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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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The eclipse season is here and it starts with a powerful Solar Eclipse that takes place at 10°28’ of Taurus.

This is the first eclipse for 2022 and also the first eclipse that takes place with the nodes on the Taurus – Scorpio axis.

There will be a total of six eclipses on this axis on through to the first half of 2023 and this means that starting with this one, all eclipses till the 5th of May 2023 will highlight the same themes in relationships.

Themes that have to do with our sense of security, our tranquillity, and peace of mind and soul. Building more trust, getting past power plays, and how to cater to more emotional stable and fulfilling relationships will be at the fore front.

Yes, the path of evolution that the eclipses pave for us is filled with lessons on how we share and connect on a deeper level.


With the Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th of April you should expect the unexpected. Things are going to move fast in the next months and change is coming.

What was once stable no longer is. Change is coming throwing, routine, laziness, stubbornness and unwillingness to move on, out of the window. The time is now for a radical new beginning in areas of life that have been stagnant or moved at a slow pace.

This eclipse will mark a change or a disruption. It will either be a refreshing beginning or a cataclysmic shake-up to finally shed our old skin and this depends on how well prepared we are to embrace the stirring of the old roots that the Universe is causing to get us out of our rut.

This is the mixed influence of this eclipse. For some bringing unexpected changes for the better, while for others it brings a cleansing crisis so that they can face their core truths and move forward.

But for most of you this eclipse is going to work in a very positive way, bringing even small miracles.

With the exception of Uranus in conjunction with the Eclipse, and the ever present square that Saturn is making to the nodes -meaning that the period is critical and requires responsible actions, all other aspects are positive.


The eclipse occurs on the same day as Venus’ wonderful conjunction with Jupiter in Pisces, on the degree where Venus, the planet of love, is in exaltation. This in no mere coincidence.

Venus rules Taurus and thus the eclipse itself, and is also the planet that disposes Uranus. So, Venus in a way contributes to making Uranus’ influence more harmonious.

Venus is powerful in this degree, and is between Neptune and Jupiter.

An extremely rare conjunction of the three planets in Pisces, which can bring vision and hope. The feeling that the Universe has our back, which fills us with positive emotions and the FAITH that the coming change is for our benefit.

Venus blends the eclipse’s energy of a refreshing start with both Value and Essence. It helps us on our path to growth. We appreciate ourselves more and by feeling in tune with ourselves, we can open up to others.

Venus is also in a sextile aspect to Pluto in an aspect that intensifies desire and helps existing relationships evolve to an even deeper level.

All of these energies have the potential to bring sweetness, romance, inspiration or even love out of the blue!


Why am I so optimistic?

Because this is a SOLAR ECLIPSE and solar eclipses always bring events!

Furthermore, because this is a Solar Eclipse that occurs near the North Node, and North Node eclipses push us out of the familiar, and thrust us toward our destiny.


One more reason?

The eclipse is conjunct ASTEROID EROS!

Eros represents the immense desire for MANIFESTATION. It represents dynamic energy, passion and will-to-power, including sexual passion and attraction. 

Eros’s symbolism includes the idea of ‘passion’ as suffering that is transformed to hope and creation. It is the force that creates (gives birth to) Cosmos out of the primordial Chaos.

These qualities of Asteroid Eros fit perfectly with the creative manifestations symbolized by the archetypes of Neptune, Venus and Jupiter in Pisces.

They also match the sextile aspect that the planet Mars makes to Uranus in this eclipse. An action aspect full of excitement, but an aspect that also brings desire and stimulation.

That’s why I’m optimistic.


Jupiter and Neptune are also sextile Pluto, which has just turned retrograde.

An aspect that invites us to dream and visualize, because transformation and manifestation are now possible.

They begin with the inner work of subduing our demons, and end with regaining our psychic power and leading to a renewal of ourselves and our relationships.


Powerful aspects, and as you can see this is a very POTENT eclipse!

So, surrender in faith to the rapid changes it brings your way. Feel your worth. Pursue your desires with passion.

For those of you that the eclipse will bring destabilization, know that it will be only temporary, and will ultimately work towards your future harmony.


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