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By Astrologer Andrew Ifandis

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A powerful, Solar Eclipse takes place on October 25 at 2°00′ of Scorpio.

It affects us all regardless of the Zodiac sign we are.

It will be strongly experienced by Scorpios, Taurus, Leos and Aquarians born in the first five days of their Zodiac Sign or those of you who have personal planets or points in your horoscope at degrees 00°- 05° of the above Zodiac Signs.


Each eclipse is a gateway through which, once we pass through, nothing is the same as before, and brings events that transcend us, thus leading us, willingly or unwillingly, to a new evolutionary path.

This particular Solar Eclipse is transformative and invites us to confront our obsessions. It has a strong existential character and on a psychological level it is the catalyst that will bring events that will make us question our value, our relationships, but will also help us find our strength.


Hidden in the Scorpio sign is the philosophical stone itself. This is the possibility of Alchemizing our own dark side and our capacity to be reborn from our ashes, emerging again with a consciousness that is brighter, and deeper than it was before.

The “capacity” I write… so the above is neither inevitable nor fated, neither unrelated to our choices and our will.

This Eclipse gives us the opportunity to move forward, but it requires that we do the necessary psychological work to detach ourselves from past obsessions and dark attitudes.

Our very own… but also those of others, since this eclipse is a New Moon, so it brings something new, and it is happening with Venus conjunct the two Lights (Sun and Moon). In other words, it emphasizes our relationships and how much value and importance we place on ourselves, both in them and out of them.

Her message is clear.

With the two lights near the South Node and Venus nearby, it emphasizes issues of emotions, self-confidence, self-esteem, how much we value the people around us, and how generous we can be.

And it’s all measured and weighed in the Karmic Scales created by Saturn squaring the North and South Nodes.

And in order to have a positive edge on the weighing of all of the above, what we are called to do is to face our own controlling or obsessive behaviors and stop them, or to finally stop tolerating and get rid of the toxic behaviors of others. Those with whom we are intimately connected, emotionally, symbiotically, and codependently, in relationships that are intense, complex, and deep.


Oh yes, this unbearable complexity of emotions is what this eclipse is calling us to transcend and follow the path of the North Node ruled by Venus, which is in the sign of Taurus. In other words, to shift to more simple, harmonious and peaceful relationships, rather than staying in the dark emotional waters of pressing emotions, created by our own inability to find our strength.

To move away from obsessions and toxicity is the theme of this eclipse which is also in an open square with Pluto in Capricorn (so we have once again the Scorpionic element emphasized), and for those who are ready, the Universe will help them to do it by bringing them events with from which they will begin a new journey of self-evaluation and understanding of their self-worth!

Unfortunately for those who are not ready, the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio will work completely the other way round and confront them with relationships, issues within relationships, and situations that will play out against them in an obsessive, vampiric, abusive manner, only to force them to do the necessary cleansing.


The only way to transcend negativity is through Pure Clean Love.

This is the second message of this Solar Eclipse in Scorpio conjunct Venus.

Love yourself first. Accept all the dark and negative emotions you are feeling. Only through fully accepting that you have them, and not beating up on yourself for having them, will you be able to view them, burn them, transmute them, and transform them into higher qualities.

Temporarily tune into whatever negative things you feel on an emotional level so you can move past them.

Love yourself. Let go of those who don’t treat you as you deserve. Sail towards the Light away from relationships that are causing you suffering.

Learn to value yourself first.

Every single thing, and every single person that makes you feel negative, is a blessing in disguise as it points the way to the exact opposite side. It’s calling out to you, go that way…not this way. Go to where the Light is.

So let’s go on our own to where our heart is telling us otherwise we will either go suddenly and swiftly through unanticipated and instantaneous changes in our relationships, at the best, or we will remain obsessively attached to the past or to the wrong people and the wrong relationships.

Some will get emotionally “stuck” with certain people with this eclipse in an attempt to find their worth through the acceptance of others.

Some will get some attention and interest that will fascinate them, but which they should be wary of since it will only bring them complicated situations, and vampirism of their energy.

Stay away from toxicities in relationships. Stay strong in what your heart loves, and don’t listen to the Sirens that the Dark Scorpionic passions of others, or your own, have placed in your path to Serenity.

Some lucky and fortunate ones will fall in love since such a Venus conjunction with an eclipse is indeed Karmic and Cosmic in character.

Depending on how your personal chart is, and since Mars will turn retrograde a few days after the eclipse, it could, for women, reintroduce a man from their past again. In this case it needs special attention since the idea, as we have said, is to get rid of baggage and fixations and to move forward and not backward.

In all cases, remain alert for twists and shifts in your romantic life in the coming period and give emphasis to your own personal harmony and balance while developments and events are unfolding.


Wishing a wonderful Eclipse to all of you!

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