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By Astrologer Andrew Ifandis

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The lunar eclipse in Taurus affects each and every one of us regardless of what Zodiac Sign we are. It will be intensely experienced by Scorpios, Taurus, Leos and Aquarians born in the middle of the second decanate of their Zodiac Sign or those of you who have personal planets or points in your horoscope at degrees 13°-20° of the above Signs.


An absolutely karmic and evolutionary eclipse occurs on November 8. A Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus which will bring ups and downs, tipping over our emotional balance, bringing tensions and final break-ups, and which is what dramatists call a dramatic moment.

That is, that moment in a plot, which carries like many intertwined strands in one thread, various parallel stories, emotions, actions, pretexts, evasions, contradictions and decisions, all of which, each in its own way, have played their part in leading the heroine to where we see her now.

Alone, resolute, in the darkness, holding a night lamp in her hand, the orange yellow light an outline around her moves with her as she walks from one room to another in the brown black of the night’s silence.

She closes the door behind her. She walks…

As she reaches the center of the room, she stands for a moment. She listens… She observes… Every sound in the distance and every shadow flickering in the lamplight awakens an experience for her. They tell her something. She listens… She observes…

And in a sudden realization she continues her pacing toward a second door on the opposite side, reaches it, pulls a key from the wide pocket in the side of her plain cast dress, unlocks the door, glances briefly toward the other room, and then enters resolutely, closing the door behind her… the light fades with her, and in the darkness that remains the eclipse has already worked.


Totally karmic and evolutionary, a rare eclipse in which 7 astrological bodies are in aspects to the Moon’s Nodes. It is a New Chapter in your history, a transition from one room to another with definitive closing of cycles and opening of completely new ones.

It is an eclipse of Awakening. An Awakening triggered by the Moon in its conjunction with the North Node and Uranus and in its opposition to the South Node. An awakening that we need and you need.

It is an awakening that sets us on a path that leads to more harmony and abundance, to peace, tranquility and stability, if we demonstrate the proper upliftment of soul.

But an awakening that comes through a terrifying shock.

The path on which this eclipse sets us promises the desired as the end result, but in order to be aware of the path, its very presence, in order to make the necessary turn, we must first experience a shocking confrontation.

Our souls must first be torn in two by the counteracting forces of the energy of this eclipse. The old will collide with the new. We will readjust our comfort zone. We will be forced to refine the passions of our dark ego.

This eclipse leaves no room for safety and exposes bare all our insecurities by placing the wants in conflict with the needs.

Reactive behaviors. Overcoming toxicity.

Moving away from dark thoughts.

Logic and emotion in counter opposition as the mind goes crazy with the intensity of emotions and the emotion seeks a logical outlet to be expressed and to be experienced again in calm situations that currently do not exist.

Harsh words that hurt and thoughts that are restless and troubled.

Emotionally, romantically, financially, we feel the pressure and the need for change as everything seems to be in an environment of suffocation.

The heart desires but is it able? Will we let her?

Breakups are definite especially for those who have been wavering from 2021 until now.

Independence versus the need to be loved. Unexpected connections that will both upset and confuse.

Barriers to expression, emotional distress, self-criticism and guilt, lack of eroticism, emotional conflict, outbursts and hysteria as our very soul is suppressed.

Do you think I am writing all of the above at a guess? Or that I have any reason to scare you? Which, as you know, is not my habit at all.

Not at all, all of the above, each and every one sentence is a different aspect of the many that are formed in this incredibly complex eclipse. It is a likely and general interpretation of each and every aspect. (If I were to analyze each aspect with three or four possible manifestations, it would take four articles like this one).

Each one of the above sentences are those little strands that make up the thread I mentioned at the beginning. The thread that leads us bound by Karma to the climax of the dramatic moment and the decision points that lead us to something new evolutionarily.

We are right in the moment when we listen to the sounds and notice the shadows in the room. We need to hold the lamp up high to extend the light.

To have the key in our hand, to nicely and completely close the doors behind us and move on to the new chapter and the new path – which as I wrote to you at the beginning leads somewhere beautiful, we will need to have (whatever I write is an aspect):

Courtesy of emotion. Faith in our value. Gratitude for what we have, in the face of adversity. Moving away from selfishness. Being good listeners during the days of tension and difficulty.

To be able to communicate what we feel in a calm way. To focus our thoughts toward our purpose and what our heart wants and not let them become a prey to negativity.

To get drunk with excitement and find the courage to dare to do what our heart asks.

Saturn is squaring six planets in this eclipse and as it is square Uranus, one of the questions is whether the future will trump the past.

Chiron in a quincunx aspect to the Sun, Mercury and the South Node fills us with pain. A pain that is necessary to make the required cut and breakaway to our new becoming.

Neptune’s trine aspects to Venus, Sun and Mercury are the most helpful aspects in the dark room. They are the light of the lamp held by the heroine as through true love, forgiveness, faith in miracle, inspiration, creativity, and in the end, faith in God, they light our next steps and help us to cross the dark room of the eclipse to a new and better tomorrow.

This eclipse is what dramatists call a dramatic moment. Difficult, dark, necessary but also one which opens the door to something far better than today. Let us all show at this moment our very best.


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