NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS – 1 FEBRUARY 2022: Don’t be afraid of Change

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The New Moon takes place at 12°13′ of Aquarius and affects us all, but especially Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius persons born in the first days of the 2nd decan, as well as those of you who have personal planets or angles of your horoscope near the degrees 10°-14° of the above Signs.

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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis


A New Moon in the sign of Aquarius takes place on February the 1st.

A Moon of conflict between the old and the new. A flash of consciousness. A sense of responsibility.

It is within the Aquarian environment that this New Moon takes place, a sign ruled by Uranus, the planet of our genuine and unpretentious expression. Uranus is a planet that brings change and pushes us to break with what holds us in the past in order to move forward into the future.

And this is exactly where we have the first paradox that characterizes the New Moon of February 1st.

A paradox because whatever newness this moon brings us, the ideas it will generate, the realizations it will provoke, will have on one hand the element of originality, the mood of renewal, the tendency towards liberation, while on the other hand, as the New Moon is conjunct Saturn, the newness will come as the birth and the result of existing bases and structures on which we are already standing and stepping on, both emotionally and materially.

What does this mean? It means that the old and the new are blending together as something new is being born.

But this is where we have the second paradox.

Uranus, the planet that rules the sign of Aquarius in which the New Moon is happening, is in the sign of Taurus and square to the New Moon.

It is as if it reacts in this way to the seed that is about to be sown, bringing unpredictability where there is structure and reaction where there is a need for perseverance and patience. It brings rebellion and unpredictability at the very moment when stability and organization are needed.

It thus creates emotional turmoil, nervousness, reactionary tendencies and impulsive decisions, as we do not have the patience to continue experiencing situations that remain ambiguous or that require overcoming difficulties and a change of thinking.

What I have described above are the pains of this birth born with the New Moon, and it is also the pattern of conflict between the new and the old, as expressed by the Saturn-Uranus square, which has characterized all of 2021.

So here with the New Moon in Aquarius, this square is activated for a FINAL time and the universe is ringing a bell.

It reminds us that all change requires responsibility and is accompanied by both turmoil and renewal.

It requires boldness and a revolutionary spirit, and change may be difficult for us at first, but ultimately pushing through the hardships is part of our maturation process.

I’ve written to you before, that 2021 will be a year of break-ups, or a year when you want to break up and can’t, or when you want to commit and it doesn’t work out.

Some of you have probably experienced this, especially those of you who are in the Fixed Cross Zodiac Signs and were born in the last days of the first decan or the first days of the second decan.

This is exactly the conflict between moving forward or standing still, experienced in 2021, that this New Moon comes to resolve, since it does not just confront us with the dilemma, BUT it also PROVIDES the solution and how to move forward depending on the house it activates in our personal natal chart.

And it devises the solution, since Mercury is retrograde and conjunct Pluto, and is about to go direct in a few days, and Venus has just gone direct.

The solution comes as a result of revisiting values we hold about what we like and how we relate, and it’s a solution that comes as an Aquarian epiphany, but also as a result of the inner review Mercury is doing in its descent into the darkness of the Soul (Pluto).

It is as if this Moon plants an idea for us within the grid of the aspects that take place.

An idea which tells us: I am discovering what I want, I have done my introspection, I feel stronger and stronger every day, and I understand how to bring change.

So here is the new way, here is the solution to get out of the dilemma and move forward.

Towards YOUR true expression.

But it also asks us at the same time: Will you dare? Will you do it; will you break down and break through; will you shoulder the responsibilities of your choices?

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Explosively refreshing the New Moon in Aquarius brings needed change, either in a sudden and unpredictable way – with the associated pressure that comes with it, or more slowly and steadily, depending on how much more one experiences Uranus or Saturn and resolves in the square between them.

As far as relationships and partnerships are concerned, this is an absolutely helpful Moon, as at the time it takes place, Mars and Venus are slowly beginning their extended conjunction, which will last two months and bring many lovers together, and create new loves.

So Mars and Venus are in sextile to Jupiter and in trine to Uranus.

It’s as if the New Moon is happening just to dare to make decisions, signaling changes in values, renewal in emotions, and a change of heart.

So Mars and Venus in sextile to Jupiter and in trine to Uranus.

It’s as if the New Moon is happening just for us to dare to make decisions that signal changes in values, renewal in our emotional lives, and new opportunities to act on what we like and what our true passion is, whether it’s emotional or professional.

So, a bit of turmoil initially with this New Moon, but gradually, it is expected to be positive as either suddenly or gradually obstacles will be overcome, resulting in renewal in the sector (house) of our horoscope where the New Moon takes place.

I wish a Happy New Moon to all of you!!

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