it will finally station direct at 25°15’ of the Libra Sign, before moving direct again.

This is a two thirds journey of backtracking in Scorpio and one third in Libra.

Within Scorpio Venus expresses with the deepest of feelings and fixates on intense pleasure. It demands core bonding with other persons, infuses romance with sex and our connections with deep meaning.

For the period that Venus will be retrograde within the Scorpio, expressions of love will be mostly introvert and will be intrigued by Mars male assertion, Mars being the ruling planet of Scorpio in traditional Astrology.

Venus retrograde in Scorpio is

the smoldering desire of a subdued and submissive romanticism.

Only when the planet enters Libra the feeling will change. Venus will still need to belong but will adopt a lighter mentality in the process of re-evaluating how she relates, seeking more balance in relationships and now capable of seeing the other side.


The Karmic Effect

The very symbolism of Venus moving backwards means that a person from the past may re-appear. If this is the case, it only happens for a reason.

We must “remember” the relationship we have had with this person in the past, what it meant then and what it means now, for our present and for any existing relations or commitments.

We are called to redefine this relation with the past person in a clear and karmic – free way.


Venus in Retrospective Mood

During this forty days Venus retrograde period we turn inwards and wonder:

  • What is that we want from a relationship and from our partner?
  • Do we want to be in a relationship just only for the sake of not being alone?
  • Which are the motivations and our deepest desires?
  • Can we strip away layers of jealousy or control and reach again down to the core of the feelings?
  • Is our relationship superficial, pop and “appearances-only”, lacking meaningful deepest sharing?
  • Are we appreciated as much as we deserve?
  • Do we re-return appreciation and value our partner?

The very nature of these questions, whether we are in a relationship or not, concerns first and most to ourselves and while it mainly relates to love relations it also touches, one to one partnerships, business relations and our socializing in general.

All these questions is a necessary part in this process of introspection that clears out situations, makes us feel better with ourselves and prepares us or a more sociable period when Venus will be again direct.



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