FULL MOON IN PISCES 21 SEPTEMBER 2021: Magic is Inside

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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

A dynamic Full Moon that brings us into alignment with our dreams and also triggers actions and turbulence – which HOWEVER will direct us towards our goals – took place at 28°14′ of the Sign of Pisces on the night of September the 20th towards September the 21st.

The Moon is in the dreamy and psychic Sign of Pisces and within us we long to act on our dreams as we want to escape from the desert of the real.

Opposite her, the Sun in the Sign of Virgo sets grounded aspirations and seeks the tangible for our pursuits, not content with nebulous and vague chimeras and promises. He reminds us that dreams have a tendency not to come true, at least if they remain only theoretical and are not accompanied by work, meticulousness, attention and focus on details.

The good thing about this Full Moon in Pisces, however, is that it comes as a continuation of the New Moon in Virgo that took place on September 7th. That was a New Moon ideal for setting goals and new beginnings, and so now, two weeks later this Full Moon may confront us with obstacles but at the same time pushes us to continue towards our original purpose, undeterred and filled with faith.

It is like a confirmation that we are on the right path and that our efforts will be completed after we have settled details or overcome some initial difficulties.

This Full Moon calls for action and movement. It has elements of initiative, drive, agility and will.

It can give us courage and boldness. It can make us competitive. It is a moon that holds within it the power to assert our right. A Full Moon that brings the insight necessary to find our way through people and situations that frustrate us, and which exposes hidden and nebulous situations.

The grid of energies formed by the aspects of this Moon does not mean that the road ahead is paved with rose petals, far from it. There are keys and secrets to our alignment. But on the other hand, the obstacles are neither huge nor insurmountable, but are simply hurdles to be overcome…

The first key to benefiting from the energy of this Full Moon is to make decisions based on our inner voice. If we let practical matters and information coming from the outside be our guide to how we act, they only serve to intensify a sense of powerlessness or frustration.

No. Listen to your inner voice, listen to your dream. Get in touch with your intuition, BELIEVE IN YOUR POWERS AND GET CONFIRMATION FROM YOURSELF.

The second key is to connect with the energy of the positive trine aspect that Mercury makes to Jupiter. It is an aspect which, combined with the intuition I mentioned earlier, facilitates communication, but more importantly, makes us realize FUTURE POTENTIAL and PLAN OUR PLANS in the best way possible. It works extremely positively for Aquarian and Gemini persons born on the last days of their Signs.

Because Mercury, in one of the difficult aspects of this Moon, is also square to Pluto, there may be in addition a difficulty to adjust, and to think in an absolute way on how to deal with situations or people who are pushing us psychologically.  This aspect mainly affects Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn persons born in the last ten days of their Sign, who need to rest from responsibilities and reconnect with their center.

Fortunately, Pluto is also in a positive trine and sextile to the Sun and Moon, or simply put, this Full Moon is cathartic and fills us with stubbornness and mental strength.

For the Signs of the Fixed Cross (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), and especially those born on the second decan, this Full Moon culminates situations in relationships and partnerships which bring a definite end or a definite re-invention of the relationship.

Venus in Scorpio in a difficult formation to Uranus in Taurus and to Saturn in Aquarius, and combined with the energy of the Full Moon, brings to the Fixed Signs, BUT IN A POSITIVE WAY, a need for independence, freedom and escape from relationships that are not satisfying. It is as if the full moon says: “Yes free yourself, go for it, since you feel nothing but frustration in this relationship, and follow your dreams!”

Yes, there is no reason to stay in situations or relationships that cause you frustration and no reason also to feel guilty for leaving them behind.

For those of you who are in the second decan of the Fixed, and are not in a relationship, this Full Moon can “light up” your romantic life with sudden new acquaintances, but they might take a little while before they show how right they are for you or not.

For the Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) this Full Moon will work in a “magical” way, since those of you who belong to these Signs shall experience in the days following the Full Moon, breakthroughs, progress and empowerment, without really understanding how this happened. This is true for the Mutable Signs and also for dear Aquarian persons born in the first decan.

And if you ask me “How will this happen?” I’ll just smile and say, the Universe knows…

I wish you all to enjoy a WONDERFUL FULL MOON, that may be initially experienced as somewhat dynamic, bringing even minor tensions or temporary disappointments, but which in its depths is… beautiful and evolutionary!

Happy Full Moon to all of you!

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