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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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A magnificent Full Moon takes place on June 4 at 13°18′ Sagittarius.

It is a moon that awakens in you a longing for something new and a moon that also hides a lot of passion!

Through the sign of Sagittarius, the Moon awakens and revitalizes your emotional world. The urge to travel, an appetite for adventure. To let go for a while like a bohemian traveler, carefree under the starry sky. To walk laughing and enjoying every view that opens up before you, around every bend on the road. To explore and discover! To walk down that alleyway that so many times called to you as you passed it by and on which you have not walked until today. Just so you can see where it will lead you…

Routes… literal routes through the magic of the city, or to a beautiful destination, and also metaphorical paths. Your longing is internal. And the carefree, the new, the exploration that you so desperately need are manifestations of your inner world.

This Full Moon is tempting and really awakens within you the desire to dare to put your plans into action. To move towards your calling. To see the big picture and to venture the risk of your truth. Yes, it is calling to you and you are listening to the inner voice… to dare to try what you so long for.

Big plans? Mental expansion? A change of direction by taking risks? To just give it all up for a while, step away from over-analysis and dilemmas and just do your own thing? To get lazy? To be philosophical? Telling truths and speaking your mind as you want in relationships without fear and passion?

Yes, all the above and even more are awoken by this moon that weaves a wonderful energetic pattern of aspects, which helps you psychologically and brings respite after a difficult period that preceded it, and fills you with appetite.

It’s a moon of meaning.  


Also an intensely erotic moon!

Ardent passionate Mars is full of energy and confidence, and makes a very beautiful aspect of sextile to the Sun and trine to the Moon. It’s the spark that motivates you, it’s your well-being and desire to move, it’s your longing to shine. It favors every plan, every scheme, every risk you want to take. It reinvigorates relationships, partnerships. It fuels you with passion.

In a female Horoscope, it may symbolise a man as well, who may flirt with you, claim you, or pique your interest. It’s the passenger next to you that you’ll meet on the trip you’re taking, or a silhouette in the alleys of your mind that will flesh out before you!

I’m not overstating the erotica this Full Moon in Sagittarius holds. Like Mars, Venus from the last degrees of Cancer forms a beautiful trine aspect with Neptune, which inspires you, uplifts you, and which “dresses” the whole Full Moon with romance and dreamy sensuality.

You want to be swept away by the unknown… but be attentive and carefully evaluate the state of affairs, since in the next few days following the Full Moon, Venus will successively oppose Pluto and square Jupiter and the Nodes, something you should keep in mind, since the magnetism may be intense but the excesses can be numerous and decisive!

Whatever the case, the energy of the Full Moon in Sagittarius strengthens your sense of self-worth and manifests… passions!

Mercury and Uranus are conjunct and disposited by Venus, thus bringing sudden encounters and sudden acquaintances. This aspect adds to the aforementioned romantic scenario.

But it is also a conjunction that brings daring ideas and sudden flashes that are about how you can build more security, connected to your business plans, and to where you want to head.

With this Full Moon in Sagittarius, both the course and the wisdom of how to move forward are now revealed to you.

You realize it’s time to follow the big picture you have in mind!

To go in the direction you’ve been longing for!

It is awareness, which along with an appetite for action, boldness, and the opportunities that arise, all combine to mark a period within the next two weeks in which you will better understand your purpose, renew your mindset, and most importantly, gain new experiences!


I wish an enjoyable Full Moon to all!


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