FULL MOON IN ARIES – 5 OCTOBER 2017: Boldness & Charm

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New Moon Aries

A Full Moon, with a very intense energy, takes place in the autumn sky on the evening of October 5th with the Moon at 12°42′ degrees of Aries opposing the Sun at Libra.

Like every Full Moon, this one also, brings emotional charge and intense feelings.

The Moon is in Aries and fills our emotional landscape with excitement and a need for immediate action. It gives vitality and spontaneity, making us at the same time, impatient, bold or even reckless. We tend to seek immediate outlets for our emotions.

Exactly opposite the Moon, and in contrast to this impulse to promptly claim what we feel we need, the Sun symbolically lightens our emotional world, and from within the sign of Libra, seeks balance and tolerance.

Any emotional excitement of the moon in Aries will not bring the desired harmony in relations that the Sun in Libra seeks. Especially with this Full Moon where Mercury is conjunct the Sun, common sense and logic require discussions and a climate of co-operation in order to avoid conflicts.

We have to communicate but at the same time we must be careful of what we are saying and how we are saying it, because Mercury in opposition with the Moon brings difficulties in expression and can make us communicate what we feel in a totally erroneous manner.

Pluto, that turned direct a few days earlier, is making a square aspect to both the Moon and the Sun so caution is also needed not to allow any elements of jealousy, repressed feelings or emotional manipulation, to stain our relationships. The Cardinal Signs in particular (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) should pay special attention to this aspect since they are the main recipients of its energy.

New Moon in Aries 2017- Chart

Mars and Venus are in tight conjunction at 19° of Virgo and at the same time each one is forming a trine aspect with Pluto and a square aspect with Saturn.

This conjunction is the secret key to the chart of this Full Moon.

Mars rules the Moon in Aries and Venus rules the Sun in Libra. So the Mars and Venus conjunction may be the best way to help us eventually balance the opposition between the two lights, since the Sun and the Moon will “talk” to each other through their dispositors.

What does this mean?

This means that if we use the positive elements of this conjunction, we can express our feelings with understanding for the other side, without at the same time compromising our very own will and reducing our independence.

This will happen because the Mars – Venus conjunction will give active initiative and dynamism in how we relate while at the same time will fill us with charm, confidence, making us daring and boldly attractive.

So instead of consuming ourselves to emotional tensions, to the “me” and the “you”, who is to blame and why to blame, we will have the boldness and the charm to not fear and to not hesitate to deal with any difficulties that the squares with Saturn entail, armed with the endurance, and the power of the trines with Pluto.

This Full Moon awakens us, and brings once more to the fore all those considerations that we have temporarily put aside, as a result of the practical issues raised by the New Moon in Virgo 14 days ago.

This Full Moon in Aries demands from us boldness (Mars) and charm (Venus) so that we:

  • claim our right, not aggressively, but with grace,
  • directly state what it is we want,
  • express our feelings with passion,
  • defend our personal value and our individuality,
  • ask for more fulfilment of our emotional needs,
  • completely renew our relationships

but it also allows us to act in such a manner so that we can achieve all these, by having inner harmony with ourselves and outer harmony with the significant others.

Find out where the Full Moon falls in your chart

and embrace its promise of fulfillment.



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