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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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The first of the two Full Moons in August takes place on the first night of the month at 09°15′ of the Sign of Aquarius.

The Sun in Leo invites us to feel joyful and creative while opposite the Moon peaks emotions about doing something new, to experiment and to indulge in folly away from any drama or tensions.

That’s on the positive expression of this Moon, since on the flipside this Full Moon can also work for some, by bringing inclinations towards independence and distancing.

Jupiter is square the Full Moon and so everything is magnified.

There will be excess this Full Moon!

Excess in joy and fun, excess in passion, excess in “madness”.


But it also exaggerates tensions should they arise, as the Moon distant and independent in the sign of Aquarius can bring a moodiness and fill us with a sense that we are not getting the attention we want, causing unnecessary drama.

There are two scenarios at play as Venus at 26° Leo is trine and sextile the Moon’s Nodes and is also in a separating square to Uranus.

In the first, the feminine seeks independence, autonomy and through a process of introspection, feels good about herself.

You are okay with yourself and not interested in attracting attention.

You prefer to indulge in the fun and joy that summer offers. To enjoy the party and the pleasures.

In the second, the craving for attention is emphasized and it’s best not to give in to feelings of not being worthy just because you don’t get it or because you don’t encounter that passion you yearn for.

Attention is good but it’s a currency of no value if you don’t already understand that you are the one that holds the key to the treasure. The key is that the source of joy you can find it within yourself and make it bubble up.

In both the first and second scenarios, it seems that balance is eventually coming, as what we understand is that our value is self-evident whether we are in a relationship, in search of a relationship, or whether we choose to remain solo.

Laughter, joy, daring, flirting just for the sake of flirting regardless of the outcome and without expectations, fun and an appetite for silliness are the ingredients that will take away worries and brain processes that cause tension.

It can be a party this Full Moon if you want it to be!

Live joyfully and without drama in emotion, indulge in warmth, discover your inner child, and dare measured exaggerations that refresh, without risk and without cost.


It’s a moon that also suggests a climax within for things that have to do with your creativity and what truly brings you joy.

As Venus is retrograde in the sign of Leo and also in a trine aspect to the North Node and sextile to the South Node, this Full Moon completes within you a series of thoughts and processes that have to do with how to best express your talents.

Decisions that have to do with how to set up your next moves in terms of creativity, career, professional moves, and even new projects will be brewing with this Full Moon, as Jupiter makes a wonderful trine with Mars in the Virgo sign.

Within the preceding lattice of aspects that bring independence, a tendency for recognition and a need to shine, as you will realize your value, as you will understand that joy and creativity is an internal affair, as you will realize all this, at the same time it will mature within you, how you will move and act in the next period.

Don’t be surprised if a few days after the Full Moon in Aquarius, detailed ideas about how to organize yourself, and what your next steps will be, will come out of nowhere.

Venus’ inner introspection as she is retrograde in Leo bears fruit with this moon which is evolutionary in understanding your value.

People and situations you experience a few days before the Full Moon will contribute to just that. To see the path of your subsequent brilliance.


Finally, let me say that this Full Moon can bring an important love encounter for women who have personal planets at 12°-14° degrees Taurus or Virgo.

Watch out for tensions those of you who have your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars at degrees, 5°-7° of Virgo or Pisces.


Wishing a wonderful and fun Full Moon to all!


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