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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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The beautiful conjunction of the Sun and Venus takes place on August 13 at 20°28′ in the sign of Leo.

It’s a conjunction of particular importance to your emotional and love life, and it renews, or if you prefer, readjusts the very way you see yourself!

As Venus is retrograde in the Sign of Leo, issues of relationships, the way we express Love, how much we are loved, but also issues of creativity, i.e. how much we like what we do, who we are, where we are, and whether it all aligns with the passion we have within us… are brought to the foreground.

We wonder about what it is that expresses ourselves the most. We want to find some new ways to create a greater income. We wonder if our relationship, our work, or the way we present ourselves is the best. We feel like it’s time to shine again and we know we can.

It’s a time when we better understand the value we have, and what our hearts long for.

The past teaches us, and with Venus retrograde we begin to set our boundaries. What we want from our relationships, what we allow, what we no longer like, and what we really want.

We are re-evaluating to whom we give and how much we are giving. Only those who recognize our value will receive. We also understand better both from whom we are receiving and how much we receive. And we value those more. And all of this is not done out of a sterile and calculating mindset, but instead it is done as a result of how we feel and what our own heart tells us.

Yes, there will be brave decisions made these days, as we will clearly see who, and why, is worthy, and we will choose them to remain close to us.

Those who have cared for us, loved us, treated us sweetly and tenderly, those who until today we may not have understood and appreciated as much as we should have, will “rise” even higher. On the other hand, people who are more concerned with their own glamour, who act selfishly, who do not appreciate the warmth and the things we give them, will “come out” of our frame.

We will see the same thing happening in relation to our creativity, our work, and our partnerships. How we make money, how we can improve our finances, how to do what we really like to do to be Kings in our own Kingdom, to be more in harmony with our emotions.

It is a period of deep understanding of our own worth, that slowly becoming a realization and completely changes the way we see ourselves.

It is an internal change. It is more faith and greater self-confidence which will gradually grow. It is a change within you which will translate over the next few weeks and into early September into new aspirations, new tastes, new preferences, new sense of self! It is a change that will make others see you and treat you differently.

It’s a time to understand your brilliance!


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Andrew Ifandis approaches the horoscope as a portrait of a person’s inherent potential. A reading can reveal your natal chart’s dynamics, prepare you for the future and can constructively help you towards awareness, self-realization and externalizing of your most creative.



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