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By Astrologer Andrew Ifandis

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The lunar eclipse in Taurus affects each and every one of us regardless of what Zodiac Sign we are. It will be intensely experienced by Scorpios, Taurus, Leos and Aquarians born in the middle of the second decanate of their Zodiac Sign or those of you who have personal planets or points in your horoscope at degrees 12°-18° of the above Signs.

Difficult once again the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on May 5, which takes place at 14°58′ of Scorpio.

It is loaded emotionally, it brings upheaval and affects with heavy psychology, problems in communication, and tension in Relationships, especially to the Signs of the Fixed Cross (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius) of the second decan, but also to you personally, regardless of what Sign you are, if you have your Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant, or your Midheaven between 12° and 18° degrees of the above Signs.


It is an Eclipse that affects us all with its intensity and the unexpected events and revelations it will bring.

It is the planet Uranus that has the first say. Conjunct to the Sun in Taurus and in opposition to the Moon in Scorpio it brings upheaval, reaction, destabilization. It brings emotional turmoil. Unrest and outbursts of emotions.

This Lunar Eclipse brings to the surface situations that will deeply affect our peace of mind, our psychology, and in turn our relationships. Balance is shaken, and what we have so long considered familiar or was a part of our habit, no longer holds us. Feelings of boredom, and tendencies towards independence and detachment are now infusing the way we interact with others.

Mercury is in retrograde motion in the sign of Taurus and is also conjunct to the Sun, and in opposition to the Moon.

Communication is slow and the mind cannot process many data at once. It becomes easy to insist on our own opinions, to show narrow-mindedness, to be inflexible, and we need to be especially careful because as we lack the necessary flexibility of mind it is not easy to avoid misunderstandings and quarrels.

Emotions are not expressed in the correct words. We feel the conflict between the heart and the mind. Caution here too as the pressured psychology and a need for sudden freedom of expression can cause us to express emotions abruptly and in a tantrum, and so afterwards we may not be able to take back what we have said.

The pressured, depressed, and emotionally complex Moon in Scorpio suffocates as it seeks security and nurturing on both the emotional and material level. It is upset as it sees that the actions of others do not match their words.

It is natural therefore to have feelings of insecurity stirring up within you and a need that is so overwhelming, to hold on tightly to something dear, something that gives you the feeling or pretense of security that you so desperately need.

But you are also in turmoil within yourself. It’s not just the others.

For the tension you feel arises from the contradiction between your need to feel emotionally secure in practical and simple terms, and your desire for change, stimulation and emotional stimulation.

Reflect on whether you are attracted to the complex and thus miss the simple things. Or have you sacrificed a large part of your individuality in the name of security and peace and now the time has come for a break.

The Keys of the Eclipse

This is an eclipse where the Masculine and the Feminine play a primary role. Mars and Venus, are not making any aspects to each other – indicative of the inability of the attraction and love element to positively upset the backdrop of turmoil set by the other planets.

Union is the goal, and union is difficult to achieve since the two lovers do not see each other. Yet each in their own way leaves their mark on the eclipse itself, since they are simultaneously the ruling planets (traditionally) of both the Nodes of the Moon and the Moon and Sun respectively.

So what would be good is to find a way of positive release to alleviate the darkness of tense relationships, misunderstandings, and dark psychology formed by the above aspects and astrological factors.

The applying trine that the Moon in Scorpio makes to Mars in Cancer can be helpful in two ways. One is to try to express our feelings by showing more sensitivity. Acts of caring can help avoid tensions. Let’s show sensitivity away from attempts to manipulate and away from bitterness for not experiencing the deep feeling and emotional or practical security we would like from our partner.

The second way is to understand the sensitivity and vulnerability of the Masculine. This is important because the previous Sun eclipse that occurred in conjunction with the Mars – Chiron square brought out complexes of both competition and inadequacy within the relationship. Mars has been hurt and needs care and sweet words now.

On the other hand Venus, the Feminine, is in Gemini a place where it craves communication. As in the Eclipse chart Venus is square Neptune from Pisces and at the same time sextile Jupiter in Aries, it seems that Feminine is already experiencing an undercurrent of frustration which to be overcome a mixture of open, honest and direct communication, from Masculine,is neccessary. Communication that includes a romantic or erotic element.

You see, steps must be taken by both Masculine and Feminine to resolve the opposition of the Eclipse.

YET there is healing in this Eclipse.

A very significant Grand Square formation, as participating with squares on the Sun-Moon opposition are Black Lilith from Leo at 13°07′ and Asteroid Chariklo, directly opposite it, at 13°48 Aquarius. From these degrees, Black Lilith and Chariklo each forms a square to the two Lights.

And Chiron, coming from 17°33′ Aries, comes to act as a helper to the Lilith – Chariklo opposition, as it is making a trine to the former and a sextile to the latter.

All of the above means that in this eclipse, two OPPOSING FEMALE ARCHITECTURES are clashing within you.

One is Lilith’s the rebellious and an emancipated woman within you, your resistance to whatever attempts to patronize you, as well as your rage. Exactly opposite her, the second, is Chariklo, the role model partner who understands, cares, shows patience and wants to heal her husband’s wounds.

You now realize that these two archetypal aspects of your femininity, as they square the Moon, divide your emotional world and bring out Shadows and Monsters (Scorpio), and as they square the Sun, they make you stubbornly cling to “your own” and make it difficult for you to find peace and tranquility within (Taurus).

And Chiron from Aries comes in its favorable aspect to Lilith and Chariklo to resolve this opposition and provide the solution. On the one hand you have the ability to put a balsam on the wound and heal it, or on the other you have the ability to use its pus and its poison and leave it exposed.

BUT Chiron will sooner or later bring you face to face with your inner pain. It reminds you that a prerequisite for having healthy and healed relationships is that you must first have done your own self-healing, be the example and help empirically to find a solution.

Only through overcoming the intense selfish element within yourself, overcoming frustration, understanding vulnerability and the importance of tenderness, of open and honest communication, and finally being willing to work for healing on a companionship level, ONLY then is it possible to overcome and ALCHEMISE the difficult energy of this Eclipse.


Become THE ALCHEMIST of your self!



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