LUNAR ECLIPSE – 31 JANUARY 2018: Venus Variations

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Lunar Eclipse 31 January

This particular eclipse is especially important for those who belong to the Signs of the Fixed Cross (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) and who were born between April 29 to May 2, August 1- 5, November 2-6 and January 29 to February 2. Also to those having personal planets or their Ascendant near the 9° – 13° degrees of these Signs.


The Total Lunar Eclipse, which takes place on January the 31st is the first of five total eclipses, two Lunar and three Solar ones, that will take place within 2018.

It is an eclipse that occurs on the Leo – Aquarius axis and more specifically at 11° 37 ‘of the Leo Sign.

Eclipses are powerful astrological events and affect us all without exception, some of us more some of us less.

The duration of the eclipse’s influence in our lives has to do mainly with the way that the chart of the eclipse is integrated with our personal horoscope. The eclipse theme activates the Houses on which it falls on our natal chart. The eclipse is related to sudden realizations as well as emotional and psychological situations, that relate to the activated Houses, and that are coming to a peak around the eclipse period.

In general, one can say that the expression of these conditions manifests within a date range that begins four weeks before the eclipse and can reach up to six months after until the next corresponding eclipse, but without this being an absolute.

What astrologically characterizes this Lunar Eclipse on January the 31st, is the conjunction of Venus with the South Node and the eclipse axis. This means that planet Venus has a special significance and colors the Eclipse, something that could among others signal:

  • The beginning for some of you of a new relationship, especially if Venus falls in the 5th house of your natal chart.
  • The ending of a relationship, because our other “half” does not understand the importance we give to matters of self-expression or cannot accept our desire to be more sociable and friendly as a pair as well as individuals.
  • For men it can bring about psychological and emotional stress associated with a woman. Lover, partner, wife, daughter or mother.
  • For women it may signal intense emotional pressure, respectively, from their mother or family, as well as gynecological issues or emotional stress that relates to their beauty and aesthetic choices.
  • A period of accentuated socializing in which we will have critical meetings and contacts that will eventually play a decisive role for the issues related to the Houses that the eclipse triggers in our natal chart.
  • Significant developments in relationships, especially love relationships, that relate to people from the past that we have somehow maintained in our lives or who are now reappear.
  • Exposure to the public and recognition through professional circles and acquaintances or through our artistic works, which will ultimately be very important for furthering our professional careers.
  • Gradual settling of financial issues that started to be of concern in February 2017.

The list may go on with several other possible manifestations of the impact that this Total Lunar Eclipse may have on each of us, but I think that it is now clear how strong and catalytic, not only this one, but all eclipses are in astrological interpretation.

Lunar Eclipse January 31 chart

This Eclipse has a karmic, or if you prefer, a learning character which is emphasized by Venus being conjunct to the Nodal axis, and we could say that the January the 31stLunar Eclipse holds a lesson for us.

It is an eclipse that requires from us to emotionally adjust to the situations that it will bring to the fore and that also requires special attention for two reasons.

Neptune is making an inconjunct aspect with the Moon, which implies a lot of idealization and hypersensitivity in how we feel, and Venus is in a square aspect with Jupiter, so in any of the possible scenarios, we must be careful not to be greedy or vain and to also be prudent not to waste our money and feelings reserves, because we mistakenly think that everything is ideal or convenient.

Fortunately, Jupiter is very helpful at the same time, since, apart from the square that it makes with Venus, is also in a sextile aspect with Pluto and in a trine aspect with Chiron.

Jupiter through these harmonic aspects gives us the opportunity to find the necessary psychological energy reserves to face what may have wounded us in the past and to heal.

Jupiter makes us strong and effective to cope with the challenges and reversals that this eclipse may easily bring about if we do not act quickly and reasonably. (Jupiter inconjunct Uranus and Mars sextile Mercury).

The lunar eclipse of January 31 is a critical but not a difficult eclipse that presents both opportunities and challenges and prepares us psychologically for the Solar Eclipse of February 15th.


Eclipse Type: Total Lunar Eclipse

Eclipse Saros: 124

Maximum Duration: 1 Hour 56 minutes


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