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The Magical Full Moon

By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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A transcendence of Mind, a shift in Consciousness and myriad brilliant lights from the magical realm of ethereal Pisces are coming your way with the Full Moon taking place on September 10.

The Full Moon marks a period of polarity and can be used positively and work its magic to bring you out of your mundane daily routine.

The Full Moon takes place with the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Neptune in Mutable Signs. It thus marks the culmination of a series of events that preceded and are now leading, yes slowly and through reflection, but leading indeed, to something new.

The energy of this Moon urges us to make the transition. What was once stable and certain has now changed, mutated, evolved.

We must adapt or we will drown in stagnation. We have to dismantle, to chip away, piece by piece, at the old in order to make the transition to the new.

We need a cleansing of ourselves in order to feel full again. Filled with some of those dreams that journey us to forgotten places and awaken the Spirit within us.

This Full Moon in Pisces has this incredible ability to change your reality, cause soul cleansing and to help you realize your visions…

… as long as you accept her mood and heed her call.


There are three planets in Earth signs at this Full Moon. Sun, Venus and Uranus.

Two planets are in Air signs. Mars in Gemini, trine Mercury which is stationary and about to turn retrograde in Libra.

The Moon and Neptune, the ruler of this Full Moon, are conjunct in Aquarian Pisces.


This means there is a deep need to resonate with the higher frequencies. The Moon in Pisces needs dreaming and inspiration. You will get it but before this can happen you will have to tap into the waters of your unconscious emotions and to clear out all negativity.

Purification before the waters go from murky to clean and crystal clear.

You will need to look at the bigger picture. Stay away from trivial and insignificant details. Your practical side is advisable to be in service of a higher ideal.

Otherwise, you will only be concerned with dwelling on criticism, over-analysis, dilemmas and over-intellectual activity. In other words, with whatever keeps you away from the Source and from following the Flow.


Mercury begins its retrograde journey in Libra reviewing and re-evaluating situations and relationships, unable to find the solution until it again gets back in direct motion.

Do not take action and react as a result of this reflection The trine aspect takes place right on Mercury’s station.  Action must wait till later.

Mars in Gemini triggers a multitude of information and activities, but seeing both sides leads to nowhere. There is no duality. There is no such thing as either the one, or the other. There is no I and You and We.

The more you think with the mind the more you will see the pros and cons, and that will only bring delays.

Stay away from the clutter and noise of the mundane everyday life. Stay away from negative conversations, news that is gossip in disguise.

Instead, add prayer, meditation, enjoyment of art, and enough humility to your daily habits, and this Full Moon can be a source of tremendous inspiration and renewal for quite some time!

A more holistic perspective and a more temperate approach will serve both your body and soul.

Now you need to get in touch with emotion.

Balance the mind and find peace in the space between words.

The future can serve your dreams and your vision can be realized if you combine intuition with inspiration.


Uranus in Taurus forms a sextile to the Moon in Pisces and a trine to the Sun in Virgo.

This is a period of change. The days before the Full Moon and the days following are ideal for using your imagination to “download” ideas and information that you can then apply to your reality.

What you want can be achieved, as long as you stop analyzing how you can make it real, and instead think “outside the box”, full of intuitive perception.

Turn yourself into a fool and a naive, driven only by the momentum of your dreams… and the leap is easy!


Your dreams can be totally liberating. Pay attention to what your subconscious is telling you. There is a path opening up along the trail that is paved with symbols.

What may seem blurry will eventually become clear and you will see things for what they are… Infinite!

Any feelings that are unclear or mixed will be stirred, like a rock splashing stagnant, dirty waters, by the refreshing energy of Uranus and its higher vibrations will lift your feelings higher. To compassion, to love, to unity.


The Full Moon in Pisces is working its magic for all of you!

It is especially positive for those of you who are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces.

It will take a little more effort for those of you who are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius to tune into her vibes, but the tuning will happen as long as you stop thinking or desiring, and instead allow yourself to go with the flow.

A sense of humility is needed from all of us, and the miracle of this Full Moon will excite us!


I wish a happy full moon to all of you!!!

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