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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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YOU and the OTHERS. The truth of YOUR self-expression and the truth of YOUR relationships are illuminated by the beautiful Libra Full Moon on April 6.

The Sun in Aries fills you with zest and will.

You know what you ask for, what you want. You see your future self. You have boldness and courage and initiative on your side. Important insights will be illuminated to you by this Full Moon. It will be like staring at yourself in the mirror and smiling with satisfaction.

The journey began with the previous New Moon two weeks ago towards a destiny you are just beginning to understand. Invisible, intuitive, like a dream that looks like it could come true.

It’s a moon in which decisions are brewing or coming to completion inside you, decision related to your journey. A journey of the mind, paths of philosophy, new perspectives that serve to better yourself.

You have to learn, you have to move forward. It is your vision, that which you must care for and serve regardless of what others say or want.

Yes this Full Moon in Libra will bring changes in your world-view through comparison. You and the others.

Relationships and partnerships come to the forefront and you find the balance you have long sought. No more “being the nice person” for the sake of others and harmony, no more compromises, but a bold STATEMENT of who you are, without conceit, and without aggression.

Do you desire it?

You can do it!

And if you can do it then there is a cure with this Moon. It needs adjustment, not compromise, and it is a remedy and a balsam as long as you feel gratitude for what surrounds you. Work, partnerships, relationships. You are CHANGING YOU. You are changing the image you have of yourself. You learn more about asking in equal measure to how much you give.


There is healing in this Full Moon with Chiron involved for relationships that have been tilted to one side. It has companionship and concern to give in case you withheld them. It has companionship and beauty to receive in case you asked for it and didn’t get it.

Anything that has hurt you is brought before you, to be examined with your partner. Without excess, but also without compromise for the sake of compromise. This is a moon that can tip the scales back to the center.

And once you are centered you will sense how easy it is to align action and determination with your goals. You will act intuitively. Without dilemmas. Gently, calmly.

Taking responsibility will be cleansing with this Full Moon as well as taking action.

Do you feel it? Do it.

They are based on realism your dreams. Go towards them and do what inspires you.

There is no fear, no risk. No more hesitation.

Mercury in Taurus in conjunct to the North Node, Mars in Cancer, and Saturn in Pisces, all are in a beautiful small talent triangle formation, working helpfully with this Full Moon to bring growth through adaptation. You are adapting to what is possible. Without stress. With intuition combined with realism.

It’s mental calm and practicality, initiatives that align you with your dreams, but also a maturity of feeling that has care and concern.

Venus in Taurus is sextile Neptune in Pisces. Another beautiful aspect.

You will have faith. You will have the creativity. You will feel, in your emotional state, a safety that beautifies your relationships. You’ll feel like you can once again fly in the clouds without fear of falling off the cliff.

This Full Moon holds a lot of potential for growth, to overcome past hurts, and to find the enthusiasm again to take your relationship dynamics to the next level.

For those who are single this is a very positive time to feel confident. And what better way than for you to feel confident with yourself, so that a strong foundation can be established and a new relationship can come about as a result?

So any new acquaintances you make with this Full Moon will have the same desires as you have, so that steps will be taken properly, slowly and with emotional care. This will help to build a strong long term relationship or a long term partnership in this way.

So enjoy the Full Moon in Libra, in balance with you but also with your significant others.


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