THE PERFECT STORM !! – The planetary scene from September 21 to October 20, 2020

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THE PERFECT STORM !! - The planetary scene from September 21 to October 20, 2020

THE PERFECT STORM !! – The planetary scene from September the 21th to October 20th

By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis


“Perfect Storm” is a term from meteorology used to describe a combination of rare and adverse events that all together contribute to the aggravation of an already difficult weather situation.

Unfortunately, this is the term that describes the planetary scene of these last days and up until October the 20th, a period within the intensity of this difficult and pivotal year 2020, practically peaks.

Today, in the following hours, and in the following days, a series of difficult aspects on the Cross of the Cardinal Signs culminates in numbness, tension, anxiety and worries. It is a series of aspects that mainly affect the third decan of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), but also all of us without exception, since somewhere at some point in our Horoscope, the storm is touching us, some of us more and some others less.

Mercury has squared to Pluto three days before, on September the 21st , and then squared to Saturn yesterday, and the clouds of doubt, difficulty in communication and pessimism began to gather. The Moon today in a square with the Sun in Libra reminds us how vulnerable relationships are, as our wants and needs are pressed by the difficult circumstances.

Mercury has come in conflict with Mars less two hours before, as the discomfort and indignation from the retrogradation of the second, has already begun to accumulate.

A short break and the storm thickens dangerously as Mars Rx forms a square to Saturn on September the 29th  while the Sun on the same day, in opposition to Chiron, paints the clouds with rosy shades reminiscent of wounds that are about to open.

The Full Moon on October the 2nd peaks the emotions and opens the wounds, and Mercury on October the 8th, in its opposition to Uranus, opens the bag of Aeolus bringing confusion and nervousness.

The climax comes as, on October the 9th, Mars is forming a tremendous square to Pluto, a square in the very same degree where Saturn and Pluto met on January 12, 2020, inaugurating this shocking year, and it is now that the storm is raging.

The Sun from October the 10th until October the 18th, will in turn oppose Mars Rx in Aries, and then will form two squares, the first with Pluto and the later with Saturn, while between these two squares we shall have the very difficult New Moon on the 16th of the month.

The last thunderbolts will be heard in crescendo as Mars will make a final square to Jupiter on October 19th , and from 20 of October onwards, Venus in successive triangles to Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, will begin to somewhat help relieve the barometric low.

Ι have said, since the beginning of the year, that 2020 is pressure and patience. It is a pivotal year where only those who can withstand the pressures, and understand the lessons, as well as the need to transform deep-rooted and structural behaviors, habits and elements that defined them until today, only those will be able to emerge victorious.

And they will emerge victorious having formed from the pressure, a small diamond in the core of their existence. Diamond: a word I like to use, as a symbol of the crystalline core, of clear and pristine perception and intention, and the sheer adamant will, all of which are needed to cope and endure the difficult conditions ahead.

Of course, during this storm that peaks in the following days, there exist a few moments of sunshine or moderated intensity, from aspects that act as beacons on the horizon, but the essence remains that: THIS FOLLOWING PERIOD IS WHEN THIS DIFFICULT YEAR TOPS.

It is a period that requires patience, perseverance, responsibility. It requires calmness, vision, and to be in touch with our center. A clear mind. Now is the time that above all, FAITH in our powers, but also in the wisdom of the Universe, and the grace of the Creator that will guard us. Someone up there knows better than you… about you. Do not forget this.

This is what I had to say to you, not because I want to discourage you, but instead because I want to remind you that you can, that you will overcome, that you will endure, that you will emerge victorious and that after any storm… calm and serenity always come.

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