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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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Degree: 7°25′ Virgo – Pisces


I am the Full Moon in Pisces. I am the second full moon of August. I am repeating and culminating what began with the first moon of the month. I am a revision moon.

Look at me. I’m huge on the horizon because I’m very close to Earth. Through my light I will remind you of what you are longing for. I will make you Dream!

I illuminate the elusive dream you have inside you.

I show you the transcendence that you dare not. I am the inspiration you crave


And as I become, all things have become…

Everything settles. My aspects almost all separating.

Recent events are small lakes of emotion, their waters rippling within you.


Look at me. I illuminate your dream but I also remind you in a cold way that dreaming requires work and action.

I am the culmination of your yearning to fly but I remind you of the need to first structure before you can spread your wings.

Study. Work. Analyze.

Practically, humbly, methodically.

Now you begin to see where you want to go. Now you are touching the images that inspire you, but they continue to slip through your fingers as long as Venus and Mercury remain retrograde.


I am the Full Moon of August 30th. Uranus went retrograde two days before me. For I am the moon of the introspection of YOUR TRUTH.

I am part of the process of realizing the direction of YOUR FREEDOM.

As Jupiter will turn retrograde as well, a few days after I am, you will continue to look for ways to expand.

Don’t fret that the time for change is not yet here.

Don’t let details spoil the big picture.

Everything is settling within you now… in little pools of emotion upon which I am shining my Transcendent light.

Your relationships… troubled waters at first, then stagnant.

Listen as you watch me.


Feel the energy from the Pisces Kingdom.


Saturn next to me helps you on this inner journey. It is like an anchor that holds you so you don’t leave. Not to get lost in illusions. To stay away from passive self-pity.

Retrograde he too is teaching you how to navigate through the emotional landscape. With respect for the ineffable, and steered by past experience.

Next to him, I, the illuminated Moon in Pisces, carry his message to you…

Accept responsibility, for what you have done and have chosen to date!

Set your limits on what you have allowed been done to you, and protect your energy starting today!

Look realistically at what you long for and what you dream of. Because you deserve it!

But for what you deserve and deserve. It takes work. It takes care.

It takes, the biggest secret of all… Not to self-sabotage YOURSELF!


I’m telling you this, I the Full Moon in Pisces. A moon that’s a distillation of your recent experiences.

I am the little pools of emotion that have been forming inside you.

Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Virgo as I shine in the night sky. As it stood to turn retrograde, it formed a trine with the planet Uranus. On August the 23rd.

There was a first little flash you had.

Something that began to change your thinking. Make you reconsider.

Maybe it was that freeze you felt and made YOUR independence decision. To stay away…

It’s all settling down inside you. For days now…

And now Mercury in Virgo is approaching a trine to Jupiter in Taurus.

This is the only applying aspect!

Everything else is STILL, it is SLOW, it has ALREADY BEEN.


It’s MUTABLE and STABLE. It turns, slowly, wearily, but also transforms into something new, is a wheel…


But Mercury IS the fastest moving of the other planets. RETROGRADE, but a Messenger is approaching to form the only Applying aspect!

This will be the time when you will understand the why and the how.

This is where you will have the realization of what is needed.

September 4th to 5th. As Mercury’s contact to Jupiter, happens SIMULTANEOUSLY with Jupiter’s RETROGRADATION and with Venus’ RETURNING DIRECT!

Yes, this Mercury will give you the opening of thought. The opening of your horizon.

The breadth of perception.

You will think BIG again you will be able to process the details and data without getting lost.

These days you will be given a piece of the practicality needed to realize your Dream or what inspires you so much.

Five days after I become, Venus will be direct again and YOU will have already made many revisions. Of your value, of your relationships, of others.


And through me, in the days to come, you will understand.

For I am becoming so that YOU CAN COMPLETE an inner journey that has tired you.

I AM the pause for rest.


Just before Mercury and Venus start to again bring the recent past into the future… as we approach the New Moon.

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