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Just a little pinprick!

By Astrologer Andrew Ifandis

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Degree: 21°07′ Libra

South Node Eclipse

Type of Eclipse: Annular

Eclipse Time: 15:55:06 UTC


On October 14th , an important Solar Eclipse takes place in the sign of Libra. A New Moon will eclipse the Sun for five minutes, bringing a temporary void, a change of consciousness and a cosmic reboot to our lives.

Solar Eclipses always act as powerful catalysts and bring events that are always transformative and transforming. Sometimes they are a cosmic leap forward, a cosmic push, while other times they are sharp turns in the path that fate has laid out for us, ending one chapter of our lives , and opening a new one at the same time. Solar Eclipses have a profound impact on our lives and always manifest in the form of events.

This Solar Eclipse in the sign of Libra will definitely change our relationships and our approach to them until now.


The Moon’s Nodes rotate on the Aries – Libra axis highlighting karmic choices and events that are meant to bring balance and justice in the area of “us” versus “them”.

An evolutionary lesson they bring is on the one hand to develop a healthy sense of individuality, and on the other to be able to foster and nurture relationships with significant others.

Another lesson is to stop needing others when it is of no benefit to us and to be able to be independent and self-reliant.

This Libra Eclipse is a mirror.

Each of you will look at yourself in the mirror and depending on the state of balance within yourselves or your relationships you will see a different reflection.

Those of you who compromise and tend to always please others will realize that this may be good in the short term, but in the long term it is something that creates problems in your relationships.

You deserve to be yourself and not let others have their way with you.

Those of you who have a strong need to be with someone else, you may now realize that romantic daydreams and the need to belong somewhere, are only hindering your growth.

Light your inner flame first and get comfortable with being alone.

If you are already in a balanced relationship, this eclipse will bring unexpected events that can be disappointing and require adjustments to be made. This eclipse will be a test for both of you. But it has the potential for healing that will ultimately strengthen the bonds between you.

Something big is happening…


Uranus forms a quincunx aspect with the Sun and Moon. A sudden impulse, a bump in our safety zone, the need for renewal, or the perfect opportunity to get rid of unhealthy relationship patterns and start over.

The events that this eclipse brings will lead to difficult decisions. Should we break up or continue to compromise? Do we break up or discuss ways to regain balance?

Mercury in Libra and in close conjunction with the Eclipse, brings unexpected news, requires an adjustment in the way we perceive things and a need for original or even radical ideas. Diplomacy for diplomacy’s sake is NOT a solution. It will only perpetuate the vicious circle. The necessary discussions will therefore take place.

Negotiate the issues, but be neither indecisive or too soft.

Determination, boldness and taking action are essential with this eclipse. As Mars in the sign of Scorpio forms a trine aspect with Saturn in Pisces, it is important to delve into your feelings and act based on them.

But expression and actions must have responsibility and maturity so that a way forward can eventually be found. A path that, yes, aligns with the shared relationship dream, but does not rob you of your own identity.

This eclipse is a karmic test.


Venus is still in a sextile aspect to Mars. Two planets ruling respectively the South and North Node of the Moon, and aiding in our evolutionary path.

There is love or the longing to share love. There are tender feelings to share, or sadness because we don’t have someone to share them with. There is a dream that is disturbed or a disappointment that comes and we must overcome it.

Whether alone or in a relationship with this eclipse we will have to take a little second look at reality. To do a reality check.

A difficult reality check because Chiron in Aries is in opposition to the Sun and Moon.

This Eclipse will be a little pinprick, like that of a needle. A little pain, a more or less painful turn inward, a temporary numbness that will wake you up, you and others alike, taking you out of your comfort zone.

To see reality. To act. To confront traumas of the past. To face the wound.

With courage.

To see yourself for who you are.

To see the other for who they are.

Whether single and alone, or in a relationship, the point is to find a balance of needs, and to do the necessary healing.

If you are in a relationship and this eclipse brings something unexpected then it is important to stand together and overcome the situation together.

This eclipse is a karmic test.


Pluto has turned direct four days before this bittersweet eclipse.

The necessary introspection has been completed. The dark elements are slowly being removed. We are rediscovering our psychic power after a process of digging into the depths of the psyche. Soul cleansing. Removal of what is not needed. Transformation. Chrysalis to Butterfly.

What this Solar Eclipse in Libra does is that it creates space for new life to grow. There may be some pain, but that is exactly the key. Transformational healing and change for the better is on the way.

For the universe is wise and knows best.

What may seem like pain now will only seem like a little pinprick later.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not.


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