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Tame Your Dragons!

By Astrologer Andrew Ifandis

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And here we are again in eclipse season.

The time of change…

The season of transformation…


The time to step forward. Dynamic beginnings but also difficult closings.

The first of the two, the Solar Eclipse, takes place on April 20, at 29°50° of the Sign of Aries. It is both a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse which is linked to the New Moon which has preceded and occurred on the day of the Spring Equinox at 0° Aries. The Beginning of the Beginnings!


The Universe wise and provident has plans for you!

First, it plants the Archetypal seed in you with the New Moon at 0° and now, from the anaeretic degree at 29° it returns to complete the process.

The New Moon was the Beginning of the Beginning and this Solar Eclipse at the last degree of Aries is the Completion of the Beginning or… the Undoing of the Beginning! You will decide!


It’s like you took 30 steps in the past month. 1 step, 1 degree, each and every day. Steps of courage. Full of bravery, individualization.

You’ve seen who you are, measured what others are. And now it’s the final test.

Events will come with this eclipse.

Its results will be seen.

Its influence will be experienced.


You will learn, you will see, you will realize aspects of your SELF.

It’s the test of YOUR potential. Of the dynamic you have as a personality. In how you relate. In how you cooperate. In how you work, in how you try, and in what you do, because it is about your momentum to begin to lift you up based on the foundations you laid with the New Moon.

If you are bold, you will have victories. If you have brashness, you will be met with stubbornness. If you have anger and tempers, you will see everything you started come crashing down and be undone…

There is no room for selfishness with this eclipse. None!


What it asks of you is to move forward. Just one more step. At 0° Taurus.

That’s where you have to go.

That’s where the North Node is also pointing. You need to be patient and persistent, to show reliability. You have to take away every impulse, every rush, every selfish tendency to fight and quarrel.

And Pluto in Aquarius brings you the ultimate test, that of how you manage your own Power.

Your will shall be tested, your patience will be tested.

You will see your Shadow straight in the face as it will be impossible for you to function in a team, collectively, but instead you shall want everybody to see and acknowledge your new sense of identity.

You ask… You deserve… And you find your Power! But your new self is still being born. You are still coming out of the cocoon and the pains of your transformation should not make you pushy.

You will not overcome obstacles if you are obsessed.


You’re in conflict between who you really are and what others expect of you… Because they still haven’t seen your change! They still don’t understand the tremendous power you’ve gathered in the process of moving forward!

Let go of all attempts at control, in relationships, partnerships and within the family. Be patient.

Paternal and maternal figures are causing you tension, you yourself is the tension. This is your test. Otherwise the explosive force that is born within you, unbridled and abrupt will come out and everything will come crashing down!

This Eclipse wants to evolve you. Away from the South Node in Scorpio, away from anything that causes you complicated and extreme emotions.

It wants to take you to the North Node. Towards peace, tranquility and achieving what you have the power to accomplish to find your emotional security and worth!


It has Jupiter conjunct the Sun and Moon. There is tremendous potential for you to grow.

You are YOUR only obstacle. Lower your tone. Reign in your anger even though you are boiling inside. Jupiter will give you the favour you deserve and the prospects you desire once you can control the dichotomy of your emotions.


It has Mars in Cancer, thankfully a somewhat gentler and yin energy as your will power that is in sextile to Uranus and Mercury in Taurus in this Eclipse.

Claim gently. Show concern before you ask others to do the same to you and to care about what you need. Be a mother to the paternal and maternal figures that you feel pressing on you.

Move and think slow and steady.


Only you are the judge of yourself and not anyone else. See your repressed desires and overcome them so that you do not hinder YOUR evolution. Let go of emotional outbursts and self-centered demands.

Saturn in a trine to the South Node and in a sextile to the North Node promises that you can succeed. You can overcome any obstacle and win victory not by exercising control but by maintaining control of your own SHADOW.

Focus. With confidence. Determination. Direction.


You will experience a powerful, dynamic, transformative, debilitating, debilitating, pressing, rebirthing, ground-breaking, evolutionary, karmic, and uplifting eclipse!


It is the test of your strength. It is the test of your will.

But it is also the culmination of a Universal process whose only purpose is to grow your Shadow for a while before you are finally empowered and freed from your own weaknesses, which will come into the Light, just as the Sun, will shine again at the end of the eclipse!


Wishing a wonderful Eclipse to all of you!

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