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Saturn stations direct in Capricorn on September the 18th 2019 after a long period of being retrograde since April 30th 2019. Saturn will remain direct for eight months, and in its direct motion that will last until the 11th of May 2020, it will transit the Sign of Capricorn from 13°55′ up to the end of the Sign. It will then enter the Sign of Aquarius and move up to 01°57′  where it will turn retrograde once more.


Saturn is the planet of matter, reality, boundaries and difficulties. It is the planet of patience and reward for our labors. It brings hardships but also bestows wisdom. It recycles the karmic time, bringing us again and again in front of persons or situations, until we do comprehend our lesson and mature.

During the period of Saturn’s retrograde motion, we may have been dealing with issues related to:

  • How do we set our limits towards others? Is it that we may not do it, and as a consequence it is us that we take on their responsibilities?
  • Are there persons who make us sad with their behavior precisely because we have not make them understand our boundaries and up to where certain things are allowed?
  • On the other hand, are we the ones who restrict and oppress others because we may be rigid in our views or very strict?
  • Is social and professional recognition so important that we are to be deprived of leisure and joy for their sake?
  • Why don’t we relax and let go in the flow of things instead of trying to organize and control everything?

The period where Saturn is retrograde is characteristic for its strong learning and evolutionary influence and part of this process is to also come to grips with our fears. Fear is often experienced as a paralyzed feeling that cancels our every choice and imprisons us emotionally. In reality, our fears are the psychological expression of the limitations we experience in our everyday life.

But if we think about it, these fears are the result of limitations and difficulties that we ourselves have placed upon us, precisely because in the past, we had not dared to set our limits and so other people and situations imposed their own on us, so now we only have few or no other choices at all.

This very awareness is redeeming and part of the inner process of re-defining boundaries and limits towards others, against situations and most importantly in ourselves.

With Saturn’s direct motion, all the previous considerations have been completed and a new period begins in which the above ferments are maturing within us, and we gradually start to practically apply what we have learned.

  • We reshape our boundaries towards others.
  • We become more confident about ourselves and our aspirations.
  • We face any difficulties with more rigor and with greater patience.
  • We achieve our goals by working more efficiently and in an organized manner.
  • We do not labor or strive and more importantly we do not oppress others if we have in the past.

At the karmic level, the Saturn Rx endoscopic process has accomplished its purpose and our “lesson” has been perceived.

Saturn’s direct motion through Capricorn, the sign of patience, work duty and responsibility brings truth and maturation allowing us to move forward for the next period, until May the 11th 2020, when Saturn will turn once more retrograde so us to repeat the lessons.

In the chart of his station, Saturn makes a sextile to Neptune in Pisces and is in a close conjunction with the South Node. Moon is making a trine aspect to Saturn while Mars is leaving with a separating trine.

Having absorbed the lessons of the retrograde motion, now it’s the time to:

  • Face our responsibilities (Saturn in Capricorn)
  • Work on the opportunities that are now present to make our dreams come true, starting with a realistic basis and with faith in our abilities. (Saturn sextile Neptune)
  • Exploit the wisdom and the lessons learned during the retrograde period.
  • Combine practical insight with disciplined ambition and make a desired career move (Mars trine Saturn)
  • Understand how can we better ourselves, by slow patience and emotional strength. The need is to turn to the basics, go with the flow and release all the burden of our karmic past. (Moon in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn)


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